Hey Drama Clubbers! Welcome to another weekly wrap-up of Marry Him If You Dare. As usual, we’ve got a lot to say to let’s get to it!

Martina: So what did you guys think of this week’s episodes?

Zombie: I felt like there was a lot of FMR’s meddling messing things up. Why can’t she just leave well enough alone?

Tanya: This is turning into one of those dramas where I just want to shake everyone by the shoulders and scream, “If we could all just tell each other the truth NONE of this would have happened!”

Zombie: Doesn’t that happen in pretty much every drama? Why can’t these people learn to communicate?

Martina: Like how Kim Shin asks PMR if she's dating Se Joo and/or her brother! At this point I think they can come out of the sibling “closet” but it adds some amusing side confusion.

Tanya: The sibling situation is seriously funny, although I don’t get why they keep hiding it. PMR has proven herself now.

Zombie: They could, but then Kim Shin wouldn’t have another reason to be jealous. If he’s not jealous he’s not as likeable...it’s pretty much his only redeeming quality.

Martina: Do you think Kim Shin's righteousness is attractive?

Zombie: His genuine concern for the people that would have died in the subway was unexpected, I’m just not sure I want to call his righteousness attractive.

Tanya: I still think it’s all ego. Maybe his concern was real, but at the same time who really cares why they were there shooting? Someone who is so stubborn always causes problems.

Zombie: Which is why FMR time jumped in the first place, right? However in this present, Kim Shin has already begun to change, so why couldn’t the FMR invoke such a positive change in him the first time around?

Tanya: I have a feeling that the whole missed car accident has a lot to do with the dynamic of the relationship they have now. What I don’t get is why isn’t FMR changing with these changes?

Martina: I think once FMR goes back she'll find that things are different based on the changes she’s helped bring about in the present we're witnessing now. I can't wait to find out more details about how the time travel works in this universe.

Zombie: I just wonder if she’s going to like those changes. If she keeps meddling, things may not end up for the better. Did either of you yell at Se Joo after the fire incident when he DIDN’T run over to Mi Rae? Or was that just me?

Martina: He looked so sad... I wanted to give him a hug. More than usual.

Zombie: He so needed to run over to her and show her just how much he cares, not let Kim Shin and her have a “moment.” That’s the worst advice I ever heard! Just another reason to hate Yoo Kyung! That and she totally ruined Se Joo’s Clark Kent persona when she pulled of his rock star shades to reveal Superman. *Grrr!* She shouldn’t know his weakness, she’ll probably just exploit it.

Tanya: We need to address the most serious issue with this drama: Can we give PMR a makeover already?! Se Joo? Kim Shin? Anyone?

Martina: Haha! Once I saw the curly hair in the wedding photo I despaired a little. If there was any makeover in sight it would be for her wedding.

Zombie: I have a feeling there will be a makeover eventually but it’ll be used in a place where both Se Joo and Kim Shin will be there to witness it and be knocked off their feet by her transformation. I just wonder who is going to step up first when it happens…

What do you think? Is this makeover over long overdue? Let us know in the comments below!

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