It's seems to me the thought going through everyone's head by the end of episode nine is "FINALLY!" Finally, after nine excruciating weeks, our lead couple has finally gotten their heads on straight, their feelings figured out and their hearts in tune with each other. *and we all breathe a sigh of relief* Like Wdebo said, this really is a scene of beauty. *happy sigh*

I don't know about the rest of you but I am something of a drama confession junkie (it's my favorite part) and I have to say, this particular confession, between Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu, was so amazing it literally took my breath away. I mean I was sitting on the edge of my seat, heart pounding, Cheshire cat grin plastered on my face, completely unable to breathe until that final shot faded to black. It was just that good, which is why I've decided to recap for us all, the awesomeness of this final scene from the moment Zhen realized Xiao Shu had been trying to feed him her piece of "love candy"...

to the first step he took in pursuit of his love...

to the look on his face when he ate said love candy...

to the moment he took Xiao Shu's hand...

and asked her to ring the bell of happiness together...

yeah, Zhen's the man.

Lucky for us, Xiao Shu and Zhen aren't the only couple we have to ship and this episode showed usa lot of forward progress between Gao Zhe Xuan and Ying Ying as well. After all, it wasn't that long ago Zhe Xuan was yelling at Ying Ying, calling her a spoiled princess and avoiding her like the plague and now he's happily helping her get her business up and running without so much as a rolled eye or a sigh of annoyance. Funny thing is, Zhe Xuan's attitude isn't the only one that's changing. Ying Ying seemed to have quite a change of heart toward Zhe Xuan as well and we all know that once mortal enemies stop fighting, good things can happen. *fingers crossed*

Even better than having a second couple to ship is having a third and episode nine has given us (or at least me) hope that there just might be such a couple. Of course I'm talking about Fei Li and Jessica here and I hope against hope against hope that these two can get something going between them. They're both such faithful friends and lovely people and I think they'd be absolutely perfect together which is why I've chosen to ship them. Will anything come of my wishful thinking? I suppose only time will tell.

So what are your thoughts of this week's episode? Were you as thrilled by Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu's mutual confession as I was? What did you think of Ying Ying's new shop? Do you think she'll succeed in this endeavor? What did you think about Zhe Xuan and Ying Ying in this episode? Do you see things progressing the same way I do or do you think things will go a different way? What about Fei Li and Jessica? Could there really be something there or am I just wasting time on wishful thinking?

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