InK10-18 Another week has ended, another episode is gone – I sit over my morning coffee and wonder, just what will I do once this drama has aired? Besides become the biggest bum and mope about the house until I give up and start re-watching Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo.  I’d try the other versions of it, but if they don’t have Naoki like I like Naoki, I’ll be forever heartbroken.  Will anyone ever look quite as good in the morning than him drinking Kotoko’s lovingly-made coffee? I think not. InK10-26 I love how Heisui pointed out just how much progress Naoki and Kotoko made without the ever persistent mom.  Naoki really revealed his aims to grow and mature on his own, so it’s fitting that in this mostly parent-less episode he would become more and more transparent in his feelings for Kotoko. I'm actually dreading the next episode a little though – after the dream sequences (both the dream dream, and ‘this is the best episode dream come true’ dream), Naoki and Kotoko are going to have to face the parents soon enough.  Irie-mama is going to be ecstatic and will need some calming (just like all the rest of us), and dads are going to need to be reassured. InK10-19 Isn’t this just a perfect still of each character’s personalities? Mama’s in happy land. Irie-dad doesn’t know what he should be feeling. Kotoko’s dad is just stunned into silence. I personally want to see a heart-to-heart talk between Kotoko’s dad and Naoki though, seeing as how he has been hesitant over the past few episodes because of the presumed lack of interest Naoki has in Kotoko. MK9-7 Now that this is proving to be untrue, wouldn’t it be cool to see them sit down?  If there’s anything I like about the parents (other than the mom’s craziness – which for sure is never to be missed), it’s now Kotoko’s dad plays a stable role and father figure even in the midst of chaos.  Some of this drama’s best non-squee-worthy scenes are those lovely little sit downs in the restaurant between father and daughter. It just makes my day that they have such a close understanding relationship. -- Of course, it also makes my day knowing that this drama even exists. Over to the top sometimes, yes, and I’ve done so many mental facepalms in the last 10 hours – but when it comes down to it, it doesn’t even matter anymore. In answer to Cherry’s question, how many times did I “awww” this episode? I lost count.  I also lost my breath more times than I can tell.  *checks pulse* Yup. Still breathing. InK10-6 Even this scene with Kin-chan impressed me by its elegance. Naoki’s heartfelt gratitude was even too much for me.  From the guy who never feels pressured to say anything nice, towards his technical rival in love (at least as far as Kin is concerned).  As Heisui declared: “FISTPUMP FOR KIN”! I agree. He was fabulous and loyal, did his part and didn’t act overly arrogant about it. For the first time, Kin and Naoki shared a scene and they felt like equals.  Here’s hoping they can be best buds by the end of the show. (And if not, oh well – I still like them both.) Readers, we’ll see you next episode!   More Mischievous Kiss posts! Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: