Annyeong Drama Club readers! I missed you last week while I was in a place where the internet is scarce! This week was the last two episodes of Marry Him If You Dare and there were a lot of struggles for our characters.

Joo Hyun was dealing with his cancer while simultaneously hiding FMR from the Mystery Men. Kim Shin and PMR we working hard to avoid each other and move on while Se Joo pressed forward and took on not only his grandmother, but a relationship with PMR. Yoo Kyung seemed to be not so evil and was working towards making herself better, both personality and career-wise. Let’s go through all of it.

Kim Shin decided to leave YBS to join NTN against the warnings of FMR. We all knew he would because that’s just his stubborn personality. Part of me was hoping he would know better. I must say though: good for him. While he wasn’t a very developed character these last two episodes brought him the most growth. He dropped the Vice President of NTN and the station itself to keep true to who he is. I admire that, but what really got me was his willingness to go to Joo Hyun in the hospital and stay with him during surgery.

PMR tried her best to move away from Kim Shin and embrace Se Joo’s feelings. While the relationship seemed forced at times, I think she knew Se Joo truly cared for her. I am proud she stuck with furthering her career until the very end. She wanted to be a career-woman in the beginning and she wouldn’t give up no matter who or what was in her way.

FMR... After realizing that she hadn’t really changed anything for herself, you could see the instant regret in her face. FMR still tried to do the right thing until the very end, even when it meant she could lose her own life. I am glad to know that she found happiness in the end. Speaking of, we finally know who the Mystery Men are and I’m glad they weren’t actually there to harm anyone!

Se Joo is incredibly understanding. He let PMR do the unthinkable, went against his grandmother and left the company. I am relieved to see that he was willing to let PMR go so that they could both discover who they are as individuals. I don’t really feel like he fell victim to second male lead syndrome, which also makes me happy.

Way to go Yoo Kyung! I actually enjoyed her this week. She finally stood up for herself and decided her own path rather than being obsessed with the course of things that have already happened. Seeing her as a successful host at the end gave me warm fuzzies.

I will confess that I am incredibly frustrated with the ending of MHIYD. I mean, what was that?! I think the writers decided since no one was really watching (per ratings) they didn’t need to give us a real ending. We will forever be stuck in limbo and not know what Mi Rae’s real choice was other than being true to herself. I feel sort of cheated by this…. Thumbs down!

How do you feel about the end of Marry Him If You Dare? Did the story go far enough or are you dying to know the details like I am? Let me know in the comments below or strike up a conversation with me on Twitter @Hallyu_Tanya!

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