"Don't ever say that you love any man besides me." - Irie Naoki
With the quote of the series that shows Naoki's super big ego, Mischievous Kiss has officially ended. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I was secretly hoping that the ending would be somewhat disappointing so it would be easier for me to recover after it ends. But no, it was as perfect as it can be. As Rosie pointed out, still pictures can't do this episodes justice. So I'm going to go ahead and flood you with glorius gifs. (All credits linked). I feel so bad for Kin-chan, so I'll start with him first. Kin-chan's fans have had their hopes up with him seeming to be winning Kotoko over Naoki. The sweet dates, the proposal, another date with the sudden appearance of Naoki and Sahoko, all leads to Kin-chan beaming all the way and started to think of his future with Kotoko. All those happy thoughts of being Aihara's successor and running the restaurant with Kotoko were crushed as he launched his attack, causing Kotoko to finally speak up. 'Irie-kun!', and it was all over. Luckily he didn't revert to become an evil rival whose goal is to destroy Naoki's life or something. Instead, he man up and went to the wedding and even shook Naoki's hand (which he later regret). (I swear Kin-chan has gotten much much more good-looking since the restaurant scene....) After Rosie's in depth analysis of the bacon-sausage date, suddenly it doesn't look as silly as I thought. Sahoko gets to see Naoki for who he really is (mean, so-not-straightforward, cold-hearted genius who fell for Kotoko) and they get to break up (nicely). I giggled when Naoki suddenly became so childish and was back to his mean old self and started to insult Kotoko in front of everyone. The story then goes on with the adorable rain scenes. Naoki miraculously appeared with the transparent umbrella that symbolize their transparent love (oh, Rosie! :D )to fetch Kotoko. Now that he realized his feelings he didn't hold back and kept asking Kotoko question's about Kin-chan. To which she replied feistily. How I looove this mini couple fights only seconds before the long awaited Kiss in the Rain which Heisui foreshadowed last week. And there goes another favourite quote: Kotoko: "The second kiss.." Naoki: "You don't need to count anymore." AWWW, the feels! And so they went home and while the idea of Naoki suddenly proposing was a bit of a shock to me, I shall not complain as it was done flawlessly. Not fully recovered from the shock, I was giggling all the way throughout that lovey-dovey towel scene. Finally, after all these 16 weeks!!!! Aaand when I thought it was going to end perfectly, Irie-mama and her usual crazy ideas were back in action. A surprise wedding. Commenting on Rosie's post on how Naoki didn't make too much of a fuss, I think that's because.. Man, that surprised expression on Naoki's face is priceless. It lasted for one whole second before he's back to his stoic self. On that note, I'm saying goodbye to the Drama Club and all the readers who have been on this emotional roller coaster ride together! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Goodbye![/caption] The series is over, but a recap is forever. Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: