Welcome to the very last post for Marry Him If You Dare Drama Club! Zombie Mamma, Martina, and I have had a great time going through this show with you over the past eight weeks. Now let's talk about how the show ended.

Zombie: So the end of our time together has finally come. Can you believe it? Though I don’t want to say goodbye, I’m afraid we must. However, before we say our final farewell, we’ve got two more episodes to discuss and I’m sure you both have as much to say about the finale as I do so let’s get to it, shall we?

Martina: So I think I’m in the minority, but I actually didn’t hate the ending. It wasn’t the best ending of all time, but hey, at least it wasn’t Fashion King, amirite?

Tanya: I didn’t so much hate it as I was COMPLETELY underwhelmed by it. It was kind of like they just gave up.

Zombie: Initially I was infuriated by the ending but after taking some time to cool off and think about it a little, I can accept the ending but only because my imagination is creative enough to come up with a plot line that goes beyond what we were given and from that, I can be happy.

Tanya: I just want to know who she was smiling at because they were both there. I wouldn’t need anymore than that.

Zombie: I suppose that’s the only upside of this rather pathetic ending...both sides (Team Se Joo or Team Kim Shin) can choose to believe their man was the one Mi Rae met at the bookstore. Of course for me, I choose to believe it was Se Joo.

Martina: For me, the problem wasn’t leaving the smile open-ended..is was that in general the plot and action during the drama, especially the last few episodes, was too noodley to support an ending like that.

Zombie: Noodley! I love it! And you’re right, the whole story was just wonky from the beginning. It’s like the writers started out with an idea of what they wanted to happen but as the show progressed, they realized the audience wasn’t happy (hello awful 4.1% viewer rating!) so instead of sticking with what they had, they decided to pander to their dwindling audience in the hopes of making them happy. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and it left those of us who stuck it out until the end wondering what happened and why. The show lost focus, the characters lacked development and things got so squirrely by the end the writers just gave up and left a satisfying ending to those of us who cared to make one up on our own.

Tanya: I actually happy with where the characters were going, but we needed more episodes showing that journey though. Leaving it until the last episode, where there was an overwhelming amount of development, seems… lazy?

Martina: I think the plot and story development could have been a bit tighter throughout the drama.

Zombie: I totally agree with you on that one

Tanya: Random question: Who’s baby was it?! It looked like her nephew, but that gives FMR false hopes when she looked into Pandora’s box. Speaking of (plot hole), if FMR didn’t change her future but created another one instead, that box shouldn’t have been there. Just saying.

Martina: I thought it was her nephew! But weirdly named after her alternate-future son who died…? (Also dat plot hole doe.)

Zombie: I’m inclined to believe it’s her nephew but who knows? With the way things ended, it’s really anyone’s guess. And yeah, we won’t even dive into that plot hole...there are so many anyway, we might as well just go with them all.

Martina: So what are everyone’s final thoughts about the drama now that it’s over?

Zombie: To be honest, this isn’t my favorite drama, but it’s not the worst by any means. I enjoyed watching Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa even if their characters were pretty one-dimensional. I’m sad there wasn’t much romance in what was supposed to be a romantic comedy as I think these two would have made a pretty dynamic pair, had they been given the chance. This drama had a lot of potential, unfortunately, it never found a way to reach it. The actors were there, the plot was there, the conflict, the drama, they were all there but somehow they failed to come together as a whole. I really wanted to love this drama but alas, I can’t bring myself to say I do...at best, I give it a solid, “Meh!”

Martina: Overall, this drama was on the mellow side. At the beginning it had more attitude and playfulness but over time it lacked tight plot construction. They could have done more with the time travel elements (especially the henchmen), and I wouldn’t have complained if they played up the romance a little more overall. There wasn’t even a single kiss! Only one back hug. =/ What kept me coming back every week was the actors though. I think this drama was very well cast and they all filled out the roles very well. Special shout-outs to Lee Mi Do as Writer Bae and Oh Jung Se as Joo Hyun who were my favorite of the supporting cast.

Tanya: In the end, I probably could have gone without watching it. I feel like the actors themselves put enough into the show that it was entertaining to see how they grew, not just the characters they were portraying.

Martina: So that’s it from us, your faithful Marry Him If You Dare Drama Club! These past two months have flown by with both Mi Raes, Kim Shin, Se Joo, and the rest of the gang. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching the drama along with us. We’ve certainly enjoying sharing our thoughts every week! Thank you for reading, and let us know your thoughts about the finale in the comments below!

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