I WANT TO GO CRY IN THE CORNER. This episode is too perfect for words.  Yeah, I repeat it over and over but let's face it..the last few episodes were slowly inching along at a snail pace.  They were not the best episodes of the drama.  But THIS.  Episode 15 is just so perfect, OMG I was watching every single moment with a full heart and the constant reminder that Itazura na Kiss is.....is...............*whispers* ENDING.......SOON...OMGAWD.  I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT ENDING, NO NO NO.  And just in case that reality wasn't bad enough for me, this episode also made me into an emotional mess because it is SO SAD.  :'((( ^Everyone, read what is on Kotoko's magazine.  "Kiss in the Rain".  FORESHADOWING!?!?!? I know that in my previous review for episode 14, I said that I didn't want Kin to get his hopes up all over again and I just want him to move on but...omg.  Why is the drama teasing us with Kin x Kotoko at the very last minute like this!?!?   They go on a CUTE SWEET DATE, Kin PROPOSES to Kotoko, AND THERE IS A PREVIEW OF THEM BEING A CUTE COUPLE AT KOTOKO'S DAD'S RESTAURANT.  WHYYYY?!?!  I am trying hard not to be swayed by Kin (FAIL.) but of course, he always proves me wrong.  Kin is the man!  When he proposes he does it while holding out A PANDA PLUSHIE TO KOTOKO.   Awww!  (But was I the only one that started laughing the moment Kin took out the panda stuffed animal?)  Well I do find it refreshing to see Kin and Kotoko finally going on a date and trying this out, but I am bracing myself for the backlash when Kin's heart is broken again.  Also I feel like the proposal was totally out of the blue; it might've been better if he asked her to be his girlfriend officially instead?

"Yet if he is kind to you just a little bit, you're overjoyed and hope for something more to happen.  You become the happiest person in the world.  But when he's cold to you again...you get scared, thinking he hates you.  It's a never-ending circle."
I really love the scene when Sahoko and Kotoko have a talk about Naoki and what it's like to be in love.  Sahoko does love Naoki, but she seems to sense that something about Naoki is off and that he is hiding his real self from her.  Surprisingly, Kotoko and Sahoko can really relate to each other.  It is really touching and sad when Kotoko wistfully talks about what it's like to be in love with Naoki.  And it almost feels like she is handing off Naoki to his fiancee and giving the couple her blessings.  Does anyone else think that Sahoko picked up on how Kotoko was referring to Naoki?? I feel even worse for Sahoko since Naoki still obviously has feelings for Kotoko, and he doesn't try to understand Sahoko.  Naoki FANTASIZES, yes, he FANTASIZES about Kotoko and then smiles from ear to ear....while he's on a date with Sahoko.  T__T" I bet Sahoko was wondering what it was to make Naoki smile so genuinely.  Also, Naoki brags to Kotoko about how beautiful and good at cooking Sahoko is, like she is some trophy fiancee or something.  Ouch.  That's the moment when I realized that right from the start, Naoki has only seen her as the perfect beautiful girl that he has to marry.  I don't think he has tried to see her as a person yet.  I wish Naoki would at least wake up and realize, "omg this is a really wonderful girl and she really loves me, I can't marry her for my own profit and take advantage of her feelings like this!".  But alas...... I know we often throw around the words "heartbreaking" and "sad" but IMO, this episode is the real epitome of the word "heartbreak".  Yeah a lot of the previous episodes have been really painful and heartbreaking, but none like this.  I think episode 15 really outdoes them all because Kotoko is finally giving up on Naoki.  In contrast to the other times when Kotoko tried to forget Naoki, this time Kotoko is really taking this seriously and trying to move on with her life.  She is bravely facing reality and she knows that she cannot hold on to this one sliver of hope that Naoki will come around and stop the arranged marriage.  The title of the episode "Sayonara, Irie-kun" is all too fitting.  :'(  I think my favorite moment is when, after Naoki tells Kotoko to go get a good boyfriend, Kotoko turns around and starts to tear up.  Naoki walks away and leaves her there, standing by the staircase in the dimly lit entryway, silently crying her heart out.  OMG. I also found it really sad when Irie-mama earnestly apologizes to Kotoko for getting her hopes up about marrying into the family.  Awww.  Kotoko replies that she always views Irie-mama as her mother.  AWWWW.  *sniff* I think Irie-mama's apology is really significant because Irie-mama knows that Kotoko is really hurting, and she is hurting right along with her.  Although Irie-mama has been all gung-ho and like this tower of strength since day 1, I think she really is aware of Kotoko's feelings and that she doesn't want her to be hurt by Naoki. INKe15.6 ^I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY. :'( In case you couldn't tell, I got really emotional by the end of this episode...and just looking at the screencaps and thinking about it makes me tear up.  :'(  Anyways did you have any other favorite scenes?  Or how about this, what was the saddest scene?  Also how do you think Kotoko will respond to Kin's proposal? If you're having Itazura withdrawals, you can read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: