InK15-17 So Heisui was crying in a corner, I was crying under a blanket – and now that I can put away the tissue box for a few moments at least, I can think about this episode. Wow – for an episode that showcases very little character development (Naoki’s still acting cold, Kotoko is still quietly depressed, and Kin-chan is still Kin-chan), I was not expecting to be so powerfully impacted by everyone’s emotional angst. InK15-3 As Heiusi mentioned, the last few episodes have not been the best.  But they made up for it with that comic-sadness duality I mentioned last week.  Episode 15 in contrast has very little of the happy.  Kotoko and Kin’s date was “more fun than [Kotoko] thought it would be,” but a few smiles and game playing cannot disguise the underlying factor: that no matter how much they pretend to be in their own little world, at the end of the day Kin-chan still has to take her home to “Irie’s Family.” InK15-4 It irks me a little that Kotoko only says in this episode how she’s finally realized what a “nice person” Kin is, but it’s really nothing new.  They’ve always been good friends together, and while some people have commented on Kotoko’s nasty habit of leading Kin around for so long, I personally don’t believe this is the case.  Sure, she’s never said directly “Kin I don’t like you,” but it’s been clearly obvious to him before now that she is not interested in him romantically.  I still want Kin to back off by himself and quit putting himself in a position to become heartbroken, but I don’t blame Kotoko at all. What’s more distracting to me is how Irie-mama continuously overacts, both in character and in acting. I empathize with her sadness as she watches her family members split and go on with their own lives (they don’t even come home for dinner now!), but at this junction I so wish she could calm down. InK15-14 The kitchen scene where she apologizes to Kotoko was touching, but when she ran squealing out of the room, I lost my connection to the scene.  Also, no son should have such a depressed, moping mother at his own engagement ceremony. InK15-18 And then there's relationship between Sahoko and Naoki.  I still feel for the girl, and last week I worried about how we would be able to watch Sahoko’s own failed dreams.  Poor girl also fell in love at first sight, but it looks like she is at least aware of Naoki’s character.
“It’s very like you Naoki, because Stravinsky changes his style depending on the work. His nickname is Chameleon.”
It’s obvious to us that Naoki can so easily compartmentalize his emotions, but when even Sahoko notices it sets the stage for her being able to back out of this relationship.  What girl wants such a loveless marriage, especially when she seems to like him way more than he does? InK15-15 Naoki really doesn’t deserve such understanding women.  Okay, I said it, but I still love him. As hard he works to be a successful professional, I want him to work just as hard on being happy and devoting time to the ones who love him... Not just act noble, because teasing Kotoko in his usual style isn't going to make and keep him happy in the long run. InK15-12 It’s certainly not making Kotoko happy, as she’s basically being forced out of the family she’s lived with and loved for so long.  Did anyone else noticed all the little shuffling she does after the visitors dropped by? She’s losing the guy she loves, her adopted family, her seat on the couch, and now she can’t even find a place to perch for the remainder of the meeting. InK15-11 This so-called family celebration, and it still took minutes for her to be introduced. InK15-19 Notice the backwards L-O-V-E sign. Who else had to bring out the tissues?  Anyone worried about next week? I saw rain in a preview! Ohhh how I hope it makes up for this heartbreak..