We all know how important family is in Love Around. From the very beginning of the show we've been blown away by the loving relationships of both the Zhou and Liang families because, let's face it, these types of relationships are super hard to come by in Drama Land. Not only do we have the cutest brother/sister relationship in the world (yes, Zhen and Ying Ying, I'm lookin' at you), we also have children who respect and love their parent(s) and parent(s) who only want the best for their children.

Honestly, the lack of an evil mother-in-law is kind of throwing me for a loop because our OTP have nothing standing between them, but well...a whole lot of tragic back story, but that's easy to overcome compared to the vices of an evil MIL. With family being such a central part of this particular story, I thought I'd take a look at the backbone of these families, Papas Liang and Zhou in an attempt to figure out why I love one and hate the other.

1. Zhou Da Kuan

Zhou Da Kuan is one of the most unique and colorful fathers I've ever encountered in all my wanderings through Drama Land. As a former mob boss, Da Kuan has quite the past, and while it's still a little hard for me to believe that a hardened criminal would turn from his evil ways after the death of one innocent child, I can convince myself that the time spent in prison was used for self-reflection, which in turn brought about Da Kuan's reform. I can only imagine how happy Nainai, Zhen and Ying Ying were to have Da Kuan come home a changed man as I'm sure it brought with it a whole slew of changes in their lifestyle, which I can only imagine were for the better. What fascinates me the most about Da Kuan is how he's managed to keep his children's love, despite his life of crime. One would think that having a mob boss for a father would be a source of shame, disappointment and resentment for Zhen and Ying Ying, but it's not. Sure, father and son have had their share of disagreements but they always manage to work them out in the end, much to our amazement. It seems to me that however bad Da Kuan was in the past, he's at least ten times as good now. Not only is he a responsible (and legal) business man, he's also the most devoted son a mother could ask for and a loving father who's willing to support his children in all of their life endeavors. Seriously, this man has a heart of gold and I love him for it. Of course I would be remiss if I didn't point out how noble Da Kuan is as well. As we learned this week, Da Kuan voluntarily shouldered all of the responsibility of Liang Xiao Kai's accent and bore all the punishment which means he sacrificed his own family's happiness to ensure that the family of the cop who shot him could essentially live happily ever after. Can you find a more noble man than Zhou Da Kuan? Oh wait...his son does come awfully close.

2. Liang Yi Lei

I think my love of Zhou Da Kuan is directly proportionate to my hate of Liang Yi Lei, the ex-cop who let someone else take the wrap for his botched capture of a notorious mob boss and then lied to his family for years just to save face. *Grr!* Just thinking about all of his lies makes me angry. I really can't understand how someone who says he loves his family could lie to them for so long. We're talking about the death of his son here! Wouldn't you want to come clean on something that big? But it's not just the lies that bother me; it's the way he's decided to control the lives of his living family members as well. Poor Xiao Shu; she's had to live her entire life under the uber-controlling demands of her father who insists it's all for her own good. *Right!* If Yi Lei actually cared for his wife and daughter, he would spend less time trying to control every aspect of their lives and more time trying to find a way to admit to the part he played in the death of Xiao Kai and how he's going to spend the rest of his life begging for their forgiveness. And let's not forget the way Yi Lei tried to talk Xiao Shu into forgetting all about Zhen. Yi Lei can see his daughter is miserable without Zhen and yet he stubbornly refuses to put her happiness ahead of him own selfish plans. *Jerk!* I know the writers spent a whole lot of time this week trying to make Yi Lei out to be a good, loving father but I just can't buy it. In my eyes he will forever be the controlling toad of a man who deserves a whole lot worse than he's probably going to get.

So what about you? What are your thoughts on the fathers of Love Around? Am I right to sing the praises of Papa Zhou? Is he really as great as I think he is? What about my feelings for Papa Liang? Do you think I'm being too hard on him? I'd love to hear your thoughts so be sure to comment below!