[caption id="attachment_173509" align="alignnone" width="585"]lovearoundep4pic4 OH NO THEY DID NOT JUST[/caption] Love Around makes me smile. I like how innocent and sweet it is in comparison to the dark, twisted melodramas I am watching now (see: Shark, Crazy Love, and Heartless City). Generally, I prefer melodramas because I like the complicated, often convoluted plots, the beyond-evil villains, and the desperately tragic love storiesLove Around is like an antacid for the heart burn I get from watching my dark dramas. [caption id="attachment_173506" align="alignnone" width="585"]lovearoundep4pic1 "She's highly ranked in the art of bugging others" - Fei Li[/caption] My favorite character in the drama is Ying Ying. You guys, seriously, I love a bratty, rich princess character. When I watched Gossip Girl, I rooted for Blair Waldorf from the very beginning. I especially like when they are unapologetically spoiled and use their cuteness to get whatever they want. obviously Ying Ying fits this description perfectly. I'm not sure why I like this type of character so much, but I think it's because I've always wanted to be a spoiled, rich princes. [caption id="attachment_173514" align="alignnone" width="585"]lovearoundep4pic9 Eat your breakfast and shut your pie hole[/caption] Speaking of lovable supporting characters, I think my fellow Love Around Drama Club writers have also mentioned the awesome crew that works with Xiao Shu at her radio station. While I haven't experienced a work environment that is this supportive and fun, working with funny and nice people is often what keeps me sane.  I ALMOST got a little teary-eyed when they all offered up their savings to help save the station. I didn't shed a tear, but how can people be so nice? Gahhh Taiwanese dramas, you are killing me! lovearoundep4pic10 As for the main couple, last week I mentioned that they are obviously perfect for each other, and they should be together, like right now. I am going down a different path after this episode, though. I am really loving that they are becoming good friends before jumping into a relationship. Of course, this is an Asian drama so they would never have hooked up right away regardless of friendship, but in this case it doesn't frustrate me as much as in other romcoms.  Zhen and Xiao Shu both just painfully parted ways with their exes, and they are still getting to know each other. [caption id="attachment_173510" align="alignnone" width="585"]lovearoundep4pic5 I'm tall, handsome, I can shoot arrows, I am rich, and I poop out kittens[/caption] [caption id="attachment_173512" align="alignnone" width="585"]lovearoundep4pic7 Help a brotha out![/caption] What comes next, though, is probably a love triangle followed by a daddy-sized road block. Gao Zhe Xuan is hot and he is trying hard to support Xiao Shu, but I want to see him with Ying Ying. They make a cute couple, and they are so opposite that it works for me. So, I think the love triangle aspect of this drama will be resolved easily. Zhen's father, on the other hand, is being a real jerk. It will be difficult for Zhen to have to constantly choose between Xiao Shu and his family. He won't be able to fix every problem with a crap load of lottery tickets in the future. He will need to find a way to reconcile his family's gangster roots with Xiao Shu's anti gang passion. If anyone can sort out a complicated love mess like this, it's George Hu. More from the LOVE AROUND Drama Club! Episode 4 [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episode 3 [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episode 2 [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Follow our writers on their own blogs! Holly from kdramatherapy.blogspot.com Leah from ZombieMamma.com Deborah from theelectricalbookcafe.blogspot.com