Believe it or not, there's only one episode standing between us and the end of Love Around, and while the past nineteen episodes have been an insane roller-coaster ride of emotions, for the most part, it's been a fun ride. That being said, there are still several loose ends that need to be tied up and a big part of me is wondering how it's all going to happen in the roughly sixty-five minutes that stand between us and the end.

I'm afraid Love Around is going to end up being another in a long list of Taiwanese dramas that leaves you wishing the writers had given you a lot more closure and a lot less fluff. *I'm lookin' at you, Substitute Princess!* So what am I hoping to see happen before the final credits roll next week? I'm so glad you asked!

1. Liang Family Peace

By now we're all familiar with the faults and secrets of the Liang family, Papa Liang in particular, and while I'd be perfectly happy letting Papa Liang disappear for good, I know that's not going to happen. The writers of Love Around have spent too much time showing us the importance of family to let Xiao Shu's family fall spectacularly apart at the end, so the only thing I can hope for is Papa Liang's confession and a complete Liang family reconciliation.

2. A Zhe Xuan/Ying Ying Kiss

We've all been cheering for Gao Zhe Xuan and Ying Ying to get together and the writers have yet to satisfy us with a successfully paired second couple. It's been agony to watch Zhe Xuan pine over Xiao Shu while Ying Ying's been trying so desperately to get Zhe Xuan's attention and I'm hoping the writers will finally give us what we want before the end...Gao Zhe Xuan's confession of love to Ying Ying followed immediately by a really, really good kiss.

3. Fei Li and Jessica Together

As Fei Li and Jessica's #1 shipper, I want more than anything to see these two happily together before the end. I'd be perfectly happy not having all the details of their relationship, as long as I get to see them being all lovey-dovey together just once before the end. I know I'm probably asking for a lot here, especially considering it's taken nineteen episodes for Jessica to willingly be seen in public with Fei Li, but it's a drama we're talking about here, so anything's possible.

4. A Liang/Zhou Wedding

What could be a more perfect ending to Love Around than watching Xiao Shu and Zhen get married in the little chapel by the beach? So many significant moments in Xiao Shu and Zhen's relationship have happened at that chapel that it just seems fitting for everything to end there. It seems to me having Xiao Shu and Zen ring the bell of happiness together as a married couple would be the perfect way to bring this story to a close and leave us all with a satisfied smile and a happy sigh of contentment.

So now that I've shared my thoughts, I'd like to hear yours. What are you hoping to see resolved in next week's episode? How would you like to see this story end? Share your thoughts below and I'll see you next week for the conclusion of Love Around.