Mariam: Welcome back, merry Maids fans! This week, the show was all about the end of maidenhood as In Yub cycled through 3 potential grooms but ultimately remained single (for now), and Yoon Ok got married, shortly followed by the most awkward sex talk in the history of Kdrama.  So much to talk about: the wedding that was, the weddings that almost happened but didn’t, Moo Myung and Head Maid BOTH being undercover agents of the secret society- but honestly I just can’t stop thinking that a drama actually showed us Joseon era porn — from the nanny no less! I found this week the most entertaining pair of episodes by far!

Watch episode 5:

Tiara: Oh my gosh, the porn book. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Yoon Ok’s mother listening outside was comical. Maybe she learned something from the lesson. It seems like she could use the lessons. Look at the lack of interaction with her husband.

Mariam: She has three kids- you would think she knew the basics.... about the birds and bees. Or in this case, the turtles and the cranes.

Tiara: Three kids or not, the only thing Mom knows about sex is to lay still and just let the man do whatever it is. Switching topics of the marriage act, let’s talk about the marriage that never happen. Why did Moo Myung say yes to In Yub? I found it odd considering his bosses want her dead.

Mariam: He certainly did a fast turn around from “Go and leave with Master Eun Ki” to “Leave her alone, I’m marrying her.” I think, surprisingly given how much I distrusted him last week, he does actually want her to live? Clearly at the moment she is safest if Eun Ki, well intentioned that he is, can’t keep endangering her by trying to run away together. Or make her his mistress. Ew. Eun Ki was so not Disneyfied this week.

Tiara: I think Eun Ki’s finally understood In Yub can’t be his wife and the only thing she can be is his mistress. It took him long enough to figure it out. However, I’m not sure he trusts Moo Myung. I too am on the fence about him, myself. I think he see In Yub’s courage and strength to overcome her situation. Yet, he’s a cold blooded killer who is waiting for the right time to kill her. In Moo Myung, I do not trust. At least, he hasn’t given me reasons to.

Mariam: I knew that when I was happier with the idea of her marrying Moo Myung (who had just promised to kill her) than I was with the idea of her marrying Poong Yi, that clearly I had fallen down the rabbit hole of lesser evils. When “potential murderer” sounds like a good match. He did give her her own sword- which I thought was sweet, in a “I’m a trained killer, what should I give a girl?” kind of way. And after he promised to kill her, he tried to convince her to leave immediately, so she would stay alive. I just don’t know if when forced to choose between In Yub and the shadowy people in Black, he’s going to chose In Yub yet.

Our hero

Tiara: He will have to pick his loyalties soon and I agree it will fall on In Yub’s side. He sure was sweet this episode. Makes me a bit nervous.Yet, I cheered him on when he beat the crap out of Poong Yi. Rape is not the way to a woman’s heart. Speaking of men in Black, did you see the head maid is the “leader” or someone in charge?

Mariam: I wanted to burn Poong Yi in fire. I was pleasantly surprised and actually kind of tickled to find out that the shadowy assassin group is run by... the Head Maid. I like that the women in the story seem to have agency. But, whoever has been picking the household staff for the defense minister did not do very good background checks on the highest level male and female servants. You would think he would have better security than to have two assassins on the payroll.

Tiara: Those two are the best at their job and highly praised and it turns out they are assassins. I do believe that is the punch line to the a joke. Funny how the Finance Minister’s wife wants Moo Myung to work for her household. I don’t think she would want him knowing his true intentions.

Mariam:Speaking of the household servants, Sa Wol, poor thing, is finally back! Given as a "gift" from the Finance Minister's house to the Defense Minister's house, how thoughtful. And she’s getting in fights!

Tiara: Thank goodness Sa Wol is back with In Yub. Such an emotional reunion for the girls. Lots needed to be said to one another. I love how Sa Wol doesn’t take any crap from Dan Ji.

She is one tough cookie. A much needed change in the household. I don’t think I could take more scene with Yoon Ok. They are like torture.

Mariam: I’ll say this — forcing In Yub to be the bridesmaid for her wedding to In Yub’s former fiancee is taking petty revenge to Jedi Master kinds of levels.

 But Yoon Ok at least got a steaming dose of karma when the poop bucket tipped all over her. You knew that was going to happen the minute they set the scene at the latrine (which is a first in any sageuk I’ve ever watched. Most stories don’t involve the palace plumbing. Thanks Maids!). 

Tiara: It was pretty low of Yoon Ok to ask In Yub to be her bridesmaid, but I’m not shocked by her behavior. She’s a mean girl with a vendetta and will pull out all the cruel things to do to her. I wouldn’t call her a Jedi Master, but maybe apart of the House of Bolton.

Mariam: She seems kind of Lannisterish to me. In Yub, poor thing, is definitely a Stark, nothing ends well for her. She’s like a cross between Sansa and Arya.

Tiara: A good match of characters to describe In Yub. If only she had some dragons, she could just get her revenge. However, the north remembers.

Mariam: Speaking of In Yub’s revenge, I love that she has a partner in crime to help her- and now Sa Wol, in addition to giving Dan Ji hell, is helping her figure out her father’s dying words. Although I’m not sure that Sa Wol would have approved of In Yub’s final plan. Somehow I don’t think “stalking King in disguise through the dark” is going to clear her father’s name the way she thinks it will. The Faceless Men would never make such an amateur mistake.

Tiara: I agree following the king in the dark not the smartest move. I don’t think she’s going to get close. Moo Myung is going to stop her before she does something stupid. Speaking of the letter her father left her, the letter points the finger at the Finance Minister knowing it was all an act. He knows the truth behind her father’s mission which I don’t think Eun Ki is going to take sitting down.

Mariam: Probably not. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Eun Ki will do anything productive. As In Yub pointed out, he didn’t actually step forward and help when her father was still alive. Eun Ki throws a good tantrum, but he’s just not very bright. It’s like everyone else is playing chess, and he’s playing... Candyland.

Tiara: Eun Ki sadly listened to his father which cost In Yub her father. I’m holding out hope for Eun Ki to turn things around and become a dashing knight. Why, I can’t say. I think there is something endearing about him and I don’t want him to become an angry bitter man. He isn’t going to be In Yub’s man, but he can be an honest one. Maybe his father will be the reason he grows up from his disney ideas and life. He could very well learn how to play the game and not just Candyland.

Mariam: I agree that bitter second male lead will not look well on him. And he did risk his life to get her father home in the first place, so here’s hoping he hangs on to some of that and doesn’t spend the rest of the drama flitting between standing outside the servant’s quarters with a boom box playing “In Your Eyes” and drinking himself into a such a stupor he offends the gisaengs. I am interested in figuring out what that gisaeng is up to as well. So many plots!

Tiara: LOL, now I have that song in my head. Ga Hee A seems to have a scheme besides the one with the Finance Minister. Whatever this agenda of her own is, she first needs into the palace. I’m not sure the Queen is going to take well to this new gisaeng. It seems like she wears the pants in the family. When the King finds his long lost kid, it isn’t going to be easy for him or her in the palace either.

Mariam: If he ever finds the kid. Moo Myung left the only lead to finding the kid in the sex/murder grotto and was talking to Head Maid about “seizing the opportunity”. And we know bad things tend to happen to people that Moo Myung leads into that grotto. Who knows if the King ever meets her. I guess we'll find out next week.

What did you think, Maids fans?  Is Moo Myung really quality potential husband material, or should In Yub hold out for someone better- or at least less stabby?  What is going to happen now that Yoon Ok and Eun Ki are married and living under the same roof as In Yub?  Will Moo Myung ever display a discernible emotion? Was the sex talk you were given more or less traumatizing/informational than Yoon Ok's? Leave us your thoughts below!

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