I am amazed by this show's ability to overwhelm me with an abundance of warm-fuzzies and still annoy me to the point of frustration! I watched this entire episode stuck somewhere between a giggle and a groan, wishing that somehow, something would happen to make Xiao Shu fess up to her feelings for Zhen. Alas, all my wishing was in vain. For whatever reason, Xiao Shu is stubbornly refusing to admit she likes Zhen, at least to anyone other than Zhe Xuan who, of course, is the only person in the world who will be completely crushed by this knowledge. What's up with that? Why must every drama in the world force the adorable second into such painful situations? Why can't they be blissfully unaware of their love's interest in another man? poor guy (650x365) I feel so bad for Zhe Xuan and yet, there's nothing I can do for him! I just have to sit back and watch while his poor heart is trampled to death by a clueless Xiao Shu. So. Frustrating! My only solace in this episode was Zhe Xuan's brave confession of his feelings for Xiao Shu. Finally there's a show where the second has a chance to confess his feelings before the lead. Unfortunately for Zhe Xuan, I don't see this bearing any good fruit for him. If anything it's going to make Xiao Shu feel more awkward around him and therefore she'll start avoiding him like she was avoiding Zhen in this episode. confession time (650x365) It was this avoidance that drove me absolutely nuts in this episode. Why did she have to spend half the episode awkwardly avoiding Zhen and the other half mad at him? It just felt so weird! I understand that it's hard to admit your feelings for someone to your friends, but can't you at least admit them to yourself? Xiao Shu wasted so much time this episode trying to convince herself she felt nothing for Zhen and then, the second she thinks he has a girlfriend, she's all mopey and depressed and just plain mean to Zhen. Seriously? Just admit you like him already! together is best (650x365) I was convinced Jessica had overheard Ying Ying calling Zhen "brother" and I hoped against hope that she would hold that information back just long enough to get a confession out of Xiao Shu but no. Jessica only encouraged Xiao Shu's coldness toward Zhen and now it looks like she's going to keep Xiao Shu as far from Zhen as possible. Boo BFF! What this couple needs is some quality time together, away from friends and all of their advice and "help." misunderstandings (650x365) Maybe Zhen's bike wreck will ignite a little flame in Xioa Shu's heart and provide some sort of excuse for them to be together. With the way things are going, I'm sure this is just wishful thinking but it would be nice... Lucky for me, this episode wasn't all frustration. There was actually quite a lot of warm-fuzzy inducing cuteness and as you all know, I'm a warm-fuzzy junkie. I loved Ying Ying's attempts to butter Zhen up before asking for his help with her business scheme and I loved Zhen's response. Only the best of brothers would support his sister in such a way that keeps her dream alive while teaching her valuable life/business lessons at the same time. Of course, his initial "no" was hilarious...Zhen really has some great facial expressions! no (650x365) My favorite part of this episode was Xiao Shu and Papa Zhou's time spent together in the kitchen. Papa Zhou's honesty and sincerity really made Xiao Shu rethink her previous actions towards, I'm assuming, not only him but others she's been going after on her show. He spoke a lot of truth about the biases of the media and I'm hoping this will make Xiao Shu rethink how she's using her time on air. She seems to do a lot more good when she's helping people with relationships than when she's attacking reformed gangsters. If nothing else, it'll make her life easier when she and Zhen finally get together. [caption id="attachment_175695" align="alignnone" width="650"]Wise words from Papa Zhou. Wise words from Papa Zhou.[/caption] So what are your thoughts on this episode? Where you as frustrated with Xiao Shu's inability to admit her feelings for Zhen as I was? How do you think Zhe Xuan is feeling after confessing to Xiao Shu? What do you think her response is going to be? Will her response bring her and Zhen closer or drive them farther apart? What about this misunderstanding with Ying Ying? Will Zhen get a chance to explain? Is one meeting with Papa Zhou really enough to change Xiao Shu's mind about him? I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings and questions so don't be afraid to comment below! More from the LOVE AROUND Drama Club! 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