Annyeonghaseyo drama clubbers! It’s time for another Marry Him If You Dare chat as this week, pivotal plot points start to unravel themselves and some of the true themes of the drama begin to shine through.

Zombie: So is anyone else starting to think this show is more about finding yourself than anything else? FMR is starting to see who she really is. PMR is beginning to see her worth as well as her potential. Se Joo is boldly stepping into his role as heir to the company, therefore becoming a serious threat to Kim Shin, who seems to be the only person not trying to find himself.

Tanya: I like the duality of this drama because it shows in-depth character development between the two Mi Rae’s. While PMR is stepping into her own, FMR is finally seeing who she really is and could have been. I also think FMR is starting to second-guess her choice to change the past.

Zombie: Oh, I think she’s totally regretting her decision to go back. I think she’s finally starting to see just how much damage she’s caused and it’s so painfully obvious she’s still completely in love with Kim Shin.

Martina: We’re finally seeing more flashbacks of FMR’s past, including a tease of an apparently pivotal moment when Kim Shin and Mi Rae see something in the distance, and Kim Shin runs off but Mi Rae collapses on the spot. Wonder what that’s all about...perhaps the mysterious death that’s been hinted at. Did anyone else get miscarriage vibes…?

Zombie: I’ve wondered about that. It’s totally possible but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The flashbacks are giving us a glimpse of what life was like for PMR and it’s obvious it’s not all happy. From this week’s flashbacks alone, I can see why FMR decided to go back in time and try to change her fate. Sometimes life is awfully painful so if you’ve got a way to change it, why not try?

Tanya: There’s definitely way more to the story. I hope they keep giving us more of these flashbacks so we can completely understand FMR’s decisions. Did anyone feel bad for Kim Shin this week?

Zombie: I felt bad for him when he asked FMR why she was so intent on destroying him. He looked genuinely hurt and slightly pathetic then and for a brief moment I felt for him.

Martina: Kim Shin feels like everyone is against him in some way or another and I worry that this situation will drive him to the same, or possibly worse, outcome that FMR fears and is actively working against.

Zombie: That’s what I’m afraid of! For the past couple of episodes it’s seemed like everything FMR’s doing to try to change the future is only pushing this altered present toward the exact same screwed up future. This week’s episodes only augmented my fears because everything is starting to set itself up for the same, or even worse, outcome.

Tanya: Part of me wonders if it really is just his destiny to fail. Even in FMR’s past he failed all on his own. I don’t know if FMR is really to blame even though she sped it up this time around.

Zombie: Is it any wonder Kim Shin failed the first time when everyone at the station is just waiting for it to happen? FMR’s prediction came as no surprise to anyone at the station because it’s obvious to everyone Kim Shin’s unwillingness to change or bend is the reason he fails.

Martina: The Pandora’s Box ‘hope moment’ of this episode is when PMR tells Kim Shin to become braver. Even in the face of a setback in her career, she’s glad that she took the initiative to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer, and she wants him to do the same - to act on what he wants.

Zombie: Again, this show is challenging each of the characters and I think us as well, to step into our lives; to stop doing what everyone around us thinks we ought to do and start living the life we want to live. We all have the power to change our stars, we just have to have the courage to step up and make it happen.

So what do you think of the themes that are emerging in the series? Do you think Kim Shin will step up to PMR's challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

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