Zombie: So this week I finally had to accept the fact that Se Joo is actually the second lead. It nearly killed me to admit it but I no longer see any way around it. Any guy that throws a huge tantrum and says awful things to the heroine inevitably becomes the man she ends up with.

Tanya: I’m not so sure Se Joo’s going to fall victim to Second Lead Syndrome so easily. Maybe stepping out as the successor will actually propel him forward enough to win PMR. I’m pleasantly surprised by Se Joo’s determination. He straight-up told Yoo Kyung that he wasn’t going to give up on PMR. I actually felt bad for her when she was talking to herself and was like, “Help with what?”

Zombie: I don’t think I’ll ever feel bad for Yoo Kyung. I just don’t like her.

Martina: I felt bad for her when she was trying to film the segment about the autumn foliage, and the director wanted to get the shot of her legs instead. But otherwise her scheming is ARGH.

Zombie: Totally! So now that Se Joo has decided to step into his role as successor and face off with Kim Shin directly, he’s been put into a new light; which makes me wonder if maybe things will change for him...in a good way.

Martina: I just hope Se Joo’s decision to assume his leadership role doesn’t turn into a petty personal move to use his position to push Kim Shin out. Especially because Se Joo had previously admired Kim Shin’s work as an anchor and thought Kim Shin should be reinstated to his news program.

Zombie: Se Joo did come off as a little jerky when he was confronting Kim Shin but I think a lot of that had to do with the fact he was overly emotional at the time. Mi Rae really hurt him when she walked out after Se Joo’s confession and I think he took it out on Kim Shin. So what did you think of Se Joo’s challenge to Mi Rae to contemplate why she likes Kim Shin? I liked the fact that he forced her to really think about her feelings.

Martina: When Se Joo asked Mi Rae why she likes Kim Shin, she stuttered through a list of half-hearted reasons/excuses. It sounds like she likes him...well, because she just does- but Se Joo wants more tangible reasons.

Tanya: Maybe she doesn’t know the reason herself… like she isn’t actually sure she likes Kim Shin at all. There’s affection, then there’s actual love. The influence of others does affect a lot of what you feel.

Zombie: I would be one happy fangirl if Mi Rae decided her reasons for liking Kim Shin weren’t enough to warrant pursuing a relationship. Of course we’re left this week with that almost kiss...

Tanya: Anyone else think the timing is totally off for that kiss? “Oh you’re hurt and bleeding! You need a hospital… or I can just kiss you.” What is that?!

Zombie: I’m pretty sure that kiss won’t actually happen. Like you said, the timing is all wrong. She’s hurt and they’re in the middle of shooting the Korean version of “Ghost Hunters” so I’m not holding my breath for that kiss to actually hit its mark…

Martina: I dunno, he looks pretty serious, ladies...We’ll have to wait until next week to see!

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