The conclusion of Love Around brought with it all the "happily ever afters" we could have hoped for and threw a couple of surprises in there, just to keep us on our toes, until the very end.

Was anyone else as shocked as I was by Xiao Shu and Pin Ying's "take Zhen if you can" confrontation? Here Pin Ying is, just after her miraculously successful surgery, facing off with Xiao Shu, threatening to steal Zhou Zhen when she knows the two of them are already engaged. So much for gratitude! From the moment the pathetically tragic Pin Yin showed up, Xiao Shu's been unbelievably nice, willingly letting Zhen help Pin Ying through all of her drama, and to show her gratitude, Pin Ying flat out tells Xiao Shu, "I'm gonna take your man!" Honestly, through this whole scene I was thinking, "Really?" Maybe if Pin Ying had shown up and said this at about episode eight, or so, I might have believed her but here it is, the middle of the last episode and you're just now trying to throw in some jealous ex rivalry? Please! The only bright spot in this was Xiao Shu's confidence in Zhen and her unwavering belief that Zhen would never leave her. *You go girl!*

As annoying as Pin Yin was (and always has been) there were other surprises that were much more well received and my favorite would have to be the reconciliation between Papas Zhou and Liang. Never in a million years would I have believed that these two would ever be able to make up, let alone be friends and yet, the writers decided that's exactly what should be happen and to be honest, I'm glad. It has always seemed to me that both Papas Liang and Zhou were fairly miserable and lonely old men who carried around a whole lot of unnecessary emotional baggage, so to see them be able to drop that baggage and move on with their lives in a positive way, really made me happy. It's nice to be able to see the wounds that these men have been nursing since the very beginning finally starting to heal, and I can totally see Papas Zhou and Liang as a pair of doting grandfathers taking their grandchildren out together for ice cream in the not so distant future.

What surprised me more than anything in this final episode was Mama Liang's stubborn refusal to forgive Papa Liang. I was certain the two of them would kiss and make up before we got half way through this week's finale but alas, I was wrong. I suppose if you've got to use a fake engagement to force a real one, you'd have to have a real wedding to force some sort of reconciliation between Mama and Papa Liang. It all seems kind of twisted to me, but I suppose that's just life in DramaLand. I suppose the good news is that the two did eventually get back together and maybe now that Papa Liang isn't carrying around a massive load of emotional baggage, things can be even better for them than they were before. It would be nice to see Mama Liang smile again, don't you think?

And now my friends, it’s time for me to say good-bye. *sniffle* I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have, these past twenty-one weeks, as we’ve laughed, cried and screamed in frustration together over Love Around. Thanks for sticking with me, it’s been a blast!

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