So.........what do I do now that Itazura na Kiss is..............OVER? inke16 Um.  I think we need to join up for the post-Itazura na Kiss-counseling session that Rosie offered.  =_= Actually, at first I didn't enjoy the episode as much as everyone else did.  I didn't instantly love every bit of it, not even the rain scene. *gasp*  The first time I watched episode 16, I was just basically gawking at the screen and the whole experience felt surreal because I kept on thinking about how this CAN'T be over.  Well, this view changed after I watched the episode for the second time.  Now I have a much more positive view of the finale and..maybe I'm one step closer to accepting that it's over.  (ok, I'm just in denial.) inke16.2 Like Rosie said, the episodes starts sad and ends on a really happy and uplifting note.  First let's talk about the sad.  Kin and Kotoko's break up was so painful, I feel like it is the climax of all the angst and heartbreak. :'(  Honestly I like Miki Honoka's acting much better in the break-up scene than I do in her rain scene!  I just love the conflicted look on Kotoko's face when she has to give Kin the answer to his proposal.  Even though Kotoko is not the one being dumped, I think she knows all too well how it feels to get rejected and therefore it is hard for her to do this to Kin.  All of this goes unsaid but it seems like Kotoko is debating whether to flat out reject him, or to ask for more time to think about it.  Well she goes for the latter and even that backfires, because Kin knows everything that is on her mind..AKA NAOKI. I do think it is out of character for Kin to suddenly force himself on Kotoko, and his sudden despair sorta comes out of the blue because really, how could he not know that this breakup was coming?  Either Kin is too caught up in his fantasy of getting married to Kotoko, or he is just in denial and is hoping for the best outcome.  Or, I wonder if maybe Kin acted like he was forcing himself on Kotoko to elicit a reaction from her.  He wants to hear her true feelings towards Naoki, and towards himself.  But Kotoko is too kind to say it straight-out right then and there, so instead he tries to hear her gut-reaction. inke16.1

"I thought about it for a long time, and suffered, and gave up.  But it was still 'Irie-kun.'"

I really like how Kotoko and Naoki's rain scenes parallel each other.  For Naoki, he has come to the realization that everything he's been striving for has been for naught.  In the end, no matter how much he tries to sacrifice himself for his family, he still loves Kotoko and needs her by his side.  This is Naoki's moment of catharsis, the moment when he finally decides to let go of his pride and embrace his love for Kotoko.  On the other hand, Kotoko's rain scene is full of despair and self-blame.  I really love her narration of how she hates herself for leading on Kin and for still not getting over Naoki. inke16.5 ^From this moment on, my expression is pretty much the same as Yuki's.  I just gawked the whole time in utter amazement at Naoki's sudden change.  I also laughed a lot at all of the humorous scenes!  And this is a really random thought but...I totally love the scene when Naoki gets OWNED by Satomi and Jinko, AHAHA. inke16.3 There's not much to be said about this rain scene because while I was watching it I was speechless.  O__O  What the heck, Naoki is being....SWEET?  He's being open with his feelings!?!?  He gives her two kisses in a row?  What universe is this again?  AHAHA.  Anyways at first I was skeptical towards this rain scene because I felt like it was way too sudden.  His crying in the rain was moving and all, but I didn't see enough there that convinces me that Naoki just went "YOLO!" and decided to openly show his love for Kotoko.  Also, right after Naoki's first formal declaration of love, he proposes to Kotoko.  I know this is a drama but that is quick!  I wish we could've at least seen a montage of them dating! inke16.4 Well I may have started out with all the angst and pain of the love triangle between Kin, Kotoko, and Naoki but by the end of the episode my heart was filled to the brim with warm fuzzies.  My heart totally melted at the wedding scene.  Omg.  It is so sweet seeing all of the supporting characters at the wedding--especially Yuko, Irie-mama, & Co.--because I feel like they have all been with Kotoko at some point during her journey.  Whether they were a rival, a friend or a family member they all played a part in helping Kotoko become a better person and encouraging her not to give up on her love.  Also how gorgeous is Kotoko in her beautiful wedding dress!?!?  AHH!  And I think we all know who has the upper hand in this relationship now....AHAHAHA.  Naoki thought he was the alpha in the relationship but I'd say Kotoko is the one on charge now! :P inke16.6

^Prince Naoki!

Wow this review is long but since it's the last episode I really gotta get EVERYTHING out, haha!  I know a lot of people lament over how the first half of the series was fast-paced, while the second half became draggy and too serious.  But for me, the episodes leading up to the finale were worth it.  This whole drama is worth it.  It all went by in a flash despite all the weeks of watching & writing about Itazura na Kiss.  Why is this adaptation so loveable and so popular?  Well personally, to me this drama is something that always brightened up my day.  It made me happy when I wrote about it, when I watched it, when I rewatched it, when I anticipated the upcoming episodes...overall it just made me so much happier. Itazura na Kiss is a simple love story and yet it is so much more than that.  At the heart of it is the coming of age of Kotoko, Kin, and Naoki, the warmth of family and friends, the search for one's passion in life, and the bittersweet feeling of love.  It was a great journey and I totally want a ~SECOND SEASON~.  ;) Thanks so much to Rosie & Cherry for being such great Drama Club writers (WOOT WOOT) and thanks also to YOU for joining us!  Itazura na Kiss is a great drama in itself but it is so much funner with all of you to talk about it with!  I will miss you guys~~ The series is over, but a recap is forever. Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Keep in touch with the Drama Club on their blogs: