Tiara: Dramaland continues to set a hard and difficult path for our cast of characters. Choices have been made and lines have been drawn. One battle has been won, but who will win the war? The game between Kings, Fathers and Sons, and the liars is about to begin. Come join Mariam, Amy, and me as we examine this week's episodes of Maids.

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Road Trip to see a King:

King Taejo allows Eun Ki the keys to the palace. In Yub finally gets to ask her questions, but later is sent under house arrest (thanks Eun Ki). Moo Myung gets to meet his grandpa, but fails to convicts him of his true intentions.

Amy: Things just can’t go easily for In Yub. King Taejo thinks that he is doing her a favor and won’t listen when she is trying to tell him what is really going on. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been to be a woman with no power, knowing what is right but not being able to do anything about it. Eun Ki. Oh Eun Ki. Why are you trying to get In Yub back? I thought you already learned your lesson. Even if you do get married to her again it won’t go well. Sigh. Eun Ki is just desperate and it is not attractive.

Tiara: No Amy things can’t be easily for our leading lady. King Taejo needs to stop trying to play matchmaker. Eun Ki isn’t the same boy she fell in love with back when they were children. He’s a man who has secrets and will lie too because the world isn’t fair and grant him the one thing he can’t have, In Yub. I do believe King Taejo is sincere about giving her to her previous status. Considering he made her father a mission which caused the man his life, I do think he felt a low measure of guilt towards the young woman.

What is King Taejo’s goal? He allowed Eun Ki the run of his castle. Please tell me he is just playing the boy. There’s no way he’s that crazy to allow a someone he has met once gain all this power. Eun Ki being on another power high brought another two hours of frustration.

King Taejo being suspicious of Moo Myung is understandable. Princes, brothers were fighting for the right to the throne. Moo Myung’s object isn’t clear to his grandpa not to mention In Yub just explained he worked for the Man Wol. In history, King Taejo died in the new capital of Joseon. Father and Son will shake hands. I don’t remember if a date was given in the drama. I’m going to assume King Taejo will either join hands with Moo Myung or his son.

The assassination plan:

King Taejong conspires with the Defense Minister to do away with Moo Myung’s weakness, In Yub. With the help of Poong Yi and the rest of the servants, Sa Wol comes to warn In Yub of the danger of this mission. However, an assassin is quick enough to swipe his sword at an innocent Sa Wol. Our wounded Sa Wol is able to defend her mistress until her dying breath.

Amy: That’s a good way to build trust with your son. Killing off the woman he likes so that he will concentrate better and will no longer have a weakness? Yeah. That is a perfectly reasonable plan that will go perfectly for you. Sigh. I was so surprised when Poong Yi was the first one to throw his money down to help Sa Wol get to In Yub and warn her. I guess he does feel guilt! Sa Wol has to be the most loyal character I’ve seen for a long time. She is very wise despite not being educated and was an awesome character. I will miss her and I cried way too much when she died. Why did they have to kill her off?

Tiara: The Man Wol has already taken one of Moo Myung’s loves away from him. Taking another one when he has the means to protect her is not the smartest move. I think it’s a little too early in a father and son relationship to start dictating to a grown son his choices in a girl. See if only In Yub and Moo Myung got married back in the early episodes. I get the feeling the Defense Minister is going to try to get his daughter and Moo Myung together. I swear if this happens, I’m going to blow a gasket.

I didn’t expect to see Poong Yi to give money. He didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart. I think he’s trying to play on the heart strings of the servants who have been keeping him at a distance. You can’t change a dog’s spot. He’s going to agree to do something horrible again. My bet is against Dan Ji.

Kill Sa Wol was just down right mean. Sure, it’s emotional and reminds us this isn’t a world of rainbows and smiles. Granted, I think we know this, but it explains no one is safe. It’s another low point for In Yub. A heroic death for Sa Wol. She died saving her mistress. I had hoped Sa Wol would’ve been there at the end with In Yub and Moo Myung and their children, but it seems she will have to be there in spirit.

Test the Waters:

Finance Minister lies to the King about Moo Myung joining hands with his grandpa. Moo Myung explains to the King about the connection of King Taejo, Eun Ki, and the Finance Minister. The King believes his father is making a slow decision as a way to observe Eun Ki and the Finance Minister.

Amy: It is hard for me to tell what King Taejo is thinking but I’m pretty sure he knows what is really going on. At least I hope he does. Honestly I don’t know if I like either of the kings. I was kind of on King Taejo’s side then he went and tried to off In Yub and now I don’t know what to think. Moo Myung just needs to take over everything. Yep. That is my decision.

Tiara: Is anyone else getting irritated with the back and forth of lies? This isn’t the first time team Man Wol has tried to push their own agenda on others. The story is becoming stale and the writing is repeating itself. Eun Ki and the Finance Minister are just downright bad at being bad guys. The Kings are about the only characters not showing their cards which makes it interesting. I’m more engrossed with the Kings’ and their game. The Man Wol is losing their usefulness and becoming the normal drama trope of bad guys twirling their evil mustache.

The return of the prodigal son and maid:

Dan Ji is working at a small inn/restaurant while Yoon Seo is sleeping in their little hut. Dan Ji makes a decision to go back home for Yoon Seo and her unborn child. Lady Yoon cuts a deal with her, the child for her return. Yoon Seo is unhappy with her making the choice for them, while Lady Heo is over the moon with Dan Ji being sent away once the kid is born.

Amy: While I understand why Dan Ji returned to her mother I completely get where Yoon Seo is coming from. Dan Ji didn’t discuss anything with him and decided to return to the house for his own good. That was not a good move. She should have talked to him to see what he wanted to do. Yeah he was dirty and sneezing but he wasn’t complaining and did not want to return. He was trying to get his happiness. I hope nothing bad happens to Dan Ji.

Tiara: A peculiar and strange relationship Dan Ji and Yoon So have. I'm with you on this one, Amy. Dan Ji wanting to return to her mom totally understandable. However, the reality of the situation was made clear. Yoon Seo is a noble who has never performed a day's hard work. While she worked hard, he spent the time sleeping. The lady at the inn/restaurant evening told her slave men where the best husband. The fantasy of running away and raising a family was busted. These two would’ve killed each other if they stayed out there in the big tough world.

Dan Ji should’ve just stayed with the idea of marrying Dduk Swe. Playing the child was his would’ve been the safer path. If only Yoon So didn’t sway Dan Ji, none of this would have come about. I’m a bit surprised Lady Yoon made the deal with Dan Ji. I guess she figured out Lady Heo wasn’t going to give her the grandchild she wants might as well take the one from the maid . I don’t see Lady Yoon sending Dan Ji away. I get the feeling history will repeat itself.

Yoon Seo is such a child. He’s mad at Dan Ji for making the choice to go back. It wasn’t an easy choice, recognizing what the consequences are waiting for her. Yoon Seo doesn’t see beyond himself. Absolutely nothing will happen to him. He’ll get screamed at by his kinfolk, but his life will not interchange. He will however get to perform as he pleases because of his noble birth. He should’ve protected Dan Ji and his child by allowing Dduk Swe marry them. He proceeds to be a selfish character and I’m done with him.

The Set Up:

Moo Myung tells the King not to touch In Yub and the King drops the subject. He’s waiting for the right moment. Eun Ki made a proposal towards Moo Myung to join hands with King Taejo (his grandpa). The Finance Minister sends his assassin to drop a seed of doubt for Moo Myung. He ask Eun Ki if his deal is still on the table as In Yub over hears.

Amy: I’m glad In Yub is safe for now but I’m not sure if I like where this is heading. I’m just going to have to watch and see what happens because I don’t know if I particularly like any of the characters in power right now. My vote is still for Moo Myung to rule them all..

Tiara: Again, killing the girlfriend of your son not a smart move. It’s going to blow up in the King’s face. Moo Myung better not do something stupid like agreeing to the Man Wol’s evil deeds of taking down King Taejong. I’m crossing my fingers this is all an act. I might be wishing for more from the writing of this drama, but Father and Son better be on this together to finally get away to send both Finance Minister and Eun Ki to their deaths.

The Finance Minister and Eun Ki were the only ones pardon. The rest of their family was sent to be slaves. The Defense Minster divorced Eun Ki and Yoon Ok to save his daughter. (Boo) If this isn’t King Taejong’s plan to have Moo Myung playing the Man Wol, I might throw something. I really don’t want Moo Myung to be stupid to the point he joins hands with the men who trained him to be a killer.

If anything In Yub better talk some sense into Moo Myung. Really, if only these two could run away together. Now, they could live the rest of their lives happily out in the world.

Tiara: What do you think about Sa Wol's death? Should or shouldn't it have happen? Do you believe Moo Myung is planning to trap Eun Ki? Is King Taejong planning to expose the Finance Minister? What will happen to Dan Ji and her child? Do you believe King Taejo and King Taejong will come together to bring peace to the nation? Tell us what you think about this episodes and your theories about what could happen. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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