Welcome to the Marry Him If You Dare Drama Club! If you missed our first post, read it here! Before we go at it, let’s take a sec to introduce ourselves...

Tanya: I’m Tanya of HallyuKnow, an avid drama and anime fan!

Zombie: I’m Zombie Mamma and I’m super excited to be writing for this Drama Club as I was worried I wouldn’t know what to do with myself now that the Love Around Drama Club is coming to an end.

Martina: And I’m Martina, first time Drama Clubber but long time drama fan! I work at DramaFever doing marketing and operations and am really excited to fangirl shamelessly over Jung Yong Hwa for a couple of months! Er, I mean, discuss this drama in a deep and insightful manner.

Zombie: So are you as much in love with this show as I am?

Tanya: The show is outrageous, but in a good way! I love Yong Hwa and Eun Hye’s characters. I am super annoyed by Dong Gun's character Kim Shin though… He's so obnoxious!

Martina: I love the look and feel of this drama. The first couple of episodes handle a lot of plot set up but I have a feeling things will start upending themselves soon. I like that the drama is all about the female lead taking control of her life - nothing is more frustrating than a passive main girl who just lets life trample all over her.

Zombie: I’m with ya there! I get irritated to no end when the lead girl lets everyone walk all over her, so seeing Mi Rae being so set on changing her stars has me hooked...that and the fact that two episodes in, I'm already swooning for Park Se Joo.

Tanya: I think Se Joo is going to be that good guy who has to act badly because of who he is. I hope he doesn't fall victim to "second male lead" syndrome. That would be tragic!

Zombie: I think I‘ll die if Se Joo becomes the second male lead, rather than Kim Shin! I don't think I can handle another Kang Shin Woo! He deserves to be loved!

Tanya: I spent so much time going, "Why Mi Rae?! Why would you fall for someone like that?!"

Zombie: I want her escape any sort of relationship with Kim Shin. I most definitely want to see her end up with Se Joo, but can it happen? I suppose that question can only be answered once we figure out how strong fate's pull is in this show.

Tanya: I think this drama will definitely play on what exactly is controlled by fate and what we get to control by choice. You may be destined to meet someone, but that doesn't mean you will choose to be with them.

Martina: I already can't wait for the flashback of the version of life that Future Mi Rae lived through. It will be interesting to see the junctures where she had to choose one path over another both in the life that FMR led, and the one that Present Mi Rae is leading.

Tanya: Final thoughts?

Martina: I am really excited to see what's to come as the plot unfolds. It's a really good cast so I'm getting settled for a fun ride of time-traveling goodness. Looking forward to all the plot twists hopefully a new hairdo for PMR!

Zombie: It seems to me Marry Him If You Dare is less about time travel and more about the choices you make in life. Whatever decisions FMR made in life, they were bad enough to drive her back in time in a desperate attempt to change her life. Does that mean the choices PMR are making will ultimately be the "right" ones? I doubt it, but if she ends up with Se Joo, does it really matter?

Tanya: Should we try to guess who PMR chooses and see who was right at the end? Place your bets!

Zombie: My vote has to be for Park Se Joo!

Martina: Park Se Joo! Park Se Joo!

Tanya: I'm going to go with Kim Shin. Not because I like him, but I've watched enough dramas to know it usually ends up being the one I don't want!

Who do you want to see Mi Rae end up with? Let us know in the comments below!

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