Holy plot twists Batman! There are more big things going on in this week’s Maids episodes than you can shake a Joseon torture pole at. People we thought were dead, are actually alive! In Yub went all Katniss Everdeen (although without the brilliant plan). We were totally right about Moo Myung, and Poong Yi continues to be the absolute WORST. Get in here and freak out with us!

Watch episode 9:

Tiara: Moo Myung has actually been an honest guy. He didn’t kill Ok Yi. His character is growing on me with each episode. I’m getting a fangirl crush on him. Considering the people behind him are the ones who’ve turned him into a monster on the outside.

Mariam: Ok Yi LIVES! (Well, lives for now, stupid Poong Yi) . I was so happy! And Moo Myung definitely expressed multiple emotions this week! I defy anyone to see that shirtless scene and NOT get a fangirl crush. I wonder if that story about his mother was even true, or if they have been using it to get him to do their traitorous work for them.

Tiara: The story our Finance Minister reminded him about his mother?

Mariam: First- I did NOT see Finance Minister being head of the evil underground coming. But seeing as he is that sneaky, I could totally see him making up that “your dying mother gave you to me and wants you to avenge her” story. I don’t know if the mother would want the kid to kill his father.

Tiara: I must be shaded but I wasn’t taken back by the reveal of the Leader of the Man Wol being the Finance Minister. He reminds me of Tywin Lannister, silent and deadly with tons of pride. I don’t think he is lying about the story. I think he is using the situation to his advantage. He must hold the other half of the hairpin since Moo Myung told the Defense Minister he didn’t receive anything from his mother.

Mariam: Poor Moo Myung had a rough week. He’s now suspected by and in trouble with Man Wol, Head Maid, Lady Heo, and In Yub. He’s also promised to kill his father. And the girl he likes, or repeatedly saves, has vowed to kill him. There was a lot of murder vows this episode.

Tiara: Agree. He’s had an appalling week, but it’s given us so much more insight into Moo Myung. The Man Wol have been controlling him since he was little. Ga Hee Ah was his first love. She came in the path of his duty and was carried off from him. It explains why he’s very stone face and a little cold. It makes it interesting to see him have these unexplained feelings for In Yub.

Mariam: True, he was miserable, but it made us really happy. Sorry Moo Myung :P. And then he had to take the girl he likes and hide her with his first love. Awkward. Although it’s hard to say if his week was worse than In Yub’s. They both got tortured, but she did end up sold to a creep, kidnapped by assassins, and stashed in a brothel after learning the one guy she trusted is responsible for her father’s death. Again.

Tiara: First love meets my new love doesn’t set out to describe the awkwardness of the encounter. In Yub’s been having a tough few weeks and it seems her hardships are only becoming larger. The Finance Minister wants In Yub dead and he will kill her despite his promise to Moo Myung. I can’t say I’m shocked the Finance Minister is a promise breaker. He’s been breaking his promise since day one.

Mariam: Who doesn’t want her dead at this point besides Moo Myung, Eun Ki and Sa Wol? The fact that she runs off without thinking through her plans does not help her situation. Run away from the Governor, that was her plan? Although I loved that we got a shining moment where Eun Ki was useful!

Tiara: Good point, the list of people not wanting her dead is small. She did catch a win this episode by finally getting an audience with the King. You would think telling the King and Defense Minister being kidnapped and torture for her father’s last words would raise some eyebrows.

Mariam: I knew she was going to meet him as soon as Ga Hee Ah said “You need to stay here.” In Yub NEVER stays where she’s told. But I wonder where she goes from here- she’s about to out Moo Myung, in front of his dad, and the King said he needs more evidence. Good thing she made that bad ass evidence hiding sock. Which no one thinks to check.

Tiara: I don’t think she’s going to get the chance to out Moo Myung. I bet the King tells In Yub and Moo Myung to find the information on the Man Wol or something to the effect. Sound how Moo Myung is going to double cross the Man Wol to save and protect In Yub. He doesn’t have any loyalty yet for the King.

Mariam: If she doesn’t out him, I hope Defense Minister assumes that Poong Yi is the spy in his household, being from the State Councilor’s house, and kills him. Poong Yi sank to new lows this week.

Tiara: Pang Yi is just atrocious. Did he learn how to be evil and annoying from Yoon Ok? I mean those two should be married. They are just awful people who deserve each other.

Mariam: Lady Heo seems to be the one he idolizes. And Yoon Ok had to learn it somewhere. I mean, she has now twice ordered the murder of a pregnant woman. Seven hells. It says something about In Yub that she still thinks that deep down Yoon Ok is her friend.

Tiara: I believe the Defense Minister just might kill his wife and can’t say I would turn him in for the crime. Lady Heo wanting to kill a woman and her child is down right unspeakable. Yoon Ok is totally a mini-me of her mother in the making. I did enjoy Eun Gi yelling at Yoon Ok this week about her behavior.

Mariam: I enjoyed Eun Ki more this week than I have since Week 1. Calling his wife out on her torturing the help to punish him. Yelling at the lushes at the brothel for not respecting women. Actually successfully helping In Yub by drugging the Governor’s wine. Good job Eun Ki, way to step up.

Tiara: The start of episode 9 I held my doubts on how smart he was acting by asking the Governor to buy In Yub. By the conclusion of the episode, I was proud of him. I’m happy he’s able to maintain his honor and goodness with each instalment. Sometimes, his rightness isn’t the best way, but he’s consistent with his demeanor.

Mariam: I wonder how the knowledge about what his father has been doing is going to affect him.

Tiara: It’s going to be a difficult road for Eun Gi here on out. Once he got back from the Man Wol’s hideout, he couldn’t face In Yub and stood outside the gisaeng house. He’s going to put the wrongs his father has committed on his shoulders. He alright has guilt knowing his father is behind the wrongful death of In Yub’s father.

Mariam: Poor Eun Ki. Maybe hearing how In Yub has vowed to send Moo Myung to hell will cheer him up. Seems like if they teamed up they could uncover more evidence to clear her father, if Eun Ki is willing to implicate his own.

Tiara: I don’t see Eun Gi joining the darkside with his father. He’s way too loyal to In Yub.

Mariam: Maybe he can shoot his father with a crossbow while he’s on the chamber pot...

Tiara: Fingers cross …

Mariam: So at the end of the episode, we are left with Moo Myung having promised to kill the King. Head Maid promised to kill Moo Myung. In Yub sort of vowing to kill Moo Myung. Several people vowing to kill In Yub, also possibly Eun Ki. And Poong Yi set to kill Ok Yi. Do we still think anyone will be left standing in 14 more episodes (that’s a lot of plot yet to come).

Tiara: Someone's gotta die, it’s been episodes since the last death. The beginning of the drama we were given a bit of a blood bath. Only one wedding ended with bloodshed, it wouldn’t count as a wedding for a Dothraki and doesn’t panel to a Red Wedding nor a Purple one.

Mariam: Although, one of those deaths turned out to be fake. Good job Moo Myung.

Tiara: Huzzah!!! Super happy to have gain faith in the not so mysterious Moo Myung.

Mariam: I feel like I can root for him now that he’s not the slayer of innocents. But will In Yub be able to see past his role with the treacherous Man Wol?

[Well, seeing this might have helped change her mind...]

Tiara: Now that In Yub knows his dark mystery, she’s yet to understand the man. She hasn’t really figured out what makes him tick. In Yub has yet to comprehend or appreciate him betraying his people to save her. She’s too upset from being kidnapped and torture to think outside the box at the price and cost Moo Myung gave for her.

Mariam: Well, if anyone has learned the importance of who to put their trust in, it’s probably the girl whose friend sold her to a stranger as a sex slave. 

And Moo Myung did deliver her to the creep. Maybe talking with Moo Myung’s ex-girlfriend will shed some light on his shadowy heart for her.

Tiara: I’m hopeful the girl talk with Ga Hee Ah will bring to light the type of man Moo Myung truly is by not saying his name to the King. Thus giving him time to join her side.

Mariam: Provided she stays with Ga Hee Ah- leave it to In Yub to blow a perfectly decent cover. And I was looking forward to learning more about Ga Hee Ah through her interaction with people who weren’t clients or co-conspirators. She’s still a mystery herself.

Tiara: She was going to meet with the King anyways. Might as well make the most of the situation since he showed up where she was at. She’s going to be sent back to the Defense Minister’s house. This time she will be working for the Defense Minister and King in finding the truth behind the Man Wol.

Mariam: I thought her goal was to meet with the other King.

Tiara: But she was following this one a few episodes back. At this point, I don’t think it matters. She wanted to prove her case of her father being betrayed and wrongfully killed.

Mariam: Too many Kings! This show was supposed to be about the maids. They didn’t do much this week other than hold a rigged election that was ultimately pointless because In Yub decided to volunteer as tribute. Although I liked seeing the guys blackmail Lady Kang with her poker habit.

Tiara: True, the maids and other servants were mostly in the background. Lady Kang is like a child. She wants attention from her husband, but he won’t give it to her. Her being duped by the servant guys was pretty hilarious.

Mariam: Well, it’s her husband’s fault she’s in trouble with her very scary mother-in-law. It’s not like Lady Kang is the one refusing to make a baby. But he refuses to participate and she’s the one that gets threatened with being kicked out of the house. Dan Ji all over again.

If he had just knocked her up, she’d spend all her time worrying about the kid and he could exploit all the maids he wanted to.

Tiara: Truer words. He wouldn’t have to touch her again unless the kid was a girl. Yoon Seo not very bright in dealing with his wife.

Mariam: So many problems on the show would be solved if the guys could just bring themselves to sleep with their wives.

Tiara: Bwahaha!! I think you just solved one of the plot points of the drama.

Mariam: In the penultimate episode, the maids put a ton of aphrodisiacs in the soup and let the couples go to town. The ladies of the house emerge happy the next morning, and no one gets sold or beaten. The end.

Tiara: One problem solved, which means In Yub can focus on the Man Wol. Moo Myung can get together and help In Yub. The King can find his long lost son … the Finance Minister gets shoot on the toilet by his son with incriminating evidence he was behind the Man Wol and thus the death of In Yub’s father.

Mariam: The King then restores In Yub’s status, Moo Myung’s parentage is revealed, his status is elevated, and he and In Yub live happily ever after with Sa Wol. After In Yub cuts off Poong Yi’s balls.

Tiara: Yay, Sa Wol gets to live with In Yub forever … I think that covers all the other plot points.

Mariam: JTBC can send me that check anytime.

Tiara: If only it worked that way … however anything is possible. Who knows. So far, we haven’t been to much off the mark.

Mariam: 14 more episodes. So much more is going to go wrong....

Tiara: Bite your tongue and think happy thoughts.

Mariam: Poong Yi as a eunuch…..

Tiara: Please make it so …

What say you, Maids fans? What was the bigger shock: Ok Yi being alive, or a band of hardened, paranoid conspirators failing to pat down In Yub before tying her to the Joseon torture chair (I wonder if they use the same chair every drama. It looks like the same one...) thus missing her incredibly bulky and noisy evidence sock? Will Ga Hee Ah remain loyal to the organization that stole her man, or will she continue to defy them to hid her ex-boyfriend’s new crush? Will Poong Yi start killing puppies and kittens to unwind in his free time? Let us know your opinions in the comments, and until next week, watch more dramas!

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