Hey Drama Club readers! I’m Tanya and I’ll be taking you through Marry Him If You Dare Episodes 3-4! I’m so excited for this drama that I get impatient waiting for the next week’s episodes to arrive. Does anyone else feel that pain? Just me? Okay, let the fangirling commence!

This week we saw the official arrival of Seo Yoo Kyung and I’m not a fan of the mean girl. We all knew she was going to be when she was doing her damsel-in-distress act at the hospital during the first two episodes, but not in that player-girl kind of way! You can’t have both Kim Shin and Se Joo! It just doesn’t work that way! This is going to be interesting… I did enjoy that Yoo Kyung’s attempts to hit on Se Joo have all pretty much backfired on her though. Way to go Se Joo!

Yoon Eun Hye is doing such a great job a present-day Mi Rae (a.k.a. PMR). This girl cracks me up at pretty much every turn. Poor Se Joo is trying to make her feel better and offers her a vanilla latte. What does she do? Complain it will make her fat! I do like that the writers are letting Mi Rae be a strong-willed woman. She has dreams, she wants them, and she has decided not to let anyone stand in her way including herself in the form of future Mi Rae (FMR). I really hope PMR gets a reality check and sticks with going after Se Joo. I’m just not happy with the feelings she is developing for Kim Shin.

You can already see the sparks of jealousy and possessiveness happening between Kim Shim and Se Joo. We already knew Se Joo had feelings for Mi Rae (skinny-dipping! *cough*) but now Kim Shin is starting to have feelings for her too. There have been two outbursts in the studio already because Kim Shin’s jealousy. He has also been trying to get closer to Mi Rae and this definitely makes me nervous. I love Se Joo’s annoyed looks whenever Kim Shin has a fit though!

Does anyone else have the feeling that even though FMR is actually just up to no good? At first I liked FMR, but as time goes on I am starting to think she’s trying to hurt PMR on purpose. She is constantly threatening to go back to the future, she guilt trips PMR because the trip was dangerous, and she keeps trying to undermine PMR’s job. I understand she’s trying to keep her away from Kim Shin, but Se Joo already likes PMR so why is FMR showing up at the broadcasting station to ruin PMR’s job?!

So what do you think of the episodes this week? Are Seo Kyung’s attempts to get Se Joo going to be successful? Who is going win the battle of wills between Kim Shin and Se Joo? What do you think of FMR? Let me know in the comments below!

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