You know you're nearing the end of a drama when questions are answered and mysteries are solved, so why is it, one week away from the conclusion of Marry Him If You Dare, I'm more frustrated and confused than ever before!?!

So what is it that's got me all discombobulated? Well, for starters, how about the fact that Joo Hyun has cancer but is refusing to tell PMR anything about it? Why on earth would you refuse to tell your only living relative (at least from this time period) about your potentially life-threatening illness, especially when you're facing surgery and are going to need someone around to help you? What makes this even worse is the fact that this isn't the first time Joo Hyun has done this. Apparently he was diagnosed with cancer in the past and told Mi Rae he was in Europe when actually he was hospitalized during treatment. What kind of brother does that? Sure, you can say he's only looking out for his sister, not wanting to burden her with his problems but let's face it, cancer isn't a diagnosis you can just deal with on your own; you need someone there to help you through it, trust me on this one, I know! But just for arguments sake, let's say Joo Hyun really can deal with this cancer on his own, wouldn't you think, that as a brother, Joo Hyun ought to let Mi Rae know what's up? We all know she's going to be devastated once the truth is revealed, which it inevitably will be, so why not spare her this pain by filling her in before she finds out in the most hurtful way possible?

But this is only the beginning of my frustration...we've spent a lot of time wondering about how the whole time-travel thing works and what the future will look like for FMR once she goes back to the future only to find out that nothing FMR has done in the past will make any difference in the future. Seriously? If by coming to the past, a new future was created, does that mean FMR will be stuck in her unaltered future while PMR lives in an alternate future? I think I'd be okay with that, seeing as how FMR hasn't shown any regard for anyone other than herself since the beginning. Being forced to live with her painful future seems a fitting punishment for traveling through time and screwing up the lives of everyone you come in contact with but is that really how they're going to end this, as a cautionary tale for all those contemplating time-travel? I'm pretty sure that's not the point here, so what is? I'm still working on that one...any ideas?

I have to say, what irritates me the most is that I find myself caring about what happens to Kim Shin and Yoo Kyung almost as much as I do about Se Joo and Mi Rae. We all know Kim Shin and Yoo Kyung are not my favorite characters but they're not bad people and the truth is, FMR's antics have truly screwed up their lives as much as anyone's and I find myself feeling bad for them, mostly because it seems FMR has no remorse at all. Sure, she's a little disappointed to realize everyone but Joo Hyun sees her as a burden, but none of her feelings are strong enough to keep her from messing with everyone's lives. I had to agree with Yoo Kyung when she confronted FMR about her meddling because she was right; FMR had no right to go back in time and ruin everyone's happiness just to secure her own. Of course, not everyone is unhappy in this altered past. Se Joo is perfectly happy to be wooing the heart-broken PMR and Joo Hyun seems to be enjoying FMR's company and apparently, her matchmaking skills. I'm perfectly happy watching Se Joo confess his feelings (again) and the part he played in rescuing PMR while vacationing at Jeju Island but I'm left with a sinking feeling that these few happy moments are fleeting. Now that FMR knows that all her scheming to change the future have been in vain, is she going to try to undo everything she worked so hard to bring about? Would it even work, if she tried? What would be the point anyway? PMR has the chance to live a different life than FMR, the question is, will FMR let her decide which life she wants to live or will she, like always, try to force on PMR whatever she thinks is best? What are your thoughts on this week's episodes? Be sure to share them in the comments below!

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