inke12.1.6 So it seems like so far the resounding cry of the MK fans has been "WHERE IS NAOKI!?!?!"  Bwahahahaha you guys have proved that you cannot be away from Naoki for too long either. :P  Well if episode 12 has disappointed you, don't worry, the following video will take all of your disappointment away... OMG, Furukawa Yuki answered fan questions in English for Drama Fever!  I have to say, I actually enjoyed Furukawa Yuki's Q&A video even more than episode 12 itself! O_O" [youtube=] inke12.6 *Ahem* Anyways, back on topic..I too am sad that there are not many Naoki x Kotoko interactions in this episode, but it had to happen eventually.  The whole world does not revolve around Naoki & Kotoko's romance and not everything is gonna fall into place so easily.  I tend to like these bits about Kotoko & Naoki's studies and their future careers because it shows that romance is not everything in the drama.  Sure it is a romance drama but that is not all there is to the story.  Naoki and Kotoko will grow up eventually and this part of the story is necessary for their character development. inke12.5 I totally agree with Rosie, this is definitely Kotoko's episode.  Some commenters said that they didn't like how Kotoko's dream jobs all pertain to serving Naoki....but I think that is kind of the point here.  Up until now Kotoko has been content with her fantasy of marrying Naoki and being by his side.  But now she is realizing that that is not enough, and that she still needs her own path apart from Naoki too.   Although she believes she will be the most happiest as Naoki's wife, she is also in the process of searching for a career that will make her happy.  One of the commenters, Zombiemama, pointed out that the thing that matters most is that Kotoko finds something she loves doing.  And I wholeheartedly agree. inke12.7 This is random, but Yuko totally blew it when she asked Naoki in an incredulous tone why he is studying medical stuff.  I don't think she would've sounded this way if she knew Naoki was thinking of being a doctor, but her initial reaction shows that she isn't very open to the idea at first.  Heh what is Yuko gonna do when Naoki transfers out of her department? And in response to Rosie, I don't really care about Yuko's little sis entering the battlefield (<LOL am I being overly dramatic much?) because I don't think she's much of a threat to Kotoko.  On the other hand, I'm much more worried about Naoki's potential fiancee!! inke12.8 Am I even in a positive mood for episode 13 coming up?  Not really.  After having two slow episodes in a row, I feel like we are only inching forward.  I hope that episode 13 can pick up the pace with some more suspense while still keeping things dark and serious.  I guess part of the problem with these slower episodes is that the drama is really good at making spazzy shippy episodes, but not so good at making the serious episodes interesting.   Hopefully Kotoko will not be hurt really badly in episode 13 but..I have a feeling it will be a doozy.  >_> Unfortunately Cherry is not here for her review of Itazura this week so this will be our closing post for the week.  :'(  I miss you Cherry! Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: