With so much going on this week, it's hard to get a handle on where to begin, but can I just start with this...THE FEELS! THE FEELS! OH. MY. WORD! THE FEELS! *ahem* Now that I've got that off my chest, let's dive in to this week's episodes, shall we?

For those of you cheering for Kim Shin, I'm sure this week's episodes were fairly enjoyable but for those of us on Team Se Joo, this week's episodes were just plain painful. Somehow every scene involving Se Joo crept its way into my heart and slowly tore it to shreds. Why? Because it's now painfully obvious that Mi Rae's going to end up with Kim Shin and once again I've been afflicted with SMLS (second male lead syndrome). *Oh please, cruel drama gods, let me be wrong on this one!*

I could spend a very long time discussing Mi Rae's love interests but there so much more going on with this show that I'll refrain and instead tear into Future Mi Rae for all of her meddling. Seriously! This woman just needs to back off! We're half-way through this show and I have no idea whether FMR went back in time to help or to hurt Present Mi Rae. What is she really up to? I can't shake the feeling that FMR went back in time to do more than prevent herself from marrying Kim Shin but even if that was her only objective, the more she meddles, the more she screws things up.

Kim Shin is probably the most obvious victim of FMR's meddling as he's finding himself in an increasingly precarious position, especially when it comes to his dealings with Se Joo. Normally I wouldn't mind watching Kim Shim squirm in front of Se Joo but he and PMR could very well end up together his current position could potentially bring about all of the pain and suffering FMR traveled through time to avoid. Kim Shin's not an idiot; he knows when to back off and when to suck up but that doesn't mean he can't fall prey to the attack of a jilted lover. As this plot unfolds, I could see FMR's meddling leading to a future just as miserable as the one she left, only this time, all her suffering would be brought on by her own hands and that would just be sad.

On the up-side, FMR's meddling did provoke Se Joo enough to draw him out of his quiet and reserved shell. *Hooray!* It's about time the successor to YBS started acting like the leading man instead of a kindly doormat. I'm really hoping this emboldened Se Joo will stick around for a while because he's even hotter now that he's got a bit of an edge. It's encouraging to know that Se Joo doesn't give up on the things he wants and I'm oh-so-very happy he isn't falling for Yoo Kyung and all of her nonsense. To all of you out there who say Yoo Kyung is good for Se Joo, I'm sorry but I think you're wrong. It may be nice for him to have a "friend" to talk to but you can't call a girl like Yoo Kyung a friend; she's as scheming, conniving and selfish as FMR and the only feelings I have for her are of strong dislike. Even if Se Joo doesn't end up with PMR, I can't stand the idea of him being with Yoo Kyung; he deserves so much better.

So what are your thoughts on this week's developments? I know there was a lot I didn't get to (like an injured Mi Rae and the chicken Kim Shin spending a night together in a haunted house...what?) so share your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to join Tanya, Martina and me later this week as we chat about this week's episodes and all those FEELS!

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