Tiara: Welcome back, fellow Maids. For those who are new to the house, we welcome you with a little bit of hazing. Don’t worry, the hazing period is only for this week. Don’t take your trial as personal as this is the Maids way to remind you of your place and new masters. Speaking of your new masters, Mariam, Amy, and I have your new orders so follow the link below

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Tiara: Let's talk about Gook Yoo (In Yub's father} killed as a traitor. What is the conspiracy behind his downfall? What we do know is the guy being tortured in the last episode where Moo Myung appeared was the servant of Gook Yoo. In the prison, he told his master, he was forced to betray him. Interesting enough, the servant went to the Defense Minister to confess. Moo Myung was at the place of torture and works for the Defense Minister for the last three years. Plus, Moo Myung visited the hut the group was set on fire. He was very concerned about the fireplace. One of the evidence again Gook Yoo is his tags found at the place. Anyone else find these things a tad bit odd?

I don’t know about you ladies, but I haven’t a clue who is behind anything yet. The drama is doing a remarkable job of keeping me on my toes. Of course, I’m still learning who is who and understand the politics happens of the time. I feel like I’m studying for a history test and going to fail it. Can someone get me the cliff-note version? At this point, I’ve got a notebook full of questions and few answers.

Amy: I found the situation odd too. Gook Yoo is obviously being set up, but I’m not sure why or who is doing it. I’m thinking it has something to do with Chi Kwon since Gook Yoo let Chi Kwon in on his plans. Why? Selfishness is my guess. I would like some cliff notes too. Can someone get on that please?

Mariam: So Gook Yoo’s side of the story is that as a part of his deal getting released by the retired King Taejo (aka the beheader of Hamhung) he agreed to find the members of the mysterious Man Wol organization. His plan was to have his servant infiltrate the organization to find their identities. Instead, his servant, the guy who got tortured, tells everyone that his master is a traitor, working to support Koryeo. Koryeo, in this case, I think refers to King Taejo’s designated heir, the brother of the King who rules in Hanyang, he lives in the old Koryeo capital. Chi Kwon’s role I’m a little less certain of. He’s a pretty good liar. He was the only one who Gook Yoo confessed to, so he is the obvious source of mischief. That said, Moo Myung seems to be the unknown entity. He doesn’t know he has a double agent in his midst. And frankly, given that this is a sageuk, I wouldn’t put it beyond them to have Moo Myung, the love interest, be the person behind In Yub’s father’s death. He was standing right where they found the little sticks with Gook Yoo’s name on it. How considerate of our secret organization to leave evidence behind despite burning everything!

Tiara: Mariam, I’m not sure if he told the group his master was a traitor. I’m wondering if he was told by the group to point his finger at his master. I wonder if the secret organization is more than keeping Father and Son away from each other. 

Tiara: The Finance Minster Chi Kwon, what are his loyalties ... to which King will he be loyal too ... 

What we do know is Gook Yoo told Chi Kwon (Eun Gi’s father) about his secret mission of finding the Man Wol. Is he a part of the conspiracy of bringing down the family? He may have been friends with Gook Yoo in the past, but it doesn’t seem like they are still BFFs at least on Chi Kwon’s side. He’s set up the Gisaeng for the Defense Minister to become friendly with one another. Not to mention, his wife wants Eun Gi to marry Yoon Ok. What is his goal? He’s asked by the Eung Cham (Defense Minster) who’s side is he on. Not surprising Chi Kwon’s answer is the winning side. It speaks volumes of the type of man he is with his answer. I don’t think he’s working with the Man Wol, but he’s not doing things for the greater good of Joseon.

Amy: I agree. Chi Kwon just wants to win and doesn’t care about the consequences as long as he holds his position. He wants power and money. Plain and simple but he doesn’t care how he gets those things.

Mariam: I agree with Amy. But Chi Kwon is a very good liar- I have no idea which way he believes is going to win. And then he went and bought Sa Wol- what was that all about? I don’t understand why he did that, but I’m glad. Poor Sa Wol- she’s tragically written as a very one-dimensional character- her only attribute seems to be an undying devotion to In Yub, but that devotion is itself very honorable and I am happy to see them come closer together.

Tiara: But that is the thing, Chi Kwon is suppose to be more wealthy than the King himself. Money isn’t his end game as he already has it. Which just leaves us with power. Does he want the crown himself? Being King is the ultimate power and you can’t be any higher than that.

Mariam: That’s true. I have a hard time reading Chi Kwon- when he was explaining himself to Gook Yoo, I kind of wanted to believe him. It made sense. On the other hand- having more money than the King- does that make him like the Maids equivalent of the Lannisters from Game of Thrones? They both have a tendency to ruin weddings and are willing to commit unspeakable crimes to protect the family? I have no idea- the show I think is being intentionally inscrutable and I am not doing a very good job of seeing ahead.

Tiara: Let the betting begin on who is King Taejong’s secret love child happens to be. I’m not shocked to find out this is another mystery in this drama. I was kind of expecting a hidden child when I read the plot of the drama before it aired. At first, I had wondered if the mysterious Moo Myung could be a part of the royal family. With the way the story has unfolded it’s unlikely he’s the child, but I haven’t ruled out his involvement with the royal family.

At this point, I’m going to assume the child is a girl. Dramaland is full of connections and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out In Yub is the King’s love child. Her father told her, she needed to live. No father wants their child to die, but he knows the type of life she would have to lead due to being a traitor. Why would he want his daughter to live a horrible life. She’s label as the daughter of a traitor and will have to entertain men as a gisaeng. Also, there is Moo Myung’s push for In Yub to live

Any idea what the old lady has to show the king? Will the object point the king in the right direction to find his long lost child? Does Moo Myung know more than he’s letting on?

Amy: I was thinking Moo Myung might be involved in the royal family somehow too. My first thoughts were that he is the missing child but, of course, I can’t say for sure at this point. It will be interesting to find out!

Ooooh! You have a point about In Yub being the love child. That could be why Gook Yoo gave his servant special instructions too.

I’m not sure about your other questions, Tiara, but I definitely think that Moo Myung knows a lot more than he is letting on. Like, he is full of information, but he can’t reveal any of it. I’ve thought that about him since the beginning.

Mariam: As soon as they mentioned “secret love child of King” I assumed it was Moo Myung. He’s the obvious choice- mysterious “servant”, involved in a secret organization, with a habit of talking back to nobles? Obviously he’s the bastard son of a King. I was a little surprised to see the King’s interest in finding his illegitimate child. He murdered his brothers, I just wouldn’t take him as someone who thinks family is all that important.

As for the old lady, I thought that maybe the “my daughter had a child” was a ruse, and the old lady herself, was in fact, the mother in question. That’s why she wants to see the King, he needs to see and recognize her face. But maybe that’s because I want the love child to be Moo Myung, and his mother would be pretty old by now.

Tiara: Good point Mariam. She could be the lady in question. I think it is safe to say, we might have to wait some more until we know more about the secret love child. 

Tiara: Let's jump to the welcoming of In Yub. Man, the hazing of In Yub was wretched to watch. It felt like watching a poor kid being bullied. However, I understand the point the maids were teaching her. Yes, most of the hazing was to get back at her for being arrogant toward the staff where the other half was to clarify her new status isn’t the same as it was before. It is a hard lesson to watch and more so for In Yub to learn. She doesn’t get to grieve over the lost of her father, let alone her situation which makes it more heartbreaking.

Amy: In Yub went through more horrible, life changing situations in a few days than most people do in their lives. She was almost married, lost her father, lost her station in life, and became a servant. That is enough for anyone to want to give up or rebel. All of that plus the hazing was just torture to watch, but unfortunately it was a lesson In Yub needed to learn quickly so that she won’t have any added hardships in her new life.

Mariam: It wasn’t easy to watch. But I was happy that they let In Yub have that character development of initially not being at all resolved to her state. It seems much more in character for her than if she had immediately become a model servant. It all felt really natural- the escape attempt, the imprisonment in the super secret sex grotto (I will be sad if it is never used for happier moments again), and then her ultimate decision to live and become resigned to her servant status. Poor thing, I kind of wanted to slap Moo Myung when he seemed so disgusted that she had learned “the dirty parts” first- the poor girl had nearly been sexually assaulted twice in 24 hours- but it’s HER fault that the first lesson she learned as a servant is people will only be nice to you if you sleep with them? You can’t be that stupid Moo Myung, wake up and smell the pig porridge.

Tiara: The sexy grotto has been tainted, oh no. Someone needs to get with the sexy time soon to clean the bad juju out. 

Tiara: I can’t say I blame In Yub for wanting to die. Her father is dead, her only friend/servant Sa Wol is gone, and she’s now a servant under Yoon Ok. I can see her reasoning about nothing being worth living for, which makes it noteworthy how much Moo Myung fights for her to stay alive. Why? I mean In Yub offered herself to him as a request for him to kill her. After In Yub offered herself, he seemed disgusted and disappointed she has learned these dirty tricks. I’m stunned to find out Moo Myung may have some morals after all. Which is amazing since this is the man who does the dirty work of getting rid of people who need to be gone and doesn’t think twice about it. I’m puzzled by what he meant it has begun. What has begun? Her revenge? And how does she get revenge? Is he helping her or holding her back? Oh Moo Myung why you got to be so mysterious?!

Amy: I’m pretty sure Moo Myung knows everything. He is in on the whole grand scheme of things and In Yub is a piece of that puzzle that is needed. I think that the reason Moo Myung gets rid of people aren’t needed is because he was told to. He needs to play the role of a servant and do a good job of it so that people trust him and his goals, whatever they are, can be accomplished.

Mariam: It’s hard to tell Moo Myung’s emotions because at the moment it kind of feels like the actor portraying Moo Myung only has one expression. He doesn’t really emote- so I still find it hard to see him as a romantic lead. That said, he clearly pities In Yub, and has made small gestures to make her life less miserable. Although, that could be out of guilt- if we later learn that he really was behind her father’s being framed.

Tiara: You’re probably right, Amy. Moo Myung probably set the whole thing up. It kind of fits right now with the story. Mariam, I agree with your assessment on Moo Myung’s emotions or lack there of them. He’s trying to play straight and it doesn’t seem to be working. However the way he talks to his higher ups is enjoyable to watch. You can clearly see how smart he is by the way he speaks.  

Let's talk about the tragedy of love within the drama. I feel terrible about In Yub and Eun Gi’s tragic love. You can see the kinship and years of being friends between the two. Unfortunately, fate is a witch and this isn’t a love story. I’m happy Eun Gi wants to protect and save his love, but it makes him come across as naïve. Things aren’t simple anymore and he continues to see In Yub’s situation as easy to solve. In Yub is still learning her station in life, but Eun Gi isn’t helping her move forward by making her have hope in running away. This isn’t the answer to her problems. If he wasn’t so green maybe he would see the bigger picture of proving her father’s innocence. I do see in the coming episodes Moo Myung giving some advice to Eun Gi about leaving In Yub alone. She may have accepted her fate to a point in not wanting to die, but she has a long road ahead of her.

Amy: I agree with you Tiara. Their story is very sad and I’m happy Eun Gi didn’t just bail on In Yub but escape isn’t the answer because it will just lead to more tragedy. Moo Myung will definitely have his hands in the situation. He wants to make sure In Yub stays where she is.

Mariam: Poor precious Eun Ki. He’s just so naive. I can see how they might grow apart, as she is forced to face the reality of the world as a servant, and he is still fairly sheltered as a noble. But I still like Eun Ki for his….Disneyness...for lack of a better word. People just tell him not to worry his little head, to sit still and be quiet and they will take care of him. He kind of gets treated like a girl- which is a refreshing twist.

Tiara: Mariam, you make a great point about Eun Ki being treated like a girl. His parents aren’t very happy with his hero behavior. It’s so very true, they want him to sit still and look pretty. I agree this twist on man and female roles is interesting.

Lastly, what about the message Gook Yoo gave to his servant. The servant who accused Gook Yoo of being a traitor took his master’s body to bury. A form of guilt for what happen to his master. At least, he tried to get some forgiveness. Any idea what the note from Gook Yoo happens to be? He throws it at his servant and asked him to get forgiveness from In Yub. Does this have some information about his secret mission or is there something more? Any ideas on who the man with the arrow is? Is he the Man Wol? Is he working with the crazy ex-king? Moo Myung seemed taken back by the turn of events. Darn you drama for giving me more questions

Amy: Aaaaaah! I hate waiting to find out! I seriously do not know who that man was or why Moo Myung was taken aback. Also, whatever the servant had for In Yub has to do with the secret mission, which is why that guy was trying to kill them. Why did the episode stop there?

Mariam: The scene where her father wrote his message with- a tooth, or something- was so gruesome that we better get a payoff for all that uncomfortableness- find the note already! I assumed the guy with the arrow was Man Wol- if only because they are the only super secret organization, we know about and if we are introduced to yet another faction in this mess I’ll never keep them straight!

Tiara: Amy, it’s to torture us for the next week. If it is another organization someone better come up with the cliff notes soon. 

Since you servants did a great job, we give you leave to let us know your thoughts on this week's episode. Do you all have theories on who the secret child happens to be? What are your thoughts on Moo Myung and In Yub? Will their love story be epic? Will Eun Gi become bitter and join the wrong side? Tell us in the comments below. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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