InK13-6 Heisui asked who was watching this drama for the realism…? *raises hand* ME! Oh Me!  Just kidding – but you know what I am watching this for?  The somehow realistically slow-moving romance that maybe I’m only attributing factors to - but you know what? Sometimes guys really do just move this slow.  And then accept reality, slowly, normally.  Not every man out there is going to immediately sweep you off your feet.  In this sense, I am actually enjoying Naoki’s outlook on life.  The unrealistic part of the romance is of course that a girl like Kotoko has so much patience.  Thankfully, Kotoko is fictional, and cute as a button, and therefore the situation just works. Somehow. InK13-4 Going off the things that annoy Cherry  though (and I have to agree here), the fact that we’re supposed to believe Naoki is just so genius that he can overnight figure out how to run a company is a tiny bit far-fetched (or a lot).  Good thing he’s got photogenic memory to be able to read that foot tall stack of documents before his first day in the office.  Good thing he’s also brilliant enough to not only memorize the important bits, but to understand them.  Good thing Naoki is written this way, because otherwise – this becomes terribly illogical. Brains + skills + work ethic + fiction = the perfect character to get away with this, so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.  It’s just going to break my heart knowing that his devotion to the company isn’t technically about him.  I’m really hoping he learns to overcome this period and find some sort of middle ground where he can take pride in his work, but not throw his life (and his love life) down the drain. InK13-24 Because it can only get worse from here, as he sinks into the grips of the master businessman himself, with his oh-so-eligible granddaughter to seal the deal. We’ve already seen the super quick entrance and even quicker exit of what has got to be the most pointless rival of this series. So will this new twist/obstacle be over as quickly or will it be more painfully drawn out? InK13-5 Unfortunately, it’s getting a little late in the game.  At this point it seems that viewers are divided up into multiple camps. There are the ones who
A, are cool with the story as written and don’t mind being strung around on this literal rollercoaster of love (throw on the obstacles and rivals, in bulk please!) B, are cool with the story but really want to see some love blossoming, and quick! C, are or have never been a fan of the story, though they still somehow like watching the adaptation, in which case, it’d be nice if the story will hurry up and get lovey-dovey. D, don’t know what’s going on, but sometimes they love the pacing and sometimes they hate it.
There’s also probably an,
E, for viewers who can’t stand this story and hate its guts (but these people probably aren’t any of our readers here; and if you are – good luck, and fighting! It’s almost over!)
InK13-19 Kotoko is ever observant.  Only three more weeks of these facial expressions! So readers, which camp are you in this week? Who’s going to be sad when this ends and who wishes it would have an even longer run?   Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: