InK14-22 On one hand hilarious and on the other hand heartbreaking, and not just a little bit frustrating – duality is a trait of this version of Mischievous Kiss.  I’m still not even sure how I should be feeling at the end of this episode, because by the time I’m watching the credits roll, tears forming in my eyes at the injustice of this love that seems never to be, I’ve already forgotten that 20 minutes earlier I was following off the couch, body wracked by spasms of laughter.  I somehow ended up on the floor, my neck hurt from laughing so hard, and tears practically drenched the front of my face.  Which set of tears should I take away?  The good ones, or the sad? InK14-5 I love that this show can produce two totally different emotions out of me – but I’m torn about it happening inside the window of the same 50 minute episode. Because after 14 episodes there was nothing funnier than Kotoko and Yuko teaming up to ruin the marriage meeting! Hands down! InK14-13 Sprinkler malfunction?  Cleaning ladies in the pond? After the blatant (and non-funny) attempts of Irie-mama’s sabotage, it’s nice to see that Naoki’s dry humor is still operable. And yet this episode is fraught with gloom and doom for everyone except this sweet, sweet girl who I’m almost ashamed to say I feel sorrier for than any other character in this drama. InK14-16 Sort-of-fiancé  Sohoko really is getting the short stick here.  Naoki might be sincere in his attempts to like her, but I’m still sad because there’s no way you can hate a girl like Sohoko, and she’s obviously going to end up with a broken heart. Curse you Naoki! Why must you take your role so far? Cherry and Heisui have already discussed their thoughts on whether or not Naoki is just too cruel, and how his actions may be confusing (at least to the other characters). InK14-2 I try to think about what Irie-mama said:
“When he starts thinking about something he gets obsessed with the idea.”
The only problem with that? He’s been thinking about Kotoko for 14 episodes.  And all he seems obsessed with is suppressing his feelings for Kotoko. Maybe that right there invalidates my issue with this.  Naoki’s too unswerving in lack of outward feeling. InK14-3 The fun that comes from watching these cold silent types (of which Naoki is the alpha silent type) is waiting for that moment when all barriers break down and they finally confess up to their emotions – instead of pretending to feel the opposite by acting mean and cruel.  It’s why these genres always work in literature, in movies, and on television.  It’s why we continue to buy into roles like his – we’re all waiting for it Naoki to say what he’s thinking!  And we’re just anxious to see it happen. InK14-21 Will he finally tell Kotoko?  Nope.  Will he admit anything to Kin-chan? Nope again.  Will he at least tell Yuki who knows more about his older brother than anyone?  Still a fail.  It’s a cheap trick to keep the audience engaged and on our seats, the fact that Naoki won’t oblige us.  I hazard a guess that it’s gone on for far too long.  However, technically it’s all over once he says he loves Kotoko.  Please please, let’s just hope the game over kiss comes soon.
No matter how I look at it I just can’t believe he was telling us the truth.”
Well  the audience definitely agrees.  Even  Kotoko seems more than a little suspicious of what Naoki’s feelings may have been, but this episode’s defeat only makes her (and our) disappointment all the more crushing. InK14-19 Remember how 20 minutes before this scene we were laughing our heads off? How does this roller coaster episode leave you?  Gleeful remembering the stalking antics, worried about the girls or frustrated at Naoki? Any and off all the above? Just how many pieces can the heart stand to be torn into!? Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: