Taira: Get your handy dandy notebooks out to keep track of some of big plot bombs thrown our way on this week’s Maids episodes. Finally, we’re privy to the reason behind the Man Wol. Operation Cobra on catching the Man Wol kind of starts. People get fired while another becomes the straggler. Jail time for a whistleblower while Prince Charming let’s go of his past to pick a side… so many areas to start, let’s just jump right into the deep end of the pool about the Finance Minister being a descendant of the Koryeo Royal family.

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Mariam: Aw, it means Eun Ki is a descendent of the adorable little King from Faith. That explains his Disneyness I guess.

Tiara: He’s totally being filed as Disney Prince. He’s got royal blood in him. But I have to admit, I didn’t see this plot point coming.

Mariam: Well, I think this “slaughter at sea” was fictional. So Man Wol is acting to avenge the old royal family. Finance Minister’s goal is to put Eun Ki in the palace? I mean, Eun Ki is sweet and all, but his decision making skills...

Tiara: Fabricated or not, I truly like the reason behind the Finance Minister. I find revenge a better narration mover unlike being a power hungry Minister. There’s more emotion behind wanting to bring down the now royal family since they “slaughter” his family. It’s more than just money, which makes this twist so much more interesting and adds to the richness of the story. As for Eun Ki, he’s never had good decision making skills.

Mariam: Although to be clear, we now have to distinguish between Finance Minister’s revenge, Moo Myung’s revenge for his mother, Yoon Ok’s revenge on In Yub, and In Yub’s revenge for her father. So much revenge! Although my favorite thing this week was In Yub sort of moving on in her arc from just seeking to clear her father’s name to trying to gain justice for Ok Yi and making the servants' voices heard. Especially since it brought the girls together, except for Dan Ji’s mom of course.

Tiara: Moo Myung’s revenge depends on what fairy tale story the Finance Minister told. We’ll have to wait to see the reasoning behind Moo Myung being so loyal to the Man Wol at least to a degree. I agree about In Yub. I loved Dan Ji, Sa Wol, and In Yub getting together to voice the injustice done wrong to Ok Yi. Their mission made me think of Charles’ Angels. These scenes with the three of them are becoming my favorite to see. They’re really starting to become a family by looking after one another.

Mariam: Poor Ok Yi! I was so hoping Poong Yi wouldn’t be able to do it. Thank God he finally got his just deserts the little rat.

Tiara: It was karma Poong Yi is going to get. He’s always wanted something he couldn’t have. He wanted the head servant position without actually working for it. Sure, the lady of the house lied to him, but he gets what he deserves. More torture for him I say before they behead him.

Mariam: I wonder if Moo Myung gets his job back now? He had an interesting week- I feel like there was more actual emotion coming out of Moo Myung now. Even In Yub admitted she liked him.

Tiara: I know, Moo Myung had a few different facial expressions. I would think he gets his job back despite Yoon Ok’s mother not trusting him. As long as the Defense Minister believes in him, he’s going to keep the job. In Yub admitted to Eun Ki, her heart may have gone to him. I’m not certain if she intended it to push Eun Ki away so more or she genuinely likes Moo Myung.

Mariam: She did refrain from giving him up to the Defense Minister. Even though it totally put her in hot water with the Defense Minister AND the King. I think she understands him a lot better than she did before.

Tiara: That's a good point. Plus, In Yub asked Ok Yi what she thought of Moo Myung. Thus far, everyone only says good things about him. She also kept silent to the King and Defense Minister maybe it is love after all. Moo Myung on the other hand, wants her to turn him in. I don’t believe this will go over really easily.

Mariam: I think it’s part of his strategy, both to further the Man Wol agenda, and to keep her safe. If she didn’t give anyone up, she’d be killed. Of course, she still ended up in jail thanks to her publicizing Ok Yi’s murder- but we know from her talk with Moo Myung that she knew that was a possibility. I was surprised at how frankly and calmly she spoke about how she was going to die. I guess at this point she’s had time to get used to her life constantly being in danger. But it seems every week she ends up in a worse and worse situation-now she’s in prison. I wonder where she’ll be next week.

Tiara: In Yub’s going to be killed either way. Finance Minister plans to wipe out everyone. But really, he’s going to kill Moo Myung once he’s killed the King. In Yub has been on his prayer list since her father’s death. In tub has faced death too many times it doesn’t frighten her anymore. She’s willing to confront the King with not a great deal of evidence to clear her father’s name. She’s got balls, that’s for certain. If I have to think, she will end up next week married. Seems pretty dangerous to me.

Mariam: I forgot about that “you should get married” threat from Yoon Ok. Depending on the groom, that might be worse than jail. I guess I was hoping that Eun Ki’s new “try and sort of be nice to the wife and ignore In Yub” strategy would quell some of Yoon Ok’s bile. But that is probably too optimistic.

Tiara: Yoon Ok isn’t going to be happy until In Yub is thousand of miles away or dead. I’m still hoping Moo Myung becomes a Prince for In Yub to marry him and just stick it to Yoon Ok. That young woman is annoying beyond words. I ponder if she eventually gets laid if her sour puss mood would be a tad better.

Mariam: When the mother-in-law showed up I thought that would be perfect- just send Eun Ki and Yoon Ok to the other house. Problem solved. Naturally, that failed. Getting laid didn’t seem to work for Lady Kang. Her gambling habit actually became worse!

Tiara: I had my fingers crossed for the new married couple to be sent away. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but I still hoped. LOL, Lady Kang is working to bankrupt the family at the rate she’s losing money. I don’t remember getting laid was her problem. Her dilemma is she’s just too dumb. Switching topics, Moo Myung’s grandma she recognized the (ex) Head Maid’s voice.

Mariam: His late grandmother.

Tiara: Yep, the one (ex) Head Maid killed. What evidence could grandma prove about Moo Myung she needed to be wasted?

Mariam: I supposed because she could identify people who knew Moo Myung’s identity and hid it from the King, and those people don’t want to be exposed, they decided to kill her.

Tiara: I speculate if grandma could not only prove Moo Myung’s identity, but who (ex) Head Maid really works for. She could exposed the Man Wol and their Royal Family.

Mariam: And we all know how the Man Wol have itchy trigger fingers. Frankly, I’m shocked that lady survived this long. I thought the first time we saw her in the sex grotto that they were going to come back and find her dead.

Tiara: The number of deaths, torture, and sex in the sex grotto. The place gets to pick up all sorts of provocative things. Speaking of the Man Wol’s royal family, Eun Ki picked his side. It wasn’t surprising to see him choose his family. The scene with In Yub telling Eun Ki to let her go and she doesn’t want him to pick between her and his family was kind of awesome. In Yub telling Eun Yi, he will always have a place in her heart, but it’s the past and we have to move on to the present just gave me chills. She's a really strong character.

Mariam: I was proud of her. I think actually having this family duty for Eun Ki will probably help him not to focus on the pain of seeing In Yub every day. She’s always had clearing her father’s name as sort of a higher purpose, so her whole world didn’t revolve around her break up. Eun Ki didn’t have that distraction- which lead him to kind of obsess over her, which didn’t really help anyone, and actually made everything harder. Now he has something to put all his energy into.

Tiara: Agree with Eun Ki being able to focus on his task with the Man Wol will help him move on. However, did Eun Ki pick a side or is he faking it? He went to the mad and crazy King for In Yub. He has a sense of honor which is one of the things I love about him.

Mariam: I can’t tell.

Tiara: Is it wrong to hope he isn’t really joining his father’s cause? He evening ask why his father taught him to be a Joseon man. In the manner he explained to his father, it made it sound like his father’s fight of revenge wasn’t his. I’m curious if he will continue to be a man of Joseon.

Mariam: I guess it seems like, as his father’s plan is treason, if he isn’t on his side than at some point Eun Ki is going to have to kill his father, and I don’t want to see that.

Tiara: It would be one way for Eun Ki not to be beheaded by the King for being a traitor’s son if he killed his father.

Tiara: The plot continues to thicken. What say you Maids fans? Do you accept the Man Wol’s reason for attacking the current Royal family? Do you believe grandma could've brought down the Man Wol? Will Moo Myung change his loyalties? Are you shipping In Yub and Moo Myung? Will Yoon OK ever get the karma coming to her for being a horrible person? Tell us in the comments below. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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