Here to mop up everyone’s tears for the very last Mischievous Kiss Drama Club edition: yours truly, Rosie. InK16-11 Like everyone else, I’m having trouble letting go of these characters, especially Kotoko.  I’m a girl, so when I fall in love with drama characters, it’s usually with the guys.  How I measure a good show’s cast is by the guys, and… if the lead females didn’t annoy me much. It’s very rare that I get attached to a female lead by her own merits alone (and not just as part of a prized OTP), but then came along Honoka Miki and Kotoko.  I won’t say she’s perfect, and yes she overacts - probably because of directing queues that I find to be perfectly consistent with the tone of the show. InK16-4 Maybe it’s just the character I’ve always liked (Oh Ha Ni was also just precious to me), but of all the characters, I will miss her the most.  Her face was always so expressive, even on the off-shots, so bright even during the climactic parts.  Once I factor in her actual age (16) it is quite impressive. InK16-27 Alright, so I’ll miss everyone else too, especially Naoki and Kin, and a good chunk of the supporting cast. I liked the scenes where Naoki strolled around seemingly in search of Kotoko and ended up running into all our biggest side characters.  It’s the definite signal of a drama’s end when we get to have a few moments to essentially say goodbye.  I’ll even miss Yuko slightly, the post-Kotoko-hating Yuko at least. InK16-1 And as Heisui mentioned, Jinko and Satomi totally owned Naoki.  Way to knock the guy’s heart out through his teeth, with their ever so innocent “Kin-chan’s probably proposing right this minute!” message of doom. You go, girls! InK16-44 Awww, Kin-chan.  The chameleon funny guy who makes you chuckle one minute, turns  supportive and wise the next minute, and can look dead sexy in a suit.  Cherry, I agree – he looks so much better standing off with his enemy than eating sausages in the restaurant with his street outfit on.  I think Kin’s character suffered the most from unbalanced direction, but like Kotoko’s many faces, Yamada Yuki uses the role he’s given well. InK16-21 Even if it was a little out of character to suddenly throw himself upon Kotoko.  Call it the madness of a long tormented man, but  I don’t believe he would’ve actually gone so far to keep Kotoko with him at the restaurant.  His pain is too deep, but I think part of his despair after she leaves is as much to do with her calling out Irie-kun’s name, as it was self-loathing and regret. InK16-22 I understand why Heisui didn’t initially like this episode too.  Truth is, there’s a ton of things I would’ve loved to see handled a tiny bit differently, or scenes they could’ve added, or transitions that could’ve been better.  Basically too, I wanted to see a whole lot more happy-together time with our OTP!  Don’t get me wrong. I love the angsty in the rain scenes, and to make up and confess like that after the drama’s served up the characters in so much denial for so long, absolutely makes all the pain essential. InK16-33 But you know what.  A great series run overshadows a lot of these little issues.  And I can’t remember the last time I watched something that had so much spunk.  It was so much fun to watch from beginning to end, and it was heavy-hitting on the emotional front.  Well done, Japan.  You’ve done what so many ‘light-hearted’ rom-coms have tried and failed to do.  I might’ve complained in the middle of episodes about the weird balance of humor and angst (and oh, I did that in plenty!) but looking back safely form the other side of a finished drama, and I’m still in shock that MK did what it did so well. InK16-35 In conclusion: Irie-mama accomplished her life goal of marrying off Naoki and Kotoko. InK16-49 What more could you ask for? The series is over, but a recap is forever. Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Keep in touch with the Drama Club on their blogs: