This episode wasn't as jam-packed with spazzy scenes like episode 10.  Again, it feels like we're taking a bit of a breather with a slower pace and less story development.  But thankfully we are not taking a step backwards this time, so I'm pretty satisfied! This episode is a mixture of melancholy, loneliness, and warm fuzzies.  It is so sweet of Kotoko to prioritize her friends over her love.  Even though she clearly wants to go to the Irie's party with Naoki, she holds back because she keeps true to her promise.  I think that even if she hadn't bound herself by a promise, she still would've thought about Jinko & Satomi's feelings.  No matter how much Kotoko loves Naoki, she is not the kind of person who neglects her friends to prioritize her romance.

^This would be my expression if it happened to me.

Jinko & Satomi though, are a whole different story.  In response to Cherry's question (Were you irked at how Jinko and Satomi literally 'ditched' Kotoko at the last minute? What would you do if you were Kotoko?), YES I was extremely irked by Jinko & Satomi when they ditched Kotoko last minute. Not to get all personal here but omg, it's even worse when it is completely last minute, like, when they do it the DAY OF the get-together!  SO MUCH FOR FRIENDSHIP. (Oh I'm so not bitter :P )  I would've reacted the way Kotoko did...I would feel sad and a bit angry, but I wouldn't let Jinko & Satomi let on to it.  I would happily tell them to have fun, but then afterwards I would eat top ramen alone in my room while sadly watching TV.  *overly dramatic* FOREVER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm not thankful that Jinko & Satomi ditched Kotoko--even if they let her spend a precious Christmas Eve with Naoki, they still made her feel lonely and sad. But I've got to hand it to Kotoko because she is still cute and self-motivated even when she is sad. I totally lost it when she whipped out her TENNIS RACKET to fend off the supposed intruder. AHAHAHAHA. Kotoko just cracks me up! I SHOULD'VE KNOWN THAT THIS SCENE WAS GOING TO BE ANOTHER ONE OF KOTOKO'S FANTASIES! Darn it, I was so looking forward to a Prince Naoki & Princess Kotoko dancing at a ball!! Aside from the fantasy disappointment, I'm also disappointed that we didn't get to see Naoki at the actual Christmas party. I want to see a glimpse of the Irie family when they are in the business setting.  I mean, even though they are all very down-to-earth, they must have a reputation and they probably act a bit differently in public, eh? Naoki does way less talking than he did in episode 10 (episode 10 was like an anomaly for Naoki, he was talking  A LOT).  The thing is that he doesn't even need to talk to get his feelings across, all he has to do is lovingly gaze at Kotoko while she's not looking, cast a concerned glance her way, and smirk while openly teasing her, and we all know that HE! LOVES! HER! And I agree with Cherry, that it just makes it even better when Naoki tries to make his 'lame excuses' which even Kotoko knows aren't true. EHEHEHE. Last but not least, I also felt really bad for dear Kin-chan. The scene he witnesses is so romantic and intimate that I'm sure Kin must've realized that things could get heated verrrrry quickly. Ok or maybe it was just me thinking that. But really, I don't get why this did not cross Kotoko's mind even once.  I mean, it is on Christmas Eve, they are in a dark room that is lit by candles and Christmas lights,  Christmas music is playing in the background, and THEY'RE ALONE IN THE HOUSE!!!! That is super romantic and I was surprised Naoki didn't kiss Kotoko!! Anyways I do think it is time for Kin to move on and find a new love interest. The poor guy deserves better than this! (not to say that Kotoko isn't worth his love or anything, I just mean that he deserves someone who loves him back) He is so thoughtful and considerate, there is no way he can end up alone. I feel especially bad for Kin the moment he sees Kotoko & Naoki together because I think that's when he realizes that he is a step too far behind Naoki. He has remained positive about his unrequited feelings for Kotoko, but what will happen if he begins to doubt himself? inke11.7 The main thing that excites me about the preview for episode 12 is that it shows Irie-mama SLAPPING Naoki and Irie-papa collapsed on the floor!! OMG!!!!  What in the world happened to make Irie-mama SLAP NAOKI? Did he speak badly towards his dad!?!?!? I hope that the next episode won't be too dramatic, but I'm all in for some family drama at this point. More Mischievous Kiss posts! Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: