One of the reasons I keep watching Japanese dramas is the length of the series. They usually end at the 10th or 11th episode. With Mischievous Kiss ending at episode 16, I was expecting quite a draggy and possible boring episodes in the middle. Up to now, yes there were unnecessary episodes like the bad luck charm one and strange ones like last week, but I’m still enjoying it so far. So, that’s a good sign. Episode 13 welcomed viewers with the comeback of Jinko-Satomi choir which I dislike, voicing out the plot. Naoki's dad's health isn't good, what will happen to the company? After watching episode 12 and 13 back-to-back (yes I had no access to a computer for the last week, thus missed out the 12th episode), I am now, like Rosie, a bit confused and having mixed feelings. As Rosie has started with a positive outlook, I shall now fuss on the things that annoy me. Mostly are the impossible plot twists typical of a manga, it's probably to do with my mood but oh well, here we go.
  • Naoki taking over the company in one night. No matter how genius you are, don’t you at least need experience to be able to run a company? Studying for a test and running a company are very different things, you know.
  • Kotoko skipping school for Naoki's sake. I can understand her love for Naoki by trying to make food, edible food I should mention. But skipping school for that? Really?
  • Kotoko's horrible stalking skill but precise timing. Right when she arrives at the scene, Yuko starts talking. Whoa, whoa.
  • Dumb Yuko and her expressions. Rosie has pointed out her last trick to win Naoki's heart, which failed. Another thing that failed was her expressions. WIth all those efforts and hope now crushed, I expected something a bit more from Yuko. Not to the point of crying as it wouldn't suit her personality, but at least show some emotions, girl?!
Now, back to the fun parts. Winning point of the episode is definitely the married couple feel I got from Kotoko and Naoki. From Kotoko making dinner for the Irie brothers, asking Naoki whether he wants coffee, fixing his tie, bringing him his bag, which he snatched away, LOL. All those little things, I found them adorable.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.09.34 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.15.46 PM

Of course, not forgetting the mispelled love bento. Oh, Kotoko. Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.14.50 PM   Too bad another rival is coming next week. If Rosie didn't mention her as the THIRD rival, I would've thought it's the second, as Yuko's sister was so trivial and UBER unnecessary. She's there and she's gone, poof. I seriously don't get the significance of her character. I know I shouldn't be rooting for Kotoko's misery but I'm pretty excited to see how the next girl will impact Kotoko and Naoki's relationship. Plus, this is a rival on a whole new level! The long awaited omiai (marriage meeting) partner of Naoki will not only support the company, but might possibly steal Naoki's heart. What's with Naoki being so flirty, kind, and smiling A LOT, and being not-Naoki all of a sudden? I personally love this omiai love twist kind of plot, so I'm hoping the rivalry wouldn't be wasted like Yuko's sister's case. What do you think? Will the rivalry spice things up? Or have you had enough of this rivalry take and just want to see Kotoko and Naoki be together already? Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: