With Tanya in Thanksgivingland, it’s up to Martina and Zombie to tackle the penultimate week of Marry Him If You Dare! This week there were job offers, elevator time machines, shopping with millionaires, and more leading up to next week’s big finale.

Zombie: So I suppose we ought to start with Se Joo’s big “debut” as the new managing director of YBS. It’s supposed to be some major, surprising announcement but really it was kind of anticlimactic because it felt like the only person who didn’t know Se Joo’s true identity was PMR. Which, sad to say, seems to be the way everything goes for PMR. Why won’t anyone that poor girl in on anything, especially her own life?

Martina: She only finds about about Kim Shin’s death in FMR’s past by accident, and they still haven’t even told her about their son.

Zombie: Poor Mi Rae is going to be so screwed up once she learns the whole truth! She nearly lost it when she found out about Kim Shin, what is she going to do when she learns she has a son, who dies, and a brother who is fighting cancer? She’s going to need some serious therapy!

Martina: I thought it was very telling when FMR asks PMR if she’s happy that FMR came...PMR says yes but she doesn’t sound so convincing. In theory Mi Rae should be happy she’s pursuing a more fulfilling career and not working at the call center anymore, but I couldn’t help but think that sometimes ignorance is bliss. (But then I guess she would eventually experience the misery FMR went through.)

Zombie: I guess that means FMR did do some good by going back in time though I don’t think anyone’s really happy at the moment...except maybe Se Joo. He seems to be the only one unaffected (or at least not heart-broken) by FMR’s meddling; in fact, he seems pretty happy. At least now he has a chance to tell PMR everything he’s always wanted and never had the chance to say. My question is, is all of this time Se Joo’s spending with PMR going to make a difference?

Martina: It does seem to be swaying PMR...she’s even holding hands with him by the end of episode 14! But is it a rebound, or just PMR drifting towards the person who shows her the most kindness? Or is she really starting to reciprocate his feelings?

Zombie: I would like to think her feelings for Se Joo are genuine. After all, they’ve been friends from the very beginning and it’s not unnatural for feelings to develop from friendship and like you said, Se Joo is the only person who’s ever really been nice to PMR. How can you not like the only person who treats you with genuine kindness and respect?

Martina: This brings up a question that’s been in the background throughout the whole drama. In Korea, the title is “Mi Rae’s Choice” or “Future Choice”. What is this referring to? PMR’s choice at the end of the drama? FMR’s choice to travel back in time? PMR’s choice when she decided she wanted to be with Kim Shin and just be conscious of a potential disastrous outcome? Also the American title “Marry Him If You Dare” seemed cute at first, but now that we know marrying Kim Shin could eventually lead to his death, the title is a bit morbid.

Zombie: So this leaves us with two questions...what choice will Mi Rae make and who does she dare to marry? Anyone care to make a guess before next week’s conclusion? Be sure to share it in the comments below!

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