inke14 It's no secret that Itazura na Kiss has been slowing down throughout these past few episodes.  But episode 14 really brightened up my mood because of the funny shenanigans that Yuko & Kotoko are up to!  Who needs bromance between Kin & Naoki when we can have the sisterhood between Kotoko and Yuko? inke14.1 But before I talk about how my heart was bursting with happiness for Kotoko & Yuko's newly made friendship, there's something else that has been pressing on my mind--is Naoki really a heartless horrible mean jerk?  Or in Cherry's words, is he really "mean, confusing, and inhuman"?  I thought about this for a while because actually the thought that Naoki is super cruel and horrible never crossed my mind during this episode.  O_O"  So, I think some people are being a bit too harsh on Naoki.  It's not like Naoki is intentionally flaunting his relationship with Sohoko in Kotoko's face and it's not like he's gleefully cackling at Kotoko's sadness while skipping around with his girlfriend.  He's not THAT bad.  Sure Naoki is being rather thoughtless by not telling it straight to Kotoko's face: "I-want-to-marry-Sohoko-to-save-my-dad's-company".  He's not giving her any closure, nor is he being honest about his feelings for her.  But then again I can see why he's not telling her.  Eventually Kotoko would accidentally blurt it out to her besties/Yuko/Kin/Dad or SOMEONE.  Irie-mama would obviously get her hands on the juicy news!  And if Irie-mama is so bent on destroying Naoki's omiai with Sohoko NOW (when Naoki claims he likes Sohoko) just imagine how much worse it would be if Naoki confirmed her suspicions that he still likes Kotoko.  Omgawd. Anyways I think this episode has been very careful to show that Naoki is not just a cruel mean guy who's going around breaking every girl's heart.  Even when he puts on his aloof facade in front of Kin, even when he meanly teases Kotoko by asking if she's gonna stalk him again, even when he tells Sohoko that his mom is the one who likes Kotoko and not himself, Naoki is actually very stressed and tired.  I really love the scene when, after he pointedly teases Kotoko, he retreats back to his darkened room and silently lays on his bed.  It's in that moment when I realize just how alone Naoki must feel, and how great the weight on Naoki's shoulders is. inke14.3 As for Kin, we all know he is sweet, supportive, and earnest and that he would be the perfect guy for Kotoko if only she liked him.  But I'm not hoping that Kin & Kotoko would miraculously get together because I just want Kin to move on already and Kotoko can't force her feelings for Kin.  As much as we would like Kin to have a happy ending for Kotoko, it's not Kotoko is more likely to fall for Kin just because he is super sweet and he's trying really hard.  In the beginning of the drama it showed very clearly how feelings cannot be forced even though it may seem 'unfair' or unreasonable. inke14.2 Anyways onto happier stuff!  I was cracking up throughout the entire first half of this episode, OMG.  I feel bad for Sohoko having to endure all of Irie-mama's insults and sarcastic remarks, but it is funny seeing Naoki getting so worked up and frustrated.  HEHEHEH.  Also Yuko & Kotoko teaming up together and becoming comrades/ALMOST-BESTIES makes this episode GOLD.  Any of my previous complaints about Yuko's failed-confession in episode 13 are completely gone now!  That's right, Yuko's character is..*GASP* LIKEABLE.  WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT?  :P  Well, if you really think about it, Yuko is actually not a very annoying 2nd lead.  She doesn't meddle as much as other annoying 2nd leads and she does have a heart.  She took Naoki's rejection rather gracefully (even though she had a very embarrassing confession O_O) and even has the sense to see that Kotoko is a worthy opponent for Naoki's love!



Anyways my favorite part of this episode is when Yuko tells Kotoko to do her best.  I don't know why but something in that moment just makes me super happy and content.  It felt like one step forward for both Yuko & Kotoko in their friendship and in their love for Naoki.  Yuko is moving forward while still supporting Kotoko, while Kotoko is being given that extra bit of encouragement that she really needs.  They started out archenemies but end up on friendly terms!  AWWW! I'm looking forward to seeing Sahoko & Kotoko meeting together in the next episode.  I didn't talk much about Sahoko in this post but I also feel bad for Sahoko because Naoki is lying to her and using her.  I think she is smart enough to catch onto Naoki's facade though, so maybe that is why she's gonna talk with Kotoko!  And is anyone freaking out over Kin's 'proposal' in the previews!?!?  So, two episodes left!  Whatever shall I do when Itazura na Kiss ENDS?  NUUU! Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: