Annyeonghaseyo drama clubbers! This week we have a lot of questions and crazy theories about the Marry Him If You Dare universe so let’s dive in, shall we?

Mi Rae impersonates the drama clubbers
Mi Rae mimics the MHIYD Drama Club

Zombie: So is anyone else feeling as conflicted as I am about who Mi Rae is supposed to end up with? I don’t think I’ve ever felt this conflicted in a drama...EVER!

Martina: They say there’s a thin line between love and hate so if you marry someone in one version of life, could you really dislike them that much in an alternate version?

Tanya: I have no sympathy for Kim Shin. I think Mi Rae just hurt his pride by liking Se Joo more and his jealousy has more to do with this mysterious time traveler than affection. He didn’t start having the dreams with PMR in the hospital until after mystery man showed up.

Martina: I thought the mystery man seemed to be Future Kim Shin (FKS)… but he looks nothing like him! Maybe it’s a sinister henchman of the future!

Zombie: Maybe FKS is a mob boss! Ha! If this is FKS, why did he decide to brave time travel too? Is he trying to undo everything FMR is changing?

Tanya: Anyone else get the feeling that FMR is not actually there to help? I seriously think that she is just up to no good...

Zombie: It seems to me, the more she meddles, the more problems she’s going to create, especially now that she’s taken on the role of a fortune teller. If she’s not careful she’s going to find that the future she goes back to is nothing like the one she left, and that might not be a good thing.

Tanya: Yes! Her determination to mess with Kim Shin even though Se Joo is already interested in Mi Rae really makes me uneasy and kind of angry actually. I want to know what she isn’t telling us.

Martina: I’m wondering about FMR’s intentions too, but it seems to be misguided strategy rather than actual ill-will. I feel like she could be less heavy-handed with her attempts, especially since we’ve seen that even a small incident can totally switch things up. Maybe the most efficient future-changing technique is to focus on a few key events...

Zombie: Like keeping FMR from getting into that accident? That seems to have been enough to set PMR on a different path. Can’t she just be satisfied with that?

is this really destiny?
Is this really Mi Rae's destiny?

Martina: What struck me as the major change in this week’s episodes is fate coming back into play, to combat FMR’s plans. It seems like the writer is bringing in the element of fate to raise more questions about how much the characters control their lives and how much of life is inevitable.

Zombie: Like are Mi Rae and Kim Shin really destined to be together? Are Se Joo and Yoo Kyung? What if Kim Shin was actually a side path which altered Mi Rae’s destiny? What if the path she’s on now is actually her destiny? *Mind Blown!*

Who's to say this isn't Mi Rae's destiny?

Tanya: What if Se Joo was Mi Rae’s destiny to begin with? Maybe FKS went back to the past previously because he couldn’t get over PMR and FMR went back to set it right when she found out?

Martina: Haha! I like that version!!

What about you? Do you think Se Joo could really be Mi Rae’s destiny? Join our conversation in the comments below…

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