Mariam: Hello to all you lovers of hanbok, handsome men in hats, and hidden household hanky-panky! If the first few episodes of Maids are any indication, we're in for all of the above and LOTS of it! I mean, the set contains a super secret sex grotto for crying out loud.

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 But before we get to that,let’s talk about our leading lady. What do we think of In Yub? She’s definitely presented differently than your typical sageuk heroine- I’m thinking of the other “noble woman is reduced to slave status” drama, The Moon that Embraces the Sun. The heroine in that story was downright angelic- In Yub- not so much!

Tiara: I’m a tad torn about In Yub. On one hand, she’s your typical snotty noble. On the other hand, she knows her attitude comes across as a spoiled brat. She’s got guts for a women of the time when they weren’t fondly looked upon. This makes it hard to hate her.

Amy: I have mixed feelings about In Yub. I totally get why she acts the way she does but she is a little too over the top for my tastes. I agree with Tiara. The fact that she is so brave and stands up for herself makes it hard for me to completely not like her.

Mariam: And she did seem to at least have a really good reason for needing to get in to that party.

Tiara: Good point. She had a very good reason for crashing the party. It’s a shame, but not surprising how unhelpful everyone happen to be about In Yub’s father. In this world, it’s everybody for themselves.

Amy: I liked her determination. I would have been too because it has to be hard to hear all of those rumors and not know for sure what is going on. It’s too bad everyone is so focused on themselves that they have no interest in helping her out.

Mariam: Oh God, the “Go look after your father’s corpse” line. So harsh. I wanted to give her a hug. Of course, then she refused to put on her shoes and I couldn’t help but think “This is not going to look good once you have to be a servant and everyone knows you as the girl who demanded the silk carpet.” Dark times ahead for In Yub.

Tiara: Nope. Not the smartest move for In Yub to have made. Granted, I was kind of proud of her for at least sticking to her guns despite knowing this will come back to haunt her.

Amy: Yeah. I was thinking the same thing. It’s awesome that she stood up for herself but not the best move considering her future. That Moo Myung, though, he’s got his way of doing things and he doesn’t care who you are he is going to stick to his way.

Mariam: Yes- I thought, well, she’s stubborn, but that might actually work out well for her when she falls upon hard times. She’s gonna need those guts. But it definitely gives that opening scene where she refuses to wear Moo Myung’s shoes a whole different context.

Tiara: Oh Moo Myung, I’m not sure what to think of him. He’s very smart to be able to talk around the higher ups with a hint of sarcasm however he totally will kill because he’s “order” to do so. I understand it’s different times and he doesn’t seem to have a choice as a servant, but he doesn’t seem to care he’s hurting/killing people.

Moo Myung,what are you doing?What,what what are you doing?It's a sex grotto, not a murder hole!

Amy: I didn’t like that either. I get that he had to because he is a servant and this what he was told to do but yeah. I didn’t like it at all.

Mariam: And he did sort of make a choice, when he decided to go undercover, or whatever it is he actually is doing. He’s billed as the romantic lead but after how sweet Eun Gi was I just don’t know how I’m supposed to root for Moo Myung. He defiled the super secret sex grotto- which is like my favorite part of this drama- and not in the way it is supposed to be being defiled. Makes me worried about Dan Ji. I kind of really want her to survive, but I feel like she might be “Sent to live with the Lady’s family” before this is over.

Tiara: Agree Mariam and LOL. Secret Sex Grotto is my Sex Pistols cover band. Who do you think Moo Myung is working for? If he’s suppose to be this secret “spy”, which King or side do you think he belongs?

Amy: I’m liking the band name. I’m honestly not sure which side Moo Myung works for but I think it’s the group that wants to keep the kings apart.

Mariam: Best band name ever! I think he’s with that secret group that In Yub’s father stupidly told the incredibly untrustworthy Finance Minister he was going to “pretend to be a traitor” to infiltrate. I think it has something to do with the other son of the King that decapitates people. He’s clearly keeping an eye on the dude in red, Yi Bang-won.

And you thought your family was complicated....

Tiara: True, he did meet up with some odd men who were beating up on another guy. I thought the same at first too. I do wonder if he might happen to be crazy beheading ex-King’s *insert* a number son. Can I just say, what a messed up royal family these people happen to be. I guess evening in the “good old days” crazy people still governed.

Mariam: They are totally messed up- and this is only the first generation! Decapitating King Taejo (of Hamhung, the place everyone is afraid to go, you know, because of the decapitations) is the founder of the whole dynasty. And he was so cute as a little kid in Faith.

Tiara: Yeah, I had to do some reading on the history of this time to understand some of the political issues going on. It seems like Crazy ex-King is outraged at his son for killing his other sons. I sympathize why he’s upset, but what is the deal with the secret group wanting to keep these two from kissing and making up? Assuming this is the correct timeline.

Amy: I need to read up on the history too. I would be outraged at my son killing my sons too. Who wouldn’t be? I was surprised when he said he was willing to make up with his son.

Mariam: I find his disgust with his son for murdering his brothers understandable, albeit a tad hypocritical, seeing as he did get the throne by killing the previous King (as well as Lee Min Ho’s character from Faith,but that is a long story). I assume they want to keep us in the dark about who is pulling Moo Myung’s strings, but there are two other brothers out there- one who was appointed the heir by the angry king, and yet another. Eventually, it all shakes out and the guy we see sending messengers to his father does become King, but I think how that happens is going to be the political bruhaha against which our tragic romances are going to play out. Although now I totally want Moo Myung to be a prince in disguise. Might make up for all the killing. Maybe.

Tiara: I actually read your ridiculously long post after going down the history rabbit hole and I’m still left with no answers on the why, but I feel like an historian. I always did want to be like Indiana Jones when I was little. Moving along, Eun Gi … Is it wrong for me to be waiting for the other shoe to drop? He just seems too good to be true.

Mariam: Is it a bad sign that two episodes in we are already suspicious of anyone who is that nice? But yes- I kept waiting for some sign of douchiness. But he was really nice, and he saved her father. I thought it was precious that he seemed to thwart an execution by telling the King to “think of the children!” No way that should have worked... I wonder what happens to him after the wedding/lack of wedding. I loved that he fell over when he tried to bow. He’s like the male Joseon equivalent of a Disney princess. I think little birds help him get dressed in the morning.

Amy: Hee hee. Joseon Disney Princess. Disney really should make that happen. Just sayin’. I was so caught up in the niceness that is Eun Gi that I didn’t even think about him being too nice. Sigh. Does it really have to come back to bite us? I don’t want it to! I like nice.

Tiara: It was a good laugh when he lost his balance trying to bow. He really does seem like the Joseon Disney Princess. He’s just too fantastic in this cruel and harsh world. He’s loyal by wanting to marry the girl he made a promise too and saving his girl’s dad. I can’t fault him for being a hero now, but evening good boys fall. I just don’t see him keeping his honor or goodness by the end of the drama.

Mariam: Especially when you consider his mother- trying to buy Moo Myung like a stud horse. So clearly he has darkness in his genes. Although I would be amused if the drama went against type and had the guy be the perpetually innocent one- like a male version of the heroine from The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Bless his heart. But this is a sageuk, death and tragedy are the touchstones. I wonder who survives?

Tiara: At this point, it doesn’t look good for anyone. The servants have a crappy job. The nobles get to do whatever they want. However, my fingers are cross the crazy ex-King just kills all the nobles. Do you think In Yub’s father will survive? I’m not sure he’s going to live long for In Yub and her father to regain their noble name. Unless a mystery man comes in to save said father to use him for his mission. I mean anything can happen in Dramaland. At least the death and tragedy will look really pretty.

Amy: Maybe Moo Myung will be the hero who comes in at the last minute to save In Yub’s father! Okay. I’m reaching but it could happen right? I mean...right? The first thing I said when episode one started was, “Ooooh! Pretty!”. Ha ha!

                So pretty, death must be lurking just around the corner....

Mariam: So pretty- even the opening shot was so pretty, it made me think something awful must be happening. But the drama does use water in really pretty ways- most of which involve death. Unlesss Moo Myung is an exceptional secret agent, I don’t see In Yub’s father living out the week. I’m not even confidant In Yub lives to the last episode. I kind of want her servant to, though. She’s adorable. And even Dan Ji, just because Dan Ji does everything good girls aren’t supposed to - she’s not humble or contrite and she has aspirations above her station and terrible, terrible judgement, any of which alone could get her killed. But I still want her to live with the adorable butcher. But they will probably all die.

Tiara: Sadly, I think the butcher is too good for Dan Ji. There’s something about Dan Ji which rubs me the wrong way. I don’t mind her having aspirations above her station. It’s good she wants more in life than what she has. I adore In Yub’s servant. I get the feeling In Yub and her will become evening closer when she becomes a servant. I really can’t wait until In Yub’s good name is gone so we can get into the meat of the story.

Amy: I don’t really like Dan Ji either but I can’t give you a specific reason why. I think it mostly has to do with her attitude. In Yub’s servant is adorable. I loved when she was talking to her boyfriend about getting married but saying she wouldn’t do it and wants to serve In Yub. Even In Yub was telling her to get married. Hee hee! I’m ready for the meat of the story too. Let’s see what happens when In Yub becomes a servant.

Mariam: Me too! It kind of felt like a long prologue, because we knew already this was a show about a noble that becomes a servant. Next week hopefully we will finally get into a story set more amongst the servants, with In Yub working in Yoon Ok’s house, yikes.

Tiara: A long prologue, but it’s needed to understand the crazy set up of the political chess game. I’m pretty happy with the opening. The drama looks pretty, the characters are a mixture of horrible and good, and the plot is provocative. I can’t wait to see where this crazy train is going to head too.

Amy: I don’t know what you’re talking about Tiara. I still don’t understand the crazy political chess game. I need to study more.

Mariam: Hopefully more grotto sexytimes, fewer grotto slayings. What can I say, I’m a romantic.

Tiara: And more sexy flirting of a battle of words. We can both be romantic together *wink*

Amy: I’m all for shirtless men and flirting battles. Let’s get some more smoldering looks too! 

Well, the Drama Club clearly has our priorities in order. Less death, more sexy smoldering flirtatious banter. Probably in the sex grotto.

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