Tiara: Why hello there fellow Maids. Wow, we’ve got much to discuss about the extreme day in the life of a Joseon Maid. Our newlyweds have their wedding night, the King is told a clue to finding his child, the women of the house put their foot down, In Yub and Dan Ji are being put up for sale, Moo Myung has a look of concern, and last but not least, Chi Kwon’s secret weapon is introduced to the King, leaving Eung Cham disheartened. This was another solid week of engaging me with the characters, some better than others, but I’m really wanting to root for a few of them. Let’s get started …

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Mariam: In Yub’s situation escalated quickly from awkward to awful, and Eun Ki just seems gifted at making a bad situation 1000 times worse. What was he thinking throwing her down on the floor like that!

Tiara: Um, you really want me to answer what Eun Ki was thinking because it’s R rated.

Mariam: Well, this is the show that has put porn in the hands of 4 characters- this world is R rated...

Tiara: Good point… There are two options. One, he was thinking about “bow chicka wow wow”. The second, which is the more likely, Eun Ki wasn’t thinking which from someone who is reckoned to be smart, he actually isn’t. Oh the bubble he is stuck in. He believes everything is sunshine and roses. He doesn’t see going to his father or defending her is the dumbest move ever.

Mariam: All the guys do it, really. Eun Ki, the Defense Minister, Yoon Seo- the men just seem completely blind to exactly how much danger they put the women in. (Defense Minster actually thought Ok Yi was at the Lady’s family’s house.)This week in particular was probably Eun Ki at his least helpful- first he gets her flogged, then he gets her sold!

Tiara: I wondered if Ok Yi’s situation would come back. I’m glad it didn’t become a “chick in the bucket” because it was a meaningful scene. Lady Yoon controls the house as it was explicated by the Defense Minister. Nevertheless, his finding out about Ok Yi being “taken care of” might be the thing which will cast a muffler on his marriage.

Mariam: Yes- the actress who plays Dan Ji’s mother really sold the horror-she was absolutely convinced that as soon as Dan Ji was out of her sight Moo Myung was going to kill her. And Moo Myung did not seem happy that Dan Ji’s mom was letting everyone in on what really happened to Ok Yi. It’s as if he was feeling….something. Possibly an emotion. Probably indigestion.

Tiara: Dan Ji’s mother is a momma bear. She will try to protect her cub by any mean necessary. Speaking of Moo Myung, In Yub got her first look at him taking orders like a well train dog. A very obedient dog who listens well to his masters. She gave him some nasty looks for which I have to agree he deserves.

Mariam: Yeah, she still doesn’t seem to know quite what to make of him. It was interesting that she didn’t choose to yell at him for following orders- so much as she called him a hypocrite for making a big deal about her needing to survive when he knew this was the kind of life she would have to live. He did look… troubled, I think that was supposed to be troubled, for a lot of the episode. When she asked him to teach her to fight he looked downright alarmed! Potentially because it will make it trickier for him to kill her if she becomes proficient with that dagger?

Tiara: My favorite scene this week was In Yub telling Moo Myung off about his words of staying alive were BS. I’m really proud of her for standing up to him since she doesn’t have much choice anymore. Moo Myung did show some facial expression of concern during these episodes. I felt he was taken back by her words. I don’t believe many people question him. Heck, evening the Head Maid is worried over the way he’s been behaving.

Mariam: I think the writers have done a good job of having In Yub adjust to her new station, and its limitations, without losing the pride and the outspokenness that make In Yub In Yub. It will be interesting to see what he does when In Yub finds out his relationship to her father’ death, now that she has the, er, special sticks. The sticks are supposed to mean something, but I’m fuzzy on what.

Tiara: I concur about the writers. The narration of In Yub’s adjustment wasn’t overly long or excessively short. You bring up a good question about those sticks. I can’t seem to call back if we are suppose to know what the sticks mean. I recall them being set up and identified, but how is this evidence which convicts In Yub’s father?

Mariam: I saw something similar this week on Shine or Go Crazy- the idea being that members of a conspiracy, to keep each other loyal, all had these medallions with the names of the other conspirators written on them- the idea being if someone tried to betray them they were all going down together? But these are sticks… either way it is the most circumstantial evidence in the world and can’t believe someone got drawn and quartered over sticks. But this is a sageuk….

Tiara: I guess we will have to see what In Yub is able to figure out. I do question if the demented ex-King will show up. He knows In Yub’s father was wrongly killed as he was the one who order him to find the Man Wol group.

Mariam: At the moment I’m more worried about the crazy guy who wants Dan Ji and In Yub to be surrogate mothers. Ew. And The Lady of the house turning it into some Hunger Games moment and making them volunteer someone? Eeeeeeevil.

Tiara: The idea of being a surrogate mother is pretty gross. However, neither In Yub or Dan Ji would have to deal with Yoon Ok. Can the girl get any more bothersome? The more she continues to be a jealous spoiled brat, I would volunteer just to leave her. She can find a new punching bag.

Mariam: Honestly before they showed that man wailing on his servant I thought “Well, anywhere would be better than in Yoon Ok’s house”, but now I’m not so sure. This week was definitely the darkest we’ve seen her, she was practically cackling after she spoke to Moo Myung when she delivered the medicine. But at least it gave us In Yub and Dan Ji bonding, which I really wanted to see.

Neither of the situations are good ones. One beneficial result is these two to ultimately get in touch with each other. Considering In Yub was the reason Dan Ji got beaten for the shoe incident, these two really needed something to get them to forget about the past and look to the future. Right now, their futures are not looking so hot. At least, the servants got a chance at revenge.Takes spitting in your food to a new level. The brightest part of this week's episode.

Mariam: Butt bulgogi! It made me so happy. It was like the Joseon version of Minny’s “Terrible Awful” from The Help. It was nice seeing everyone come together to make those “meat pads” to spare the girls.

Tiara: LOL, I think they should market the meat. They could become rich.

Mariam: I particularly liked how Gae Dong kept trying to eat it, and then almost couldn’t keep the giggles in when the ladies were going on and on about how tender the meat was. Thank God the drama gave us some relief from all the flogging and selling and sadness.

Tiara: The one thing the drama has been doing a decent job of mixing in some lighter moments to help ease the heavy stuff.

Mariam: We also got a repeat of the porn gag- and being caught looking at it by your dad! I think by the end of the show every character is going to have seen that dirty book!

Tiara: Don’t forget the pissing contest between Mom and Mom-n-law.

Mariam: Your husband is a bigger manwhore than my husband?

Tiara: Yep, that would be the one. I’m not surprised Dad took the porn book. The poor guy is going to need something to comfort him since his girl is now the King’s.

Mariam: He never struck me as the monogamous type, I’m sure he has some poor maid in mind. But with Ga Hee-A getting into the palace, I wonder if we will get a look at the Queen?

Tiara: He may have second thoughts on another maid since he’s heard about Ok Yi.

Maram: He didn’t even notice she was gone, or remember her name. I doubt it would phase him. Hard to tell who’s worse, him or the Finance Minister.

Tiara: I don’t know. Defense Minister actually looked surprised when her name came up. He and his wife have an arrangement, but I don’t think he wants the girl to be harmed in the end.

Mariam: I’m sure he’s surprised she’s dead. But like his son, and Eun Ki, it’s not like he cared that much about the danger he puts them in at the time. Yoon Seo, right before they got caught, kind of laughed “Oh, gee, yeah it would be bad if you got caught,” but the guys really don’t seem to take it seriously, or even understand how vulnerable the women are. Heck, even Yoon Seo’s wife had to yell at him about doing his husbandly duties before she gets kicked out of the house for failing to get pregnant.

Tiara: In the end, they should just play outside where they don’t sleep if they really don’t want to harm the ones they take a fancy to. Harder for their wives to harm the local gisaengs when they aren’t under their roof.

Mariam: Exactly, isn’t that what the gisaeng house is for? Don’t schtupp where you eat.

Tiara: Good point. Switching topics, the king found out he has a son. He has a birthmark on his shoulder and the other half to the hair piece. I guess the theory about In Yub being the kid is out the window.

Mariam: Narrows it down. Do we think it still might be Moo Myung, or is he too old? How old is this kid?

Tiara: At this point, it has to be Moo Myung. The synopsis has his character as the mysterious past.

Mariam: He’s like Jon Snow. We ALL know who your real parents are Moo Myung, you’re a Targaryen. Just confirm our theory already!

Taira: He’s totally Jon Snow. R + L = J. Now, if only we get the shirtless scene to confirm our new theory. Darn you winter for being so cool.

Mariam: He’s being a wuss- Jon Snow was North of the Wall and he had LOTS of shirtless scenes. Moo Myung needs to get wounded. Then someone will have to take one for the team and strip him down... to treat the wound. Medicinal strippage.

Tiara: If only Moo Myung and In Yub just got married, shirtless scene would have to have happened. Perhaps we would’ve gotten a wedding night to remember. Who knows, Moo Myung could break his vows in a sexy cave with In Yub. But I think you’re right, he’s going to get hurt and need a nurse to heal him. He’ll get hurt protecting In Yub from the Head Maid’s assassin.

Mariam: Makes you wonder what his game plan is to keep In Yub alive. This pattern of “Oh, oops, now there’s a new clue. So we definitely need her to stay alive a while longer” can’t last forever. Is he going to try to get her to run away?

Tiara: Is he going to “save” her by helping her run away or run away with her? Maybe the Man Wol is using him because they know his birthright?

Mariam: Does HE know his birthright? He certainly has attitude like his father was a King.

Tiara: That is the million dollar question. He holds himself with a degree and has a way of talking to his superiors with respect and sarcasm. Not an easy thing to do.

Mariam: And he’s literate. Which most slaves weren’t- but he had no trouble re-writing In Yubs father’s letter from memory.

Tiara: A very special talent by Moo Myung among others he has. 

Tiara: How do you feel about this week? Who do you think is the King’s Son? Do you agree with our theory about Moo Myung or is there someone else? Will Dan Ji and In Yub be sent out of the House of Yoon? Will Yoon Ok, keep In Yub to continue her torture? Will Eun Ki leave In Yub alone and gain the power to take down his father or join him? Will any of the character’s actually learn something from the book of porn? Until next time Maids, watch more dramas.

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