It seems like nothing is going Yi Sub's way! Will she ever catch a break? What is up with Eun Ki? I guess he doesn't take break ups well. What about Moo Myung will he be able to trust his father and vice versa? Come discuss the ups and downs of Maids with me and Tiara! 


Amy: I was thinking that the king had some idea of what was going on but I guess he is still in the dark about a lot of things. He didn’t kill Moo Myung, though, so there is at least a thread of trust there. It’s interesting watching them feel each other out as they get to know each other better.

Tiara: Moo Myung and the King reminded me of animals sniffing each other. They don’t trust one another yet, but they’re going to. Granted, it helps when Moo Myung has told the truth about his past. His mother wasn’t killed by the King, but by the Man Wol, aka the Finance Minister. Any loyalties he had for Man Wol went down the drain.

Amy: Yep. It’s kind of hard to trust someone who has lied to you your whole life.

Tiara: Nevertheless the King is pretty smart to have his son “escape and followed”. Why do all the hard work when you just need to follow. Good plan on the King’s part. I do wonder how long the King had his suspicions about the Finance Minister. Or if he just believes everyone is out to get him.

Amy: I think the King has known something is up with the Finance Minister for a while. He also gets a look on his face when speaking or hearing about the Finance Minister. You could be right that he thinks everyone is out to get him though. I mean, he killed all of his brothers and went after his brother. I would be suspicious of everyone if I were him too. It’s amazing to me he is still pretty sane.


Tiara: Switching topics to In Yub, her search to prove Moo Myung is innocent leads her to Eun Ki and the Finance Minister. She learns about them being apart of the Man Wol and they planned the attack on the King. How heartbreaking for her to learn the ones who killed her father are the ones her father and her trusted.

Amy: As if In Yub hasn’t been through enough. I can’t imagine being in her position. She’s lost everything and now she has to lose another relationship she still had a little trust in. When Sa Wol was held hostage I just sighed. Quit taking people away from In Yub!


Tiara: In Yub life really does suck. She continues on getting kicked while she’s down. Sa Wol being held hostage is only another means for them to control In Yub and Moo Myung. Of course, I’m not surprised to see another promise being broken again. Sure Eun Ki released Sa Wol, but she has to go back to the Finance Minister’s House. I wouldn’t believe anything out of Eun Ki or his father’s mouth as they continue to lie and break promises. Sure Moo Myung wasn’t technically dead, but a promise is a promise.

Amy: The Finance Minister needs to keep Sa Wol close to him just in case he needs to use her again. Everyone, including Eun Ki, is a pawn in his game. He wants the throne back and he won’t stop until he gets it or he is dead. My heart broke for In Yub when she thought Moo Myung was dead though. I knew he wouldn’t be but that poor girl has been through so much. It was hard watching her go through yet another loss.

Tiara: Of course, Eun Ki doesn’t understand why In Yub has feelings for Moo Myung. She’s human and he’s been kind to her. He’s kept her going when she could’ve given up. How could she not have feelings for him? She may not forgive him in his activities towards the expiry of her father and destroying her family name, but he’s no longer that same man.

Amy: I can’t say I blame Eun Ki for being confused but he really does need to try and move on. I don’t especially want him with his wife but he needs a healthy relationship of some kind. Unfortunately he has decided to seek revenge instead.

Tiara: Sorry Amy, but I believe Yoon Ok and Eun Ki belong together. I lost all my love of Eun Ki when he turned into a jealous stalker monster. Joining hands with the Man Wol because of In Yub to get back at her for her change of heart totally not a valid reason. Unlike the his father, he desires revenge for the destruction of his kin. Much like how In Yub wants justice for her kin.

Amy: I don’t like Eun Ki right now either. I just want everyone to be good and happy in the end. Ha ha ha! I’m simple like that even though I know it won’t happen. I’m feeling for Dan Ji too, though. Poor girl got pregnant and tried to do the right thing by marrying a fellow servant but ran away in the end. Honestly I might have done the same thing in that situation but I can’t say it was a wise choice.


Tiara: LOL, I don’t wish everyone to have a HEA. Yoon Ok and Poong Yi better die a horrible death by the end of the series. Dan Ji should’ve picked Dduk Swe. The guy has been sweet on her since day one. Going away with Yoon Seo will not end well, for that I agree with you. I really thought Dan Ji was going to finally end it with him after his remark about considering her as a just a maid.

Amy: Oh yeah. I completely put Poong Yi out of my mind. I don’t want him to be happy either. See? He is so insignificant to me I don’t even think about him! Do you know who else I want to see together? Sa Wol and Eun Ki’s servant from the Finance Minister’s house. His name escapes me.

Tiara: Ha-ha, I only remember Poong Yi because he induced to open his big mouth once more. He told Lady Yoon about Dan Ji’s plan to get her hooked on gaming. The worst part is he takes pride tattling to Lady Yoon. You’re right about Ba Woo and Sa Wol. They would be pretty fantastic if they could end up together.

Amy: Yeah. Poong Yi just needs to go. He’s like the bully’s lackey or “yes man”. He just goes along with whatever he thinks will benefit him with no thoughts for anyone else.


Tiara: We were so close to having Poong Yi be beheaded, but sadly we didn’t get to see him die. Which takes me to my next character who should die, Yoon Ok. What a self center girl this one is. When Eun Ki and his father get taken in and label traitors she thinks it’s In Yub’s fault somehow. This girl is so clueless it amazes me she can walk and talk at the same time.

Amy: I guess you have a point about Yoon Ok too. Could we just send Yoon Ok and Poong Yi to a deserted island together so that they can take care of themselves? I’m sure neither of them would like being together plus it would be entertaining to watch.

Tiara: That would be pretty interesting to watch. I’m hoping they just try to kill each other instead of trying to survive with one another

Amy: Yeah. I’m picturing something like “Hunger Games” only with less people. Give them obstacles and stuff.

Tiara: Speaking of survival, are you buying the Finance Minister’s hidden card? The one where the Man Wol joined hands with King Taejo (the current King’s father) by using the death of the State Councilor?

Amy: I forgot about that! I’m definitely not buying it at all. I don’t trust anything the Finance Minister comes up with. He has seemed fishy to me from the beginning and I don’t think he will ever be up to anything good. He said himself that he just wants to benefit and will do what he has to to succeed. People like him are no good at all.

Tiara: I agree not putting my trust in the Finance Minister. However, the State Councilor was given a job by King Taejo to find the Man Wol. What was the point of him appointing this secret mission?

Amy: The King wanted to stop the Man Wol but when the Finance Minister played his secret card all of that changed. It is unfortunate because it will not bode well for the King at all. He is just being played. I’m kind of wondering if the King knows that though. Why would he suddenly decide to trust the Finance Minister?

Tiara: King Taejo wanted to join hands with his son, King Taejong but was being blocked by the Man Wol. At least, this is what he told the State Councillor. This is what lead to the crazy King letting the State Councilor go with his secret mission to find the Man Wol. The Man Wol faked evidenced and made the State Councilor become a traitor of Joseon which lead to his dead. Was the In Yub’s father’s dead a handshake on the deal? It just doesn’t add up. I guess we will have to wait for more answers. Poor In Yub once again not being able to clear up her family name again.

Amy: I know. That girl just can’t catch a break. I hate waiting but I guess that is what we have to do to get our answers. I’m thinking the King has a fairly good idea of what is going on but is using people to fill in the pieces he doesn’t have. Sigh. Waiting is hard.


Tiara: I detest how the King is passing over the solid issue of the Man Wol. I want Moo Myung to become a Prince. It is his right as a son of the King, but it really sucks In Yub can’t get the justice her family is owed. Moo Myung tells her to trust him one more time. She’s trusted all these people and where has it gotten her, nothing. She has the answers. She recognizes the masses who put her in the situation she’s in, but can do naught about it. Talk about a real low point.

Amy: I wouldn’t trust anyone. I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t gone off on her own to figure things out. Not wise on her part but if the writers did it right it would be pretty awesome to watch her turn herself into the kind of woman who can fight for and take care of herself.

Tiara: The brutal world which doesn’t convert and will never let the little guys win. This is the world In Yub lives in. I do wonder how Moo Myung plans on making this right for her. Oh why couldn’t they just run away together from all this crap?

Amy: I was honestly hoping they would run away together because Moo Myung has so much that he could teach her. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted Moo Myung to take In Yub somewhere far away, especially when he grabbed her and put her on his horse. Talk about a wasted opportunity! Sigh. In Yub wouldn’t go for it, though, because she feels like she has a duty toward her father.

Tiara: We can however hope for In Yub to return to her status and bring justice to her father’s death. On a side note, I can’t wait to see Yoon Ok’s face when Moo Myung is introduced as a Prince. Ha, that girl is going to eat her own words.

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