I can’t believe Love Cells is over already! It was such a cute mini-series with so much going on. So let’s get started discussing episodes 11 -15! What do you guys think about Ji Woon and Seo Rin?

Watch episode 11:

Gina: I’m so glad that these last few episodes confirmed Ji Woon’s sincerity towards Seo Rin.

Jazmine: At first I was like “eh” but now I’m like “yay”. I get a better sense of chemistry from Seo Rin and Ji Woon to be honest. Though I’m really happy that in these last couple of episodes we got to see a softer and more caring side of Ji Woon. I’m fine with leaving Seo Rin in his hands now!

Aunnie: I'm glad! At first I was frustrated because he fit real nicely in the "SLS" position but I am pleasantly surprised to see him break from that mold. I loved when he smashed the manager's phone down. Don't think he could have "meant" it any more than that.  

Did you think that Dae Choong was ever truly sincere about Seo Rin?

Gina: I know that he definitely liked her as a fan, but I don’t think he ever truly connected with her on an emotional level.

Jazmine: I think without Nebi, Dae Choong would have remained a distant fan. But once Seo Rin became attainable suddenly he had “feelings” for her. And it wasn’t for the items Nebi provided Seo Rin wouldn’t have even became attainable. Dae Choong’s romance with Seo Rin was superficial in a way. And I don’t doubt that true feelings could have emerged but there was no connection from the beginning.

Aunnie: I'm sure he was in the beginning. I mean, we always think the highest of our crushes while we're crushing on them. Once we get to know them, it may not always be the case. Both of them needed the same thing--security and the idea of being supported, and they had their other halves . . . they just weren't each other. 

How did you feel when Dae Choong saved Nebi and not Seo Rin when the car came toward them all?

Gina: I may have screamed because I got a little too excited!

Jazmine: This confirmed for me that Ji Woon’s first thought really is Seo Rin and that Dae Choong should reevaluate what he feels in his heart. It showed that he cared more for Nebi at that moment.

Aunnie: Um, can we just pause a second and talk about the creepy, pervert laughter the manager did as he ran away? I feel like that actor should be addressed at least once. I can't tell if I loved or hated him but between his bland "andwaes" and the utter lack of facial expression, he had me entertained at the very least. As far as Dae Choong saving her, I was glad. I kind of figured it'd go that way but I think it was a startling realization for all the people involved and I liked it. 

Last week it seemed like Nebi and Dae Choong were going to be nothing more than great friends. But this week we can see that a lot has changed! How do you feel about the change?!

Gina: I originally thought they were super cute and I still do! I’m just glad to see that Dae Choong has shown some real emotion towards Nebi.

Jazmine: I’m not sure how I feel about. They’re cute though! Nebi and Dae Choong have an emotional connection and have built that great foundation as friends. I like Dae Choong with Nebi far more than I like him with Seo Rin.

Aunnie: I literally said to myself "Well, I guess we're all going to be eating crow in this next Drama Club session"! When it was first revealed I immediately felt terrible for Seo Rin but right from the start when he kneeled down and touched her face, I couldn't help but love this pairing.

We finally saw Kim Woo Bin again this week! Did you find his character interesting?

Gina: He played his bad guy role ever too well as usual!

Jazmine: Though I’m saddened by the lack of Woo Bin there was in this entire series, I thoroughly enjoyed his character. His character is very interesting and I want to know more about him.

Aunnie: I couldn't get over how cool his character ended up being — considering he had hardly any screen time — but the idea that he was the Love Cell Hunter (LCH) was awesome. Did anyone else get a pokemon battle-like feel from right between Dae Choong and LCH? I couldn't help saying "LCH releases the move Bubble Burst. -298 health." And I'm right there will you Gina, Woo Bin is an excellent bad guy. I blame the eye brows and that cold smile he's perfected. 

Ji Woon ended up finding Seo Rin when she was kidnapped because Dae Choong told him where she was. When Dae Choong ended up going to try and help Nebi instead, were you surprised?

Gina: I wasn’t as surprised as I was excited! This week’s episodes totally had me shipping Dae Choong and Nebi!

Jazmine: I was surprised! I thought that Dae Choong was gonna go save Seo Rin but then get magically whisked away by Woo Bin’s character. Seo Rin did seem surprised when she found out that Dae Choong sent Ji Woon and I thought that that might be a deciding factor in who she likes, but apparently not.

Aunnie: If I hadn't seen Nebi get kidnapped, I would have assumed he'd just go save Seo Rin buuut as it was, I wasn't surprised because there was no other way to make everyone end the show happy and I so desperately wanted everyone to be happy. So I was glad it came out the way it did. 

Six months after Nebi is “killed” we see Dae Choong meet the owner’s daughter, who happens to look exactly like Nebi! We then realize that she was most likely the girl that Dae Choong had helped in the past! What did you think of this ending?

Gina: Personally, I love open-ended endings like this. It leaves you feeling a sense of closure while also leaving a lot to your imagination!

Jazmine: I too love open-ended endings, Gina. I want true romance to blossom between them! I want to know more about their past and what happened at that library. I have so many questions to how Dae Choong was in those six months. But these questions are plot holes that leave me angry they make me more excited and hopeful for another Love Cells!

Aunnie: I'll just be over here hanging out in the "Meh" section. I would have liked to see Nebi live (with those beautiful flashy cat eyes) so that Dae Choong didn't have to start from scratch again however it was a better ending than I had originally anticipated which consisted of Nebi being turned back into a love cell, Dae Choong and Seo Rin whisking off into the sunset leaving a broken-hearted Ji Woon to try and convince himself that Seo Rin wasn't perfect for him anyways. 

Lastly, what did you guys think about Kim Woo Bin’s final lines as the Love Cell Hunter? Do you think we will end up having more “Love Cells” to look forward to in the future?

Gina: I hope so!

Jazmine: Once I saw Woo Bin’s beautiful face appear and him say that last line I was begging my computer screen for another entire series. I hope there is more Love Cells, and it doesn’t have to just revolve around Woo Bin’s character. I want to meet other Love Cells like Nebi and everything. I’m excited for more to come!

Aunnie: Ah Yes. Yes, we should. If this doesn't happen . . . I will be sooooo disappointed. Oh, Dear Kdrama Gods, please, please, PLEASE let this become a real thing!

What did you all think of Love Cells? Let us know in the comments section below!

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