inke12 This is yet another slow and slice-of-life-ish episode from Itazura na Kiss.  Whether you like it or not will probably boil down to whether you are a fan of Kin, like slice-of-life/soul searching stories, or relate to Kotoko's situation.  I like all three of these aspects of episode 12 so I rather enjoyed it.  (although I do think that the pacing is still a bit off in some parts) Actually I was really hoping for a super spazzy episode to boost my spirits but......interestingly enough, episode 12 really suits my current mood.  I guess it was perfect for me because I am feeling kinda blue like Kotoko. inke12.1 All throughout this episode, I just wanted to give Kotoko a big hug and tell her that it's gonna be ok.  Kotoko realizes that her friends Jinko, Satomi, Kin, and even Naoki are all finding what they want to do with their lives...whereas she hasn't found her passion yet.   Of course she is happy for her friends but at the same time she is sad because she is not moving forward the way Jinko & Satomi are.  Props to Miki Honoka for her acting here because I could really see the mixture of loneliness and sadness in Kotoko's smile.  I like how the drama is taking some time to slow down and show the less-pleasant side of Kotoko's school life.  Normally we see only her moping over Naoki while her school-issues are totally excluded.  Episode 12 shows that Naoki is not the only thing on Kotoko's mind, she is still seriously thinking about her future and what she wants to do with her life. Does anyone else relate to Kotoko's struggles and if so do you think it made Kotoko into more of a fleshed out character? inke12.2 Naoki is quite lackluster in this episode.  Even though he has a dramatic scene with his parents, decides to become a doctor, and has another heart-to-heart talk with Kotoko while going on a late-night-walk.......everything just felt blah.  Is it because there is not much romantic tension in this episode?  Is it because he has very few scenes this time?  Is it because I don't like how Naoki let Kotoko walk home alone late at night?  I can't quite put my finger on it but this might be the reason........ inke12.4 KIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Kin totally stole the spotlight for the nth time!  It is no surprise but this time it is even better than before!  Kin is now jealous and broody and sad because he realizes that Kotoko is out of his reach for good.  :'(  My favorite scene is when Kotoko confides in Kin about her worries over the future, and then Kin gives her advice about what it is like to find one's passion.  Kotoko dreams out loud about how she would follow her lover (*cough* NAOKI *cough*) in his career, thus effectively breaking Kin's heart and trampling over the pieces a few times in a row.  Every single look on Kin's face is so heartbreaking and perfect.  The best part is when, after he looks all sad and conflicted over his feelings for Kotoko, he casts one final glance at Kotoko that is still just as full of love and adoration as always.  No words need to be said here, we can all see that Kin knows he cannot get over his feelings for Kotoko because he loves her too much.  AUGH I JUST WANT KIN TO HAVE A HAPPY ENDING ALREADY! inke12.3 Ummm.......was I the only one laughing when Irie-papa collapsed!?!?  O___O  I felt really bad for laughing during this scene because it was supposed to be a serious matter but.......I was already chuckling when Irie-mama was sobbing and berating herself for slapping Naoki.  And then when the funny music started up and Irie-papa goes all last minute "mama...I have something to tell you.." I started laughing full on.  >__>"   For the record, I hope Irie-papa is ok and I think it is high time that Naoki is challenged to take on the responsibility of his dad's company.  I know this kind of plot is kinda contrived but I think it is kinda awesome seeing Naoki in a suit in the previews, AHAHA.  Anyways, are you looking forward to this 'plot twist'?  Do you think it would be a good change of pace for the drama? Also, here's another thing that just crossed my mind.....if you could choose a theme song for Mischievous Kiss what would it be and why?  I would choose "Flavor of Life (Ballad Version) by Utada Hikaru because the lyrics are very bittersweet and it is about two people who are stuck between being friends and lovers. I know you want to read more Mischievous Kiss posts, I know you do. ;) Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: