Welcome back Drama Club readers! This week’s episodes of Marry Him If You Dare covered a lot of ground between confessions, backstabbing, lack of manners, and flashbacks. Let’s see how much we can fit in!

There was definitely a confession theme this week. Did anyone else notice? FMR confesses to both her brother and Se Joo that she’s from the future, although neither really believes her. At least she tried… Joo Hyun finally takes the initiative and tells Kim Shin, and affectively everyone else, that he is Mi Rae’s brother. The last confession took place when Kim Shin finally learns who Se Joo is after Se Joo sets up the restaurant scene for him to see.

Honestly, I’m happy so many cats are out of their bags! I keep saying that if the characters would just communicate, they wouldn’t have half the problems that come up. So much could be avoided… although we may not have much of a drama left after that!

I was upset that PMR’s debut was ruined by Producer Lee for his own selfish reasons. I’m not really a fan of his character, so when Se Joo confronted him I was happy. I also admire Joo Hyun and Kim Shin for being upset over the situation, although both show restraint for various reasons. Kim Shin does take it upon himself to give the piece PMR’s original ending, much to Producer Lee’s dismay, but it gives PMR hope. Pandora’s Box theme… it all fits!

Yoo Kyung has become a complex character. Occasionally I feel bad for her then other times I want to wring her neck. I have to wonder though: Did anyone take the time to teach this girl manners? She went to FMR’s journal then has the audacity to give her attitude about it when she should have been apologetic.

I’m proud of PMR for taking that little bit of hope after her debut was ruined and turning it into fuel for her next project. She worked hard to with her research and found a way in. Even with Joo Hyun’s original objections she got approval, so I can’t wait to see where this goes.

FMR is visibly shaken after her confrontation with Yoo Kyung over the journal. After the long wait, we finally get to see some of flashbacks from her past. It was kind of nice to see Kim Shim and Mi Rae happy, although we clearly know it doesn’t last… Part of me wonders if FMR regrets her decision to go back and try to change the past. She seems to be developing more and more of a conscience with every episode.

I have to talk about the Mystery Man. We’ve seen glimpses of him in past episodes and we know he’s following FMR and tracking her movements. Although we don’t know who he is, or what his exact purpose will be in the end, he actually is quite funny. He’s easily spooked by people of the past, including Yoo Kyung. I spent at least ten minutes laughing at the scene where she chases him after noticing he’s following FMR… HE. THREW. LEAVES. AT. HER. How is that possibly affective?!

What did you think was the best part of this week’s episodes? Was the chase really as funny as I think it is? Let me know in the comments below!

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