And the secrets just keep coming on Marry Him If You Dare this week! And I was right about the death! Well, partially right…

But first things first. In Episode 11, Present Mi Rae infiltrates Grace Lounge to get secret footage of the fake liquor being made. At first it seems the staff isn’t too welcoming of Mi Rae, but both the waiter and the kitchen ajumma pull through for her in the end. Those two were definitely the heroes of the episode for me! Se Joo’s quick thinking and small troop of bodyguards also help Mi Rae get out of a bit of a sticky situation. I definitely paused for a giggle to see the line of suited YBS bodyguards facing off against the restaurant ruffians.

What strikes me is that even when Future Mi Rae has told Joo Hyun that they were basically estranged for years because he disapproved of Kim Shin, Joo Hyun still yells at Mi Rae when she admits her feelings. It’s another subtle nod from the drama that what’s meant to be will probably come to be if you try to tinker with events unwisely.

So far the only major thing that’s changed from Future Mi Rae’s present is that Se Joo is in love with Mi Rae instead of Yoo Kyung. For the moment he doesn’t seem ready to let go of Mi Rae yet but he does see Yoo Kyung as a good friend. With the way things are going though, I feel like Yoo Kyung’s on track to prove her inner strength and Se Joo will find himself attracted to her just like he was in the other future. Future past? Past future? #timetraveldramaproblems

Speaking of the time travel, from earlier on in the drama I expected there to be more involving the time travel. The henchman has appeared only a couple of times and very briefly. His short appearance when Yoo Kyung chased after him was very informative (and funny!) but he’s disappeared again. I thought that the time travel hijinks would figure more heavily into the drama, and someone from the future was going to come interfere with FMR – with only four weeks left in the drama I’m sure the henchman will reappear again soon.

Even though we understand the reason why Kim Shin is starting to become distant from Mi Rae after learning what the future could hold for them, it’s still heartbreaking to see Mi Rae work the confidence to initiate a relationship with him just as he’s pulling away. Kim Shin’s expression as he watched Mi Rae interact with the little boy at lunch definitely tugged at my heartstrings. Does make me wonder though, what Kim Shin found out to convince him that could be worse than the death of his baby son…

Christmas is in the air, adding an extra tinge of sadness for our characters as they see happy couples all around. When the snow begins to fall, although they don’t know it, they’re all united in their sense of loneliness and uncertainty. Though Future Mi Rae supposedly traveled to the past with the answers to all of their problems, the characters are more conflicted than ever. They’re presented with the knowledge of what has already come to pass in one version of their futures, but that knowledge hasn’t made their paths any clearer.

Tune in next week for the beginning of the end on Marry Him If You Dare!

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