I was too fixated on my anger towards Jinko and Satomi that I didn't realize that this episode is pretty much plot-less until Heisui and Rosie mentioned it. Way to go, Cherry! Nevertheless, it was still enjoyable. Looks like we're getting less lovey-dovey next episode and more family drama, so might as well enjoy it while we can. While I'm at it, I'm going to go ahead and list the funny moments. 1. Expressions Out of all the over-the-top comedy dramas that I've watched, Mischievous Kiss steals one of the top spots for out of this world expressions. It's been spread all over the series up to now and I'm delighted that they're still keeping it up. Here they are: Jinko, Satomi, and Kin-chan! 2. Bashful Kotoko :O When Jinko and Satomi's boyfriends decided to cancel on them, Kotoko shouted out their feelings saying: Then quickly afterwards realized that they're not 'exactly' on the same boat: Oh, Kotoko. You will, you will, we can see it coming. 3. Christmas and Japanese food Kin-chan hoping that the Aihara restaurant will be not fully packed on Christmas Eve: 'Isn't Christmas Eve a Christian holiday? Would you eat Japanese food on such occasion?' LOL. On Rosie's question, I didn't particularly find Christmas in June odd, partly because I'm ignorant partly because we kinda have it here, since June is winter. I do agree with how they managed to make this Christmas meaningful, seeing the characters mature while not forgetting the little details of Christmas. 4. Stalking 101 - Find where your love target works - Book a full course menu on Christmas Eve, but remember to come alone - When you're there, drink your water as fast as  you can so you have the ultimate excuse to talk to your crush while she fills your water Tips: If you're tight on budget, you can always go there in the afternoon and simply order coffee and water. Much easier on the wallet, eh? 5. Naoki the sloth Did anyone else notice his reaction when he was struck by a tennis racket? I didn't. Cause there was none! Or was there a super slow reaction that I missed? You know, maybe his reaction towards pain is as slow as the speed he moves. Now I'm slowly grasping this sloth concept, who Rosie brilliantly introduced. Kotoko then apologized and continued to admire Naoki, which also sums up all of our feelings, don't you think? 6. Making a wish with a Christmas cake?! Kotoko's wrong image of making a wish on the Christmas cake was coldly corrected by Naoki: 'Isn't that for birthday cakes?' In the end, he still let Kotoko blew out the candles and made a wish. AWWW. That brings me to the end of episode 11. BUT WAIT. Considering how much I love Kotoko's fantasies and seeing Naoki in a suit, here you go guys! All credits linked. So how was it guys? Is there any other moment that you find funny? As always, looking forward for the next episode? I'm particularly keen on that slapping scene. Whoops, don't mind me. More Mischievous Kiss posts! Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: