Things are starting to heat up on Marry Him if You Dare! We’re getting to the good stuff this week with lightning and fires and … back massages? Oh my! My theory is that episodes 6-8 in any given drama are the best - the action really gets going once the stage is set in the first few episodes.

We start this week’s time travel-y goodness with Future Mi Rae taking out her animosity towards Kim Shin by predicting that he will have an unceremonious and swift fall from broadcasting, then amount to nothing. Everyone wonders about her actual fortune telling abilities, so to prove herself she shows everyone the lightning storm that topples N Seoul Tower on Namsan.

From this incident and the subway fire ‘prediction’, it strikes me that Future Mi Rae definitely reveals these predictions for her own gain and to establish credibility with our cast of characters. She is too preoccupied with trying to manipulate the future for her own benefit to care who will get hurt in the process. Her single-mindedness to change the future for herself seems almost childish. We’re definitely missing something here to explain the difference in personality between Future and Present Mi Rae. A lot can happen to a person throughout her life, but even her bad marriage and poverty can’t explain the difference between the two Mi Raes.

Meanwhile, Present Mi Rae finds herself drawn to Kim Shin despite Future Mi Rae’s best efforts. She muses out loud about what it would be like if she married him now, since FMR has already changed PMR to be a stronger person, among other changes. Here at the MHIYD Drama Club, we are all Jung Yong Hwa fangirls as you know, so I can’t help but to hope there’s something in those little moments Mi Rae shares with Se Joo.

During all the chaos of the subway fire, the one thing I noticed was that Future Mi Rae seems to be caught off-guard by what a decent person Kim Shin is. He insists throughout the planning for the fire that the team focus first on saving people from the fire, and second on telling the truth to the viewers. Maybe FMR had just forgotten this side of him or never got to see it. Maybe there was some other trigger event that took Kim Shin off the path of being the selfish and horrible person FMR reports, to the very moral and truthful person he showed himself to be during the subway fire. Either way, I still think some important details about time travel are coming soon and we’ll find out more interesting ways that plays into the plot.

Another major plot event that happened this week was Yoo Kyung’s discovery of Se Joo’s true identity. She takes it pretty well (so far), though if earlier episodes are any indication, the girl has a mean side that could come out if things aren’t going her way…

My favorite moment this week: Kim Shin’s sarcastic smile when Mi Rae gestures that he should look happy at the celebratory dinner!

Can’t wait to see what’s to come in this drama. Hope you’re all having a good time following our Drama Club! Join the conversation in the comments below, or at our Twitter handles!

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