For those of you who survived the dueling angst-cuteness this week, but may yet be in a post-MK coma, I need to alert you of something dreadful:  Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo is over. O-ver. Us gals in the Drama Club will be available all week for counseling. InK16-14 (Note: we may be the first ones in need of assistance – all well wishers comments or suggestions about what to do next in our lives are appreciated – P.S. I hope it’s not to go and eat 10 lbs of sausage!) InK16-7 Episode 16 started out with the same tone as last week: sad.  Naoki is still proceeding with his marriage plans (way later down the road), Irie Mama and Papa still can’t believe he’s doing this, and Kotoko muses seriously upon the idea of Kin-chan, except:
"Marrying Kin-chan. It just doesn’t click with me."
InK16-8 I’m so proud of her for vocalizing this to herself, however it would’ve been nicer to tell this to Kin-chan first, before arriving at Kin’s very misguided date location.  My heart did a little squeeze when I remember spazzing over Naoki’s “I don’t hate you” confession from Episode 8 on this very spot.  What’s even worse though is Naoki showing up this time in this same place with his fiancé! InK16-12 They declare they’re off to see an exhibit Francis Bacon’s early works…
It’s okay, Kotoko. I also get side-tracked too when I hear the word bacon. Maybe bringing Sahoko to this same spot was a subconscious test:  if Naoki could really see himself with another woman?  I have to think this because at even 15 minutes into the episode, Naoki is still making mean jabs at the Kotoko-Kin couple.  What was great about it though is Sahoko finally seeing Naoki for who he really is. InK16-13 Gone is the shiny image of the silent, steady Naoki.  I thought it would be hard to back away from the engagement, especially after future father-in-law’s declaration about how happy he was to have a man like Naoki joining the family. But with Sahoka finally observing  more than just her suspicions about Naoki and Kotoko, and that Naoki really does have a different personality she’s never seen, I think this was probably enough to end the relationship. Thank goodness Sahoko has the guts to confront him with this. Without her prodding, and the revelation that Kin had proposed, we may never have gotten scenes like this: InK16-17 I wondered if Naoki really would break down and cry, but the heavens did it for him!  And it broke my heart, even more so than watching the aftermath of Kin-chan’s botched proposal, and Kotoko’s flight to the tree of sorrow. InK16-23 Where Naoki comes to retrieve her. This final scene in the rain is one of the most beautifully shot and atmospheric scenes I’ve seen from this whole series.  Adding the soundtrack here, the clear umbrella appearing over Kotoko’s head (would it be too metaphoric to say it symbolizes their now transparent love?), Naoki’s offered hand, the way the rain falls to the ground, and slow motion dropping of the umbrella… Even the way the rain falls across the screen as he kisses her looks like a painting come to life. Still pictures can’t do it justice. InK16-29 There’s only one thing better than a Naoki kiss...
....and that is a Naoki hug.
The drama could’ve ended right there for me and I would’ve been perfectly happy. Announcing his plans to marry Kotoko?  Good.  The family’s all around reaction? Better.  Dad listing off Kotoko’s lacking points? Great. InK16-50 But Naoki snuggling his bride-to-be while Irie-mama sneaks in another camera shot? Golden. It wasn’t all that surprising that Mama would go ahead and plan their wedding without telling them.  She’s right in character, as always, and fortunately Naoki doesn’t make too much of a fuss. (He’s secretly delighted, I’m sure!) InK16-43 Bye bye for now, readers. But before I go, have you ever seen the guy do the wide-eyed kiss face? InK16-47 Naoki, I forgive you for everything.   The series is over, but a recap is forever. Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Keep in touch with the Drama Club on their blogs: Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: