So apparently the writers of Love Around decided one episode wasn't enough to bring this story to a satisfying conclusion because we're being graced with another episode next week. So much for all of the mental prepping I did this past week in an effort to steel myself for this week's finale! *sigh* Still, with the addition of another episode, maybe we'll be able to enjoy a much more fulfilling conclusion than what we might otherwise have been given. *fingers crossed!*

That being said, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in this week's episode as it was full of a whole lot of family drama and not much else. Papa Liang disappears...Mama Liang worries...Papa Liang reappears and confessed his part in Xiao Kai's death (about stinking time)...Mama Liang has a complete meltdown...Papa Liang gets kicked out...Mama Liang wants a divorce...Papa Liang runs away again...Mama Liang freaks out about Papa Liang's attempted suicide...Papa Liang reappears and tells Xiao Shu he'd never attempt suicide because he's not a coward (I beg to differ)...Xiao Shu convinces Papa Liang to give it one more go with Mama Liang...and that's the entire episode. You would think that after devoting almost an entire hour to nothing but the drama between Mama and Papa Liang, there would at least be some sort of resolution but alas, we're left with nothing but the hope that maybe things will get better later. Ugh! At this point, I'm so ready to say, "Enough with the drama already!" (Can you even say that when watching a drama???) Papa and Mama Liang really just need to learn to forgive (themselves and each other) and move on with their lives because we all know, no one will be living happily ever after until they're living happily ever after and quite frankly, I'm ready to see Liang Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen live happily ever after!

I thank my lucky drama stars, there was at least one bright spot in this week's drama typhoon and it came in the form of an elevator in desperate need of repair! Seriously, if I worked in that building, I'd be taking the stairs everyday but apparently I'm the only one who thinks that necessary, which for us, is a good thing. I can't think of any better motivator for a confession of love than being trapped in an elevator as it plummets to the ground, and it seems neither can James. At least his confession was sweet and sincere and though I wonder why he's carrying paper hearts around in his pockets, the question never seemed to enter Pei Ni's mind so we'll just go with it. All joking aside, I really did like James' confession and I'm happy at least one couple in this show is going to end up living happily ever after. Now if only things could work out with Jessica and Fei Li...

So what are your thoughts on this week’s DramaFest? Any ideas on how this whole Mama/Papa conflict will pan out? Will we be forced to sit through another hour of family drama or will we finally be able to get back to the “love” part of this love story? *Here’s hoping!*