Rating: 10/10 In-a-sentence: Hug, bed, kiss, kiss! Review: Clearly, episode 10 is bad for the heart. It makes the heart beat so much faster than it should be! With the MASSIVE development between Naoki and Kotoko's relationship, I would like to point out Rosie's point once again, that the little things add up for the perfection of the episode. Rosie's points: (1) Little brother gets to act, (2) Parents get to overact, (3) Yuko gets only 30 seconds of screen-time, (4) Kotoko’s friends are actually useful, (5) Kin-chan gets to be amazing, save the day, AND (6)  be mature enough to tell Naoki a thing or two about life. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! Especially that last one, Kin-chan telling Naoki to be a better man, I was like 'Ow, yeah! Go, Kin-chan!' when he started lecturing Naoki.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 4.20.03 PM

Therefore, I shall list out the big points (cause if I don't I'll be all over the place spazzing out of control). And just a little side note: all these are initiated by Naoki ;D 1. The hug! I was ready for the kiss, but clearly I wasn't for the hug.  I thought it was awkward for the first seconds, when Naoki was holding Kotoko's head from behind, but then this happened:

Awww, afterwards it was just beautiful. Kotoko's been trying to do her best, forcing herself to be calm, despite her usually bubbly personality. It was so sweet when she lost it and hugged Naoki back and blurted out how scared she was. And Naoki hugged her back. THE FEELS.

2. Bed

And if that wasn't enough, Naoki invited Kotoko to his place. Her reaction: priceless. Like Rosie said, they reflect the viewer's feeling out loud.

I reckon the towel thing was a bit too much, but hey it's a manga-adaptation afterall, so no complaint there.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 4.32.09 PM

After taking a shower in Naoki's bathroom, using Naoki's soap (yes, it just had to be a bar soap and not liquid), smelling Naoki's towel, wearing Naoki's clothes, Kotoko is now ready to sleep.... in Naoki's bed.... with Naoki.

Was it weird that I enjoyed the little quarrel before Naoki finally decided to sleep on the bed together with Kotoko? LOL. How Kotoko's imagination went wild was also super fun to watch.


Naoki then went on and actually had a conversation with Kotoko. He's softening up! Kotoko being Kotoko, listened and responded, before then dozing off...

3. Dream kiss!

As I mentioned before, this episode is bad for the heart as once again I was jilted with the rooftop kiss. I didn't know that there were going to be two kisses in a row!

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 4.51.38 PM4. Real kiss ♡

I love how the scene is shot in Yuki's flashback point of view, the end result gives off a very dreamy, soothing, romantic feel.

At this point, all my fangirling urge had been unleashed. SQUEAL here, SQUEAL there, SQUEAL everywhere.

Fun fact:

The nurse was played by Sato Aiko, the actress who played Kotoko in the 1996 adaptation. Thanks to those people with very good eyesight, the nurse's name tag reads 入江蓝子, or Irie Kotoko. Awesome, eh?

Honestly, I don't think this episode could be better. Now I'm wondering what the producers have in mind for the coming episodes that would top this.. Hmm..

So, how was it guys? How many times did you go 'awww'? How many times did you press replay?

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