Wow this episode was so great that after I finished it, I was pretty much speechless.  I thought I would have tons to say, but for a while there I really had no words to describe how much I loved this episode!! inke10 But you know, my post comes a bit late this week so by now all of my thoughts about episode 10 have been growing inside of me!  Let's just take a moment and think about what this episode made me do..
  • I screencapped the crap out of this episode.
  • While watching this episode I was either silent or weirdly giggling/cackling at the screen.
  • I went around reading every single blog post I could find about the episode, just so I could comment about how amazing it was.
  • I instantly searched for the GLORIOUS gif's of all of the swoony moments!  (Cherry found so many good gif's!)
inke10.4 First thing's first, even though Irie-mama was barely there in this episode, I must pay tribute to her!  I totally cracked up when she and the 2 dads were trying to hitch hike back to Tokyo.  And I am so satisfied that Kotoko & Naoki don't even need Irie-mama's help or meddling to get together!  They actually had more progress when Irie-mama was away!  No matter how much Naoki detests how his mom has predicted his fate, he is already fulfilling it even when she's not meddling!  BWAHAHA! I also love the close friendship that Kotoko has with her girlfriends and Kin.  How many of us have friends that are willing to go to such lengths?  They run around at night, desperately searching for Naoki even though they don't really care about him...they do it for Kotoko because they know the Irie family really matters to her.  I'm not gonna talk much about Kin's touching scene, but all I will say is FISTPUMP FOR KIN! There is no shortage of swoony beautiful sweet scenes in this episode.  Yes, all of my disappointment over episode 9 has been swept away!  It is hard to narrow it down to a favorite scene, but I have to say...the hugging scene was the sweetest thing ever.  Kotoko & Naoki's BED SCENE & heart-to-heart talk was cute and all but...omg the hug scene was so AOJGWSOGJSOLGJSEOAJG.  HOW DO I DESCRIBE IT?  Some people think it's a bit awkward (CHERRY) but I thought it was SO SO GOOD.  All Naoki had to say is "ARIGATOU, KOTOKO" and I was in love with the hugging scene. ^GAZE AT YOUR BELOVED KOTOKO, NAOKI! I think the most major development in this episode is that we finally have proof that Naoki is completely aware of his feelings for Kotoko.  This guy knows he is doomed to be in love with her forever.  I mean, even though he oh so casually goes 'wanna come to my place?' we all know he wants her to be the very first person to his apartment.  And when he oh so chivalrously sleeps on the rug, I bet he had already calculated things out so that he expected Kotoko to let him share the bed with her.  OHOHOHO. And maybe I'm reading too much into this but..when Naoki says that he doesn't want to do anything to Kotoko because then that will make things go the way his mom wants................does that mean if Irie-mama wasn't a hardcore Naoki x Kotoko shipper, that Naoki WOULD'VE MADE THE MOVE!?!?!?  DOES IT!?!??!

^Yup Yuki, Kotoko isn't just the love of Naoki's life, she's also your FUTURE SISTER-IN-LAW.  AHAHAHA.

The dream-kiss scene is only a dream, but I think it reflects the way things are in Kotoko and Naoki's relationship.  Ironically, Kotoko is the one oblivious to Naoki's feelings!!!!!!!  Naoki already knows he likes her, but he really needs to spell it out "I-LOVE-YOU!  SUKI!"  for Kotoko to get it.   Otherwise Kotoko will always be stuck thinking that Naoki is just playing around with her and that he doesn't like her at all.  *sigh* Anyways I have always been anticipating the second kiss and the wait was SO WORTH IT!  Cherry & Rosie already took the words right out of my mouth, it is so dreamy and beautifully filmed, and Naoki's "SHH" gesture to Yuki is gold.  When I saw this kiss, it was like I didn't even know what to do with it, HAHA.  I was just sitting there gawking just like Yuki was.  It was too much for me to handle, my heart! mk11pr So, when will Naoki finally tell Kotoko he likes her?  How will he resolve his conflict between following his mom's wishes, and following his heart, even when both of them involve Kotoko?? At first I agreed with how Cherry described this episode..."bad for the heart"....but now I can only think that this episode was like medicine or something, it made me feel so much better and happier inside!  Ok that was cheesy but it's true. ;)  And if this episode wasn't enough for your heart, here's a little something for you...a very swoony preview still for episode 11!!!! Previous Mischievous Kiss Drama Club posts! Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: