Zombie: Alright, so this week we had a lot of questions answered and even more raised. How are we going to find an end in two weeks? There’s so much that needs to be answered before then!

Tanya: Definitely! They left us hanging big time!

Zombie: So what is this big mysterious problem that makes it impossible for Mi Rae and Kim Shin to be together?

Tanya: I have a theory that Joo Hyun has died and it that could actually be possible with him in the hospital.

Zombie: So here’s my theory… Joo Hyun has some sort of terminal cancer that he’s not telling PMR about (remember that conversation he had with FMR?). Had the future been unaltered, Mi Rae and Kim Shin would have married against Joo Hyun’s consent, therefore estranging Mi Rae and her brother. I think that estrangement meant FMR wasn’t there when her brother died and has been a source of pain for her ever since. I could see that being a big enough regret to force FMR back to the past and make her want to leave Kim Shin, despite the fact she really does love him.

Martina: There’s definitely something there, because FMR had such an emotional reaction to seeing her brother when she arrived. And she still does in all her interactions with him.

Zombie: I always suspected he would be the one who died. Who knew there was a kid in there too? Well, I guess we did suspect that last week…

Tanya: What about what Kim Shin did to PMR at the restaurant?

Martina: So unnecessary. (-_-) Though the tiniest saving grace was that it wasn’t actually a date, just a very attractive NTN executive. When Mi Rae walked in and saw him, I pictured what I would do if I were in that situation… I would not have sat down and eaten the eight course dinner! Why didn’t Mi Rae walk over and demand to know who the mystery woman was??

Zombie: I honestly wasn’t saddened by Kim Shin’s total jerkiness at the restaurant. It just gives Mi Rae a legitimate excuse to move on and for that I’m happy. She totally deserves someone better. Dare I say it? Like maybe Se Joo…

Tanya: We did get to see Se Joo take his place at the company. I did not, even for a minute, feel bad that Kim Shin had to narrate that board meeting after what he did to PMR. It was karma, seriously. Do you think he’s going to take the position at NTN? Is that the ploy he’s using to escape from PMR?

Martina: It does seem like he wants to take the position (despite FMR’s warnings) and try to change the future by distancing Mi Rae instead.

Zombie: Do you really think that’s going to work?

Martina: Probably not. Their collective attempts to change the future aren’t working out that great so far.

Zombie: However, things by the end of episode 12 did seem a little different...Kim Shin is stiffing Mi Rae, Se Joo has confessed his feelings for Mi Rae and has officially stepped into his role as manager and Yoo Kyung has completely freaked out on Se Joo and decided she doesn’t need him anymore. Suddenly things are looking up for those of us who are still shipping Se Joo and Mi Rae. Just sayin’...

So what are your thoughts on this week’s developments and revelations? Were you surprised or had you predicted this all along? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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