inke13 Well I admit that this episode is not all that realistic, but really, how many of us are watching for the realism here?  O_O  I too have gripes about how Naoki magically studied his dad's company and then became the president overnight, how Yuko stupidly attempted to kiss Naoki after being rejected, how Kotoko still thinks she and Naoki are not progressing, etc. etc. inke13.4 But........can I really deny myself of the wonderful shots of Naoki, intensely studying and working at his dad's company?  I think not!  *W*  Anyways I do like Rosie's point about how it is better for the drama to give Naoki some obstacles rather than giving him a one-way path to becoming a doctor.  Of course we all want to hear the encouraging message that we can be whatever we want to be in life, but reality says otherwise.  I think Kotoko does not fully understand this yet, as she is so fixated on how Naoki's dream of being a doctor is being crushed.  It's sweet when she tries to support Naoki by cooking for him, giving him a BACK HUG, etc. but whenever she almost-tearfully goes, "What about your dream of becoming a doctor?" it's not really helping much.  In this case Yuko is more mature--she acknowledges that what Naoki wants to do may end up conflicting with what he has to do.  Naoki may not want to remain the president of the company but if the situation calls for it, maybe he will have to anyways. I totally agree with Rosie that Itazura na Kiss is not exactly mixing its humorous moments with the serious moments very well.  In the beginning of the drama, I think the episodes were very balanced and gave us the perfect amounts of humor and sadness.  But lately these episodes have been trying too hard to keep a lighter tone while still covering the more touchy issues, which ends up making things feel forced and out of place.  Maybe they are scared to let go of all of the funny swoony moments with Kotoko & Naoki?  Maybe they want Kin, Jinko & Satomi to continue being a humorous cheesy support-group for Kotoko?  I don't know, but at this rate it seems like all the attempts at light-heartedness are only holding back the potential of this story arc. BUT!!! BUT!!!  I admit it, I was super happy watching Kotoko being the wifey of Naoki!!!!!!!  And in response to Cherry, I think Kotoko only withdrew from the tennis club but she's still going to school.  So here she is pretty much balancing her schoolwork with the duties of taking care of the Irie household. inke13.1 Was I the only one laughing at Yuko's confession?  O___O I think she had it going really well until the very moment when she attempted to kiss Naoki.   OMG.  *facepalm*  I like how direct Yuko is in her confession because it suits her personality but I think it came waaaay too late.  She should've confessed earlier in the drama, not at this random moment.  But hey, at least it gives Naoki the opportunity to have yet another disguised-confession to Kotoko.  "I kissed Kotoko" is pretty much equivalent to "I LOVE HER" for Naoki.  HEHEHEH. inke13.2

^SHE FELL IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.  Another girl to have her heart broken by Naoki.  Oh dear.

The main reason I was disappointed with this episode is that there was only ONE GLIMPSE of Naoki's potential fiancee.  UGHH!!  Instead we have to wait until the next episode to see more scenes with the fiancee!!! Anyways the fiancee totally seems like a "suteki-joshi" (in Hotaru no Hikari terms, the ideal girl) or a very refined, sophisticated and sweet rich girl.   Of course, somehow Naoki is a chick-magnet and he doesn't even have to try to make the fiancee fall for him.  All he does is catch her and pick something up for her, and she's already IN LOVE.   And to make it even more hilarious, the fiancee's dad looks at Naoki and thinks, 'HMM HE WOULD BE A GOOD HUSBAND FOR MY DAUGHTER!'  Oh, if only he knew about Naoki's TRUE NATURE, AHAHA. inke13.3 I can't wait to see Naoki WOOING his potential fiancee at their omiai.  Omg. More ranting, raving, and swooning from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: