Rating: 9/10 In-a-sentence: Kotoko chose friendship over love! Review: Despite being the lame person who hasn't watched any other adaptations of Mischievous Kiss, thus having no idea on what's going to happen next, I find this particular episode highly predictable. From the moment Jinko and Satomi had their dates on Christmas Eve, it was inevitable that Kotoko would be spending the night alone,  giving Kin-chan a chance to plan something up his sleeves. Then, when their dates cancelled they made a pact with Kotoko, forcing Kotoko to let go of her chance going to a party with Naoki. However, I feel like we have to thank Jinko and Satomi that they cancelled the girls' night. Afterall, that's what made Naoki and Kotoko's dinner date possible. *smirk* Up to this point, it's crystal clear that Naoki obviously has feelings for Kotoko. Hint: he took Kotoko's suggestion on being a doctor seriously! Therefore, I'm not going to dwell on that, instead I'll talk about how mature Kotoko has become. While it's true that she handled Yuki's case quite well last episode, I respect her more here. We all know how she would do anything to be at Naoki's side. Yes, that includes going to the cafe where he works and just sit there ordering water and coffee. I was surprised when she tried to hold her feelings back and decided not to go to the party with Naoki because she already made plans with Jinko and Satomi. Irie-mama has given hints on how you can't trust your girlfriends and as always, she's right. Naoki made his point too by teasing Kotoko on how fun it would be if she could come to the party. LOL. I'm pretty sure I'm a masochist which is why I enjoyed so much the scenes where Naoki teased Kotoko.

Though Jinko and Satomi's reasons for cancelling are somewhat excusable, I still felt that it was so unfair to Kotoko! Especially when she realized that there's no food in the house and made instant noodles for dinner on Christmas Eve. That was just... sad. I respect Kotoko even more seeing how she didn't complain at all. She also made her stand by not going to the party and decided to enjoy her Christmas alone, with cup noodles... While the long-awaited dance scene was unfortunately Kotoko's imagination, I like their dinner much much much more! It was beyond sweet how Naoki went home, bought Kotoko dinner AND cake the moment he knew Kotoko's home alone. Mischievous_Kiss_11_c Mischievous_Kiss_11_a Sure, he made excuses but we know his real intentions. Excuse me while I point out how much I enjoy Naoki's lame excuses. I don't think even Kotoko will believe those excuses. 5 6 That brings us to the end of the episode, by far the saddest one! :( 7 Did your heart break when you saw Kin-chan at the window?? My heart surely did. It wasn't a sudden shatter, but rather it cracked bit by bit from the moment he said to his colleague that he needed to stay behind to do something i.e. make dinner for Kotoko. Then, he went on and even put on a Santa costume to surprise Kotoko. Each time he did that bit by bit my heart cracked a bit and finally broke into pieces when I saw that look of surprise on his face... How did everyone think about this episode? Were you irked at how Jinko and Satomi literally 'ditched' Kotoko at the last minute? What would you do if you were Kotoko? And finally, do you think it's time for Kin-chan to move on? The preview for episode 12 looks so intense with all the fighting and Naoki storming out of the house. Can't wait to see what's going to happen!   More Mischievous Kiss posts! Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: